Size Comparison – Baby Blocks, Standard LEGO Bricks, Mini Building Blocks, Micro Bricks

In this article, I'll explain and compare four types of bricks — Baby Bricks, Standard LEGO Bricks, Mini Building Blocks, and Micro Bricks.
Size Comparison - Baby Bricks, Standard LEGO Bricks, Mini Building Block, Micro Bricks

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Hi there, it’s time for another round of answering questions from friends. Recently I learned that our friend Jewel Goodwin is interested in learning about different sizes of bricks. So in this article, I’ll explain and compare four types of bricks — Baby Blocks, Standard LEGO Bricks, Mini Building Blocks, and Micro Bricks. I’ll discuss their sizes, other differences, and which groups they are suitable for, and then introduce some corresponding brands. Let’s get started!

Bricks1×1 DimensionsBrandCompatibility
Baby blocksVary by brandMEGA / DUPLO®Incompatible
Standard LEGO Bricks8mm x 8mmLEGO / JMBricklayer / Mould KingBlocks of the same size from different brands are compatible.
Mini Building Block6mm x 6mmLOZBlocks of the same size from different brands are compatible.
Micro Bricks4mm x 4mmLOZBlocks of the same size from different brands are compatible.

Baby Blocks


Dimensions: Vary by brand.

Compatibility: Due to larger sizes and the lack of industry standards, different brands are not compatible with each other.

Suitable for: 1 – 5 years old.

Recommended Brands:

1 – Mattel – MEGA Blocks


Due to the relatively small size of Standard LEGO bricks, they pose a choking hazard and are not suitable for very young children.

On the other hand, Baby Blocks/Baby Blocks are designed specifically for very young children. Because these blocks are larger in size, they are safe for infants.

At this age, infants have limited gripping and pulling strength. Typically, Baby Blocks brands design blocks to be relatively loose-fitting. If the blocks are too tight, children might not have the strength to pull them apart, which could reduce their interest in playing with the blocks.

Therefore, the building process is relatively simple, and children feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete the construction. This process not only brings joy to children but also helps develop their imagination, patience, and interest.

Parents can accompany their children during the building process, or children can discuss and build together. Either way, it strengthens bonds and creates happy memories.

Mattel – MEGA Blocks

mega blocks

In the field of large-sized Baby Blocks, Mattel’s MEGA Blocks stand out as a prominent alternative to LEGO. Officially, these blocks are designed for children aged 1-3 years. However, I believe that once babies can sit up and crawl, they can start playing with them because they are very safe.

The sensory playset helps toddlers develop their visual and auditory skills while having fun. Other Mega Bloks sets suitable for young children include oversized blocks that are easy to grip, stack, sort, and create with.

Although MEGA’s large blocks are not compatible with LEGO Duplo, they can be played with MEGA standard bricks and Duplo.



Duplo is a LEGO product line specifically designed for young children. LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are brightly colored, large, and easy to handle, making them suitable for toddlers aged 18 months and above to learn through play.

First and foremost, safety is the top priority when considering products for young children. Additionally, LEGO’s high-quality materials are known for their durability, setting the industry standard. Duplo bricks are large with rounded edges, making them easy to grip. Their size ensures they are safe to chew on but impossible to swallow.

In terms of playability, Duplo offers a wide range of options. These include buildings like barns and schools, rolling trains on tracks, racing cars, and vibrant scenes like amusement parks, farms, and construction sites, complete with animals and mini-figures. DUPLO® sets provide children with opportunities to explore the world around them while enhancing their fine motor skills—and of course, they offer hours of fun and entertainment.

You can encourage children to combine sets, introducing them to new ideas and concepts, and letting their imagination run wild.

Standard LEGO Building Blocks

Standard LEGO Building Blocks

1*1 Dimensions: 8mm x 8mm

Compatibility: Generally speaking, if a brand’s bricks are manufactured according to LEGO’s standard dimensions and design specifications, then 99% of their pieces are usually compatible with LEGO bricks.

Suitable for: 6+ years old.

Recommended Brands:

1 – LEGO

2 – JMBricklayer

3 – Mould King

If you grew up playing with LEGO®, you are probably familiar with these bricks. Most brands use bricks of this size.

We greatly appreciate LEGO, the big brother of the industry, for bringing us into a wonderful and joyful world of bricks. It has also allowed many other LEGO alternative brands to participate, making our world even better.

Many LEGO alternative brands’ bricks are not only compatible with LEGO® but also feature many unique patented designs. Here, please allow me to introduce our Kickstarter crowdfunding project: the JMBricklayer Steampunk Marble Run 70003. Why? Because this product features a unique design that has never been seen on the market before. It has also performed remarkably well on the crowdfunding platform, reaching its goal within just 9 hours, and has been widely loved by everyone!

JMBricklayer marble run 70003 - kickstarter

Purchasing bricks from these brands typically allows for seamless integration with LEGO bricks, providing more creativity and building possibilities.

However, some brands’ bricks, although similar in size, may have compatibility issues due to differences in manufacturing precision, material quality, or design details. Therefore, checking user reviews and product descriptions is a good way to ensure compatibility.

Mini Building Block & Mirco Bricks


Mini Building Block 1*1 Dimensions: 6mm x 6mm

Micro Bricks 1*1 Dimensions: 4mm x 4mm


As long as brands manufacturing Mini Building Blocks and Micro Bricks adhere to industry standards, their bricks should be compatible with each other.


  • A brand Mini Building Blocks are compatible with B brand Mini Building Blocks.
  • A brand Micro Bricks are compatible with B brand Micro Bricks.

However, all Mini Building Blocks are not compatible with all Micro Bricks or all Standard Bricks.

Suitable for: 10+ years old.

Recommended Brand: LOZ


For many newcomers to LEGO, the sizes of Mini Building Blocks and Micro Bricks can often be confusing. However, after looking at the examples I provided earlier, it should now be very clear. Simple, right?

Besides the size differences, there are a few subtle distinctions which I will explain in detail.

  1. Difficulty Level: The smaller the size, the higher the difficulty. This is quite easy to understand. During the initial stages of building, distinguishing and finding different bricks is a skillful task that requires concentration. The smaller the size, the more challenging it is to find and differentiate the bricks. Additionally, the small size makes them harder to grasp and connect, requiring more dexterity and patience to complete each step.
  2. Variety: The smaller the size, the fewer the designs.LEGO has already set the standard, so most brands producing standard LEGO-sized bricks can easily create an exquisite set by following LEGO’s models. However, Mini Building Blocks and Micro Bricks only emerged after the 2000s. At that time, there wasn’t a giant like LEGO to provide the correct answers, so only a few brands were innovating and exploring. Thus, there are fewer brands making these sizes, resulting in fewer designs.
  3. Stability: Due to the smaller size of these bricks, their stability is relatively poor. Extra care is needed when building models, whereas standard-sized bricks offer stronger stability and load-bearing capacity, making them less prone to breakage.
  4. Quality: Are they as high-quality as LEGO? No. You might find a brick that’s a bit loose or some that are too tight, making them hard to connect. But overall, everything fits together as expected, and I personally find the cost-performance ratio almost unbeatable.
  5. Space Efficiency: It’s hard to imagine how small and delicate these sets are when completed, even after seeing pictures! On the one hand, this means you can easily fit four or more sets on a small table, taking up less space than a single LEGO set. Even in a cramped living space, there are plenty of corners and nooks to tuck away these sets.
  6. Price: In terms of price, the smaller size means that less raw material is used, making them relatively cheaper than the larger blocks.

I guess many of you love LEGO sets but are deterred by the ever-increasing prices and the large space the completed models occupy. If you feel the same way, you might find Mini Building Blocks and Micro Bricks to be an attractive alternative. Moreover, these bricks look and feel similar to LEGO in almost every way, perfectly satisfying our desire to build something with bricks without the commitment of purchasing full-sized LEGO sets.

I believe that after reading this article, you should have a deeper understanding of the world of building blocks. Now, it’s your turn. I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think about the different sizes of building blocks? Have you tried other sizes? Or is there more information you’d like to know? Feel free to leave your comments!

Picture of JMB-Samon


My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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  1. Hi friends! This time I answered a question from Jewel Goodwin. If you have any questions you’d like me to address in an article, feel free to leave a comment or let me know your thoughts on this Facebook post!

    1. I do not have any micro bricks yet, though my kids are about to enter the proper age to start with these awesome micro bricks!!

      1. That sounds exciting! Your kids will love exploring micro bricks. It’s such a fun way to spark creativity and learning. Enjoy this new adventure with them!

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    1. I understand your preference for standard bricks. What aspects do you find better compared to mini or micro bricks?

      1. I have big fingers😅, building instructions not always clear due to very little pieces. Definitely not for me, i buy only standard size

        1. I understand; small pieces can be tricky. Have you tried larger sets? They might be more your speed.

        2. I hear you about the instructions, especially when the colors don’t always match up with the bricks you have. A micro stary night was a nightmare to build

    1. That’s so true! Organizing small bricks can be quite a challenge. Does anyone have tips or tricks for keeping them in order? I’d love to hear some creative solutions!

  3. I definitely have preferred the standard sized blocks but the micro and mini blocks actually seem pretty cool. Wonder how the designs would actually come out to look like

    1. Exploring micro and mini blocks can reveal surprising details in designs! Have you tried any? I’d love to hear about your favorites!

  4. I have to sons and I as father am a major fan of all sorts of bricks, from duplo to lego etc etc. Really hope my kids will pick up this fibe as well!!

  5. Unlike Lego, I never can always seem to find the duplo and mega blocks at yard sales and second hand shops
    I still wish I could find cheap bulk lego.

    1. It sounds like you’re on a hunt for affordable LEGO! Have you tried checking online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace? They often have great deals on bulk LEGO. You might also consider joining local parent groups on social media; they sometimes have members looking to sell or trade LEGO sets. Happy hunting!

  6. I really like the different sizes of the bricks… so you can create things of different sizes… I definitely prefer them like this😃

    1. It’s wonderful how bricks can spark such fond memories! Do you have a favorite creation from your childhood?

      1. I don’t have a particular creation but I remember that with my brother we built villages with barriers because then they played at war and built soldiers and tanks

        1. That sounds like a wonderful memory! Did you have a favorite type of soldier or tank to build? How did you come up with the designs for your villages?

          1. no we didn’t plan anything, we started to build the village and then we did things… even the wall around the village we did… a memory from many years ago but still alive

    1. Thank you! You can start with smaller sets or wall-mounted tracks to save space. How old are your boys?

  7. I’ve just bought duplo blocks for my girl and she loves them. She is a bit over the big megablocks and she is 3.

  8. This article gives me the idea you could write something about kits for younger kids. Like 0-2, 3-6, 7-10.

  9. I like the mini sets due to their small size. Sometimes I run out of room for the big builds I do.

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