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Product Story

Nothing Better Than A Toy Story

Each product has a unique story behind it, the background in which they were created, the fun facts about how they were made, or some detailed explanation of them. Come and discover more product stories that will let you know more about your brick sets.

JMBrickayer JMB Mother's Day Gift Guide-Feature
Product Story

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Check out JMBricklayer’s selections for Mother’s Day Gifts. Save 40% off on the Orchid 20106 and more flower bouquets and succulents are on sales for a limited time!

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The Historical Origin of 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-Feature
Product Story

The Story Behind 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001

When you play with the 30001 set, have you thought the real-life counterpart in the Middle Ages was used to destroy numerous castle walls throughout Europe? Let’s see how they played a dominant role in sieges.

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How to Get Custom Lego Minifigures, Bricks, or Tiles?

In this article, let’s explore this exciting evolution by delving into the innovative ways Lego lovers are customizing their creations, the significance of personalization, and the websites that have become hubs for these endeavors.

Blade Series Giveaway, 2023 Sep.

Me Blade & Sword Series Giveaway JMB Blade Series Lucky Draw, Total 6 Winners 16/09/23 – 25/09/23 Welcome, brave souls, to the Blade&Sword Series Giveaway,

2023 September News

Get set for an action-packed September with JMBricklayer! Brace yourself for amazing discounts and exciting giveaways on our Collections of Mecha Warriors and Blade&Sword. Be

Mecha Warrior Giveaway, Sep. 2023

Me Mecha Warrior Series Giveaway JMB Mecha Warrior Series Lucky Draw, 6 Winners FaceBook Group contributors, 6 winners 14/09/23 – 13/09/23 Gear up for the

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