JMB Rewards

Earn JMBricklayer money you can spend on all sets. Get rewarded for all your purchases, reviews and more.

Ways For Earning Points

Earn 1 point per dollar spent. Redeem 10 points for $1 Off.

For more infor of member points please click here.


A newly registered member will receive 100 points. When completing all fields in the profile, the member will be awarded 10 points.


Reviews on our website, trustpilot or your social will receive 20 points. Post on Truspilot (not via invite link) & social, please contact us to claim.

Login & Buy

Members who log in daily will receive 2 points -- each first time logs in daily. Receive points from every order, pay $1.00 get 1 point.


The member will receive 20 points if a new user signs up | receive 70 points if a new user purchases -- via your referral link.

Get The Birthday Coupon

Get 30% off your one purchase during your birthday month, please contact us before order.

Does it work


Get 100 points ($10) for signing up


Get points from purchase, etc.


Use your points to redeem for orders.

  1. Points can be earned on orders for all products.
  2. Members will receive points when the order status is “Order Processing.”
  3. After cash deduction, the total points will decrease according to the rules.
  4. Points will always be rounded down; for example, if points are 1.5, they will be 1.
  5. Referral points will be automatically deleted if the referred user account is deleted or banned.
  1. All products are eligible for points redemption.
  2. Coupons and points can be used simultaneously.
  3. Points will expire 12 months after acquisition, and you will receive an email reminder 7 days before expiration.

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