Monthly Giveaways In Oct. 2022

JMB science series giveaway

  • JMB Sci-Fi Series Brick Sets
  • Spaceman 70102 / Dinosaur 70101
  • 3 + 1 Rounds Lucky Draw
  • 89.99 / set
  • 11/10/22 - 16/10/22 9:00pm PST

JMB holds a worldwide monthly lucky draw to give away our Lego-type building brick sets for our fans. Join now and you might be the next lucky winner!

Prizes Set 1

  1. Win 1 set of Spaceman 70102 or Dinosaur 70101 
  2. At least 3 winners
  3. In 3 rounds, you have 3 chances


Round 1: 11/10/22, 9:00pm PST – 13/10/22, 9:00pm PST (Draw date 13/10/22 09:30pm PST);

Round 2: 13/10/22, 10:00pm PST – 15/10/22, 10:00pm PST (Draw date 15/10/22 10:30pm PST);

Round 3: 15/10/22, 11:00pm PST – 17/10/22, 11:00pm PST (Draw date 17/10/22 11:30pm PST)

Prizes Set 2

We will reward the top 6 contributors (most active members) of JMBricklayer Facebook Group JMB FaceBook group on 20/10/22, 11:59pm PST

  1. Early access to JMB 3 In 1 Ancient Machine 30001(1 winner)
  2. 80% Off Amazon code for either set ( 2 winners)
  3. 50% Off Amazon code for either set (3 winners)

What Steps

  1. Complete the tasks.
  2. Winners’ List will be published on FaceBook Official JMBricklayer Builders Group & Top comment on the page (post by JMB-Vicky).
  3. We’d love to see the winners post your awards. Spread luck and joy by posting the set on your Facebook account and our group.
  4. Welcome to participate in the next giveaway campaign in next month. Let the luck continue!

Enter Now

Note: This campaign is held by JMBricklayer. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue all or any part of the Services at any time.
By participating in this campaign, all the participants agree JMBricklayer has the right to use and re-edit the pictures/videos/reviews they submit by default. JMBricklayer will mark the source of the works when publishing the re-edited one.

Kickstarter Project Reward Survey 1

If your idea is adopted, you will get early access and receive the first batch of this GBC set for free.
.If your idea is extremely good, your name will be imprinted on a particular brick of the set through silk-screen printing
Reward Survey
JMB science series giveaway - spaceman 70102
Spaceman 70102
Private: T-Rex Dinosaur 70101
JMB science series giveaway - 30001
3 in 1 Medieval Weapon 30001

3 Responses

  1. The 1st lucky winner of our October Sci-Fi Series Brick Set giveaway is here, congrats to Nigel Greaves, we will contact you via email, please check your inbox.
    On 15th 9pm PST, we will pick the 2nd winner, everyone can still earn entries daily and get a higher chance to win????

    The 2nd winner is here, congrats to Chet Kronenberg, we have contacted you via email, please check your inbox.
    On 17th 9pm PST, we will pick the 3rd winner, earn entries daily and get a higher chance to win????

    The 3rd lucky winner of our October Sci-Fi Series Brick Set giveaway is here, congrats to Scott Atkins, we have contacted you via email, please check your inbox.
    From this second to 21/10/22, 11:59pm PST, based on the insights data report, we will pick the top 6 most active members in the group and send them rewards.
    The top 1 member will win our exclusive military set for free!

    JMBricklayer facebook group top contributors reward announcement
    According to the group insights report(screenshot below, excluding JMBricklayer staffs), the top 1 contributor is Derek Duckworth, congrats! We will reward you with a free exclusive military-themed set, the JMBricklayer 3-in-1(Ballista/Catapult/Trebuchet) ancient battle machine 30001 building kit.
    The 2nd & 3rd contributors Corey L Robinson Chad Boyd will receive 80% off code for a designated set
    The 4th, 5th, & 6th contributors Stefan Wackerbauer Caroline Lennek Keith Vonbernewitz will receive 50% off code for a designated set.
    We will get in touch with each of you, and thank you all for being active in the group!

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