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Attention space and animal enthusiasts! Don't miss our monthly giveaway, sales, and the Chameleon set will launch at our Amazon stores!
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Get ready for an action-packed July with JMBricklayer! Get set for an explosion of savings and exciting giveaways on our space exploration collection and new arrival– Chameleon 70124. Make sure to mark your calendars and join us in the excitement!

Ⅰ. Space Exploration Giveaway (3rd – 12th)

Get ready to participate and stand a chance to win amazing prizes. A total of 3 lucky winners will receive one free space-themed set, while another 3 winners will enjoy a 50% discount.

The prize of Each rocket and astronaut set is designed to replicate the NASA experience. With semi-mechanical features, the intricate details can be fully appreciated, making it an ideal addition to display in your home.

The thrill of space exploration is best enjoyed together, so spread the word and invite your friends to join the excitement. This is a giveaway you won’t want to miss!

Ⅱ. New Arrival Giveaway | Chameleon 70124 (21st – 31st)

In our second July giveaway, we are thrilled to present our new arrival — Chameleon 70124 set as the ultimate reward. Also, a total of 3 lucky winners will receive the set for free, and another 3 winners will get a 50% discount.

This lovely Chameleon is rocking a rainforest-inspired base and is caught mid-action, with its tongue outstretched to nab an unsuspecting butterfly. It’s like witnessing a real-life ninja in action! Get ready to enter and bring the excitement right into your hands with this stunning model!

Ⅲ. Mail-in Rebate

The offer Mail-in Rebate will make a comeback in mid to late July. Stay tuned for more details in the member news.

Ⅳ. Space Series Sales (1st – 16th)

1. Amazon US

ModelDiscountSale Price
Spaceman 70102$6 off (for Prime only)$39.94
Gold Spaceman 70109$9 off (for Prime only)$43.94
Dawn V Rocket 70110$15 off (for Prime only)$44.94

Click here to check more!

2. Amazon CA

ModelDiscountSale Price
Spaceman 70102CA$7 off (for Prime only)CA$57.94
Gold Spaceman 70109CA$7.5 off (for Prime only)CA$67.44
Dawn V Rocket 70110CA$15 offCA$74.94

Click here to check more!

3. Amazon UK

ModelDiscountSale Price
Gold Spaceman 701095% off£50.34
Dawn V Rocket 701105% off£50.34

Click here to check more!

4. Amazon DE

ModelDiscountSale Price
Dawn V Rocket 7011010% off€49.49

Click here to check more!

5. JMB Online Store

There are the same discounts as our Amazon store US and every purchase earns you member points for more discounts.

Click here to learn more!

Ps. The sales details are subject to change without further notice. Please follow us to get updates.

Ⅴ. Animals Series Sales (17th – 31st)

1. Amazon US

ModelDiscountSale Price
Chameleon 70124$10 off$49.94
3D Frame Dinosaur 7010615% off$42.45
Dragon Head 70105$10$69.95
T-Rex Dinosaur 70107$10$95.95
T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version)$10$79.95 (approx)

Click here to check more!

2. Amazon CA

ModelDiscountSale Price
Chameleon 70124CA$10 offCA$74.94
T-Rex Dinosaur 70107CA$15CA$114.95
T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version)CA$10CA$119.95
Dragon Head 70105CA$10CA$89.95

Click here to check more!

3. Amazon DE

ModelDiscountSale Price
Sea Turtle 2110610% off€33.29

Click here to check more!

4. JMB Online Store

There are the same discounts as our Amazon store US and every purchase earns you member points for more discounts.

Click here to learn more!

Be sure to stay connected with us for the latest updates on our upcoming events! JMB can’t wait to share the details with you soon!


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  2. Become our member and instantly receive 100 points (worth $10), and enjoy a point collection program.
  3. Join our English group and German group on Facebook, where active engagement earns you the monthly award.
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