The Story Behind 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001

When you play with the 30001 set, have you thought the real-life counterpart in the Middle Ages was used to destroy numerous castle walls throughout Europe? Let's see how they played a dominant role in sieges.
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The Medieval Period spans roughly 1000 years from the 5th to the 15th century. Throughout this time, castles played a key political, social, and military role in Europe society. The construction of fortified cities led to a wide array of different weapons that are used in siege warfare. The most common or popular siege weapons include catapult, ballista, and bombard, each of which is what we base each model of 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001 on.

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The Medieval Castle Wall.

For all those who love medieval weapons, but can’t seem to get the chance to see them up close,  you would be thrilled to build and play with the 30001 set. Because this set has been designed to look like the actual siege weapons and perfectly replicate their features.


The Greeks were looking to develop a new type of weapon used in war, then the catapult was created in about 400 BCE. A catapult uses a long arm to store energy and propel stones, spears, or other projectiles. In use since ancient times, the catapult has proven to be one of the most persistently effective mechanisms in warfare.

The Historical Origin of 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-2
The Medieval Catapult.

In order to replicate its features, the catapult 30001 set is equipped with a long arm that can be pressed down and lifted. Attached to the arm, rubber bands are used to provide an elastic force to send the projectile out away. You may launch a rubber projectile with the set across the room, just like the actual one across the battlefield from far away. Owing to its long range, the catapult is an ideal siege weapon that allowed the attacking forces to launch projectiles into or over the high castle walls common throughout Europe.

The Historical Origin of 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-5
The Catapult of the 30001 Set.


The ballista, specifically, was first designed and used also by Ancient Greeks and was a commonly used weapon throughout the Roman Empire which extended from 27 BCE to 395 CE. Also known as a large crossbow, it was a siege weapon that essentially launched a large projectile at a distant target.

The Historical Origin of 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-3
The Medieval Ballista.

The ballista 30001 set has been designed to look like the actual medieval weapon. It has a large crossbow that rests on the four wheels cart and extends like wings, as well as an excellent trigger mechanism. The set boasts high accuracy and can be used to hit down a straight-up pencil two meters away. Likewise, principally used in fixed positions or onboard ships, the real-life counterpart could fire bolts or heavy stones over several hundred meters to punch holes in enemy fortifications.

The Historical Origin of 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-6
The Ballista of the 30001 Set.


The bombard is a type of cannon or mortar which was used throughout the Medieval Period. Most bombards were used during sieges to shoot round stone projectiles at the walls of enemy fortifications, enabling troops to break in. 

The Historical Origin of 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-4
The Medieval Bombard.

Instead of gunpowder used in the actual cannon, the bombard 30001 set uses rubber bands as a propellant attached to the square barrel. Despite that, the set still makes an impressive shot with great force to easily knock down a three layers cups tower. No wonder even the might of Constantinople was overcome by bombards. Due to the effective use of gunpowder and bombards by the Ottoman Empire, the indestructible fortress was destroyed in 1453. 

The Historical Origin of 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-7
The Bombard of the 30001 Set.

However, the Medieval Period is very far removed from us, both chronologically and geographically. That’s why we create the 30001 set that is likely to take you back to that time. If you are a fan of replicating iconic medieval weapons with bricks, you will love this set. Aside from being authentic, this set comes with a very satisfying play experience. You can use the 30001 set to launch projectiles at a target as real machines do. Therefore, the brick set makes it possible to start a thrilling “siege warfare” in your living room.

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