We offer worldwide free shipping. If you encounter the prompt ‘No shipping options were found for your country or region’ during checkout, please contact us at

For customers from any country or region who place orders at our store, we are pleased to offer a free and convenient shipping method. Once payment is completed, we strive to process every order within 48 hours.

The shipping method will be determined by several factors. If our Amazon FBA warehouse(Generally called FBA warehouse) is available in your country or region, the package will be shipped from the local warehouse with fast delivery. For countries or regions without an FBA warehouse, or when products are out of stock in FBA warehouse, we will consider standard-speed shipping from our central warehouse in China. Please contact us if you would like to know where your order will be dispatched. Due to factors such as holidays, customs, and weather that may impact international shipments, we appreciate your patience and understanding in the event of any delays.

When shipping a package from China, a tracking number and website will be provided for tracking information. Upon arrival in the destination country, there will be an additional tracking number from the local courier. However, the provided website allows you to track the package throughout the entire journey, without using a second website. It’s worth noting that when contacting the post office for package inquiries, refer to the second tracking number and the local courier.

In general, packages are typically delivered to customers with no problems. However, if you encounter the following situations and need to contact the local post office, please provide the second tracking number and mention the local carrier:
1.Delivery delays
2.Incorrect address
3.Failed delivery attempts
4.Package tracking issue
5.Damage or missing items

In our efforts to provide high-quality service, we are actively replenishing supplies in our FBA warehouses and establishing more local warehouses overseas.

The following is the table of the estimated delivery time for your reference, but the actual delivery time may vary.

JMBricklayer Shipping

Packages Delivery Issues:
For undeliverable packages due to incomplete, incorrect or lost destination information, we cannot be held responsible. Please ensure that the shipping details entered at checkout are accurate. In the event of a mistake, please notify us within 24 hours after payment is completed. However, if your order has already been shipped from our warehouse, we may not be able to make any changes.
We take great care to ensure that your package arrives in good condition. However, if your package is lost or damaged during shipment, please contact us immediately so we can initiate an investigation with the carrier. If the carrier confirms that the package was lost or damaged during shipment, we will offer a replacement or refund.
If a package is returned to the local post because the recipient fail to pick it up in time, we cannot be held responsible. But we’re pleased to assist the customer in negotiating with the local post office to resolve any issues.


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