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Product Story

Nothing Better Than A Toy Story

Each product has a unique story behind it, the background in which they were created, the fun facts about how they were made, or some detailed explanation of them. Come and discover more product stories that will let you know more about your brick sets.

JMBricklayer JMB-New Arrival Sunflowers Set 70004-Featured Image
New Release

New Arrival: Sunflowers Set 70004

Our latest release, the Sunflowers Set 70004, offers you a ticket to the past, where you can relive the magic of Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower paintings right in your own home.

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JMBricklayer JMB-The Money Tree-Featured Image
Product Story
Chris Taylor

The Money Tree Tales

Growing up, you might have heard the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, which is what parents say to discourage their kids from wasteful spending.

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JMBrickayer JMB Mother's Day Gift Guide-Feature
Product Story

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Check out JMBricklayer’s selections for Mother’s Day Gifts. Save 40% off on the Orchid 20106 and more flower bouquets and succulents are on sales for a limited time!

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New Arrival – Parrot Set 70154

With its realistic design blending natural beauty and mechanical elements, plus captivating lighting effects, this parrot doubles as a stunning display piece.

Mother’s Day Giveaway, 2024 May

Me Mother’s Day Giveaway Home Decor Theme Lucky Draw, Total 6Winners 03/05/24 – 12/05/24 Celebrate Mother’s Day with JMBricklayer’s Special Giveaway! 🎁 This Mother’s Day,

Let’s  Brick It Happen

Brick It Happen fosters engagement, bridging followers’ ideas with tangible results through interactive sessions. Join us to see your visions take shape!

Giveaway & Discount – May 2024 First Half

Explore exclusive discounts on LEGO alternative building blocks at our site and our Amazon stores in the US, Germany, UK, and Canada! From May 1th to 15th, enjoy savings ranging from 10% to 45% on select products.

The Earth Day Giveaway, Apr.2024

Me The Earth Day Giveaway Exploration of Space Theme Lucky Draw, Total 4 Winners 19/04/24 – 28/04/24 Earth Day is coming up on April 22,

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