Giveaway & Discount – April 2024 First Half

Explore exciting discounts of up to 25% off on LEGO alternative building blocks at Jmbricklayer in April! From April 1st to April 30th!
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Explore exciting discounts of up to 25% off on LEGO alternative building blocks at Jmbricklayer in April! From April 1st to April 30th, shop exclusive deals in the United States Amazon store, Germany Amazon store, and, and discover innovative alternatives for your building adventures.

April Giveaway

In April, we’re thrilled to announce two exhilarating giveaways that will take your imagination to new heights! Whether you’re a seasoned space enthusiast or a budding explorer, there’s something for everyone in these stellar giveaways.

Giveaway 1: Astronaut Panda 70005 & Space Shuttle 70122

Set your sights on the vast expanse of the cosmos with our “Exploration of Space” theme giveaway! Featuring the latest release captivating Space Astronaut Panda 70005 and the awe-inspiring Space Shuttle 70122, this giveaway promises an adventure of galactic proportions. Among them, the Space Astronaut Panda 70005 is currently the most popular and heavily invested style in our lineup!

To participate, simply enter our Lucky Draw for a chance to be one of seven lucky winners. From April 2nd to April 11th, fate may just smile upon you, granting you the opportunity to add these stellar sets to your collection. Don’t miss out on the chance to fuel your imagination and explore the wonders of space with!

Giveaway 2: SRT Hellcat 60105 & Countac MOC 50112

Buckle up for high-speed excitement with our Share & Comment giveaway extravaganza! Featuring the sleek and powerful SRT Hellcat 60105 and the iconic Countach MOC 50112, this giveaway is sure to rev your engines and get your creativity firing on all cylinders.

Here’s how it works: Share your enthusiasm and comment on our giveaway post for a chance to win big. The stakes are high, with the first-place winner cruising away with the SRT Hellcat 60105, while the second-place winner earns the coveted Countac MOC 50112. But fear not, as even the third through fifth place winners will receive a generous 40% coupon to fuel their LEGO alternatives building block adventures.

Mark your calendars from April 2nd to April 11th, because this is one giveaway you won’t want to miss. Share, comment, and ignite your passion for building with!

JMB Site Store Discount

From medieval-themed sets like Butterfly Orchid Bonsai to modern marvels like RC SL7 Asia, find your favorite sets at unbeatable prices for our loyal followers. check our discount page now!

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
Butterfly Orchid Bonsai 2012135%$38.99
Flower Shop 2110130%$34.99
Medieval Tree House 3010630%$80.49
Medieval Town Windmills 3011240%$47.99
Medieval Hotel 3110340%$71.99
Medieval Lighthouse 4110335%$103.99
Medieval Blacksmith Shop 4110535%$64.99
RC SL7 Asia 5110435%$84.49
Pneumatic Concrete Pump Truck 6112130%$69.99
RC Armoured Vehicle Missile Tank 6151340%$71.99
Sabre 1111215%$16.99
Boat Tail 1111310%$17.99
Vintage Coffee Machine 201365%$24.69
Vintage Coffee Machine&Grinder 2013735%$25.99
Butterfly Orchid Bonsai 2010620%$23.99

Amazon US / JMB Site Store Discount

jmbricklayer usamazon 2024 april discount

Explore a range of products and discounts from Spaceman to intricate Medieval Town Windmills. Unleash your creativity and build beyond boundaries with these amazing alternatives.

Check Jmbricklayer Amazon US Store or our website now!

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
Spaceman 70109$6 $47.94
Super Car Victor 60101-115%$59.45
Super Car RX7 60103-115%$59.45
Super Car SRT Hellcat MOC 60105-115%$67.95
Butterfly Orchid Bonsai 2012120%$47.96
Flower Shop 2110120%$39.96
Medieval Tree House 3010615%$97.71
Medieval Town Windmills 3011220%$69.56
Medieval Hotel 3110320%$95.96
Medieval Lighthouse 4110315%$135.96
Medieval Blacksmith Shop 4110515%$84.96
RC SL7 Asia 5110415%$110.46
Pneumatic Concrete Pump 6112115%$84.96
RC Armoured Vehicle Missile Tank 6151315%$101.96
Leopard 2A4 Tank 6150425%$44.96
Mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex 7014015%$40.79
Countac MOC 5011210%$53.99
Revenge Queen Anne Drifting Bottle 4011010%$80.95
Mechanical Octopus UFO 7012315%$50.99
Sabre 1111215%$16.95
Boat Tail 1111315%$16.95
Retro Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine 2013515%$33.95
Vintage Coffee Machine 2013615%$33.95
Vintage Coffee Machine&Grinder 2013715%$33.95
Orgrim’s Hammer 7013710%$71.95
Tsugikuni Yoriichi Nichirin Sword 7013810%$40.45
Check Our Amazon DE store below for more discounts.

Amazon DE Discount

From T-Rex Dinosaurs to Medieval Town Stables, explore exclusive discounts on LEGO alternative building blocks at Jmbricklayer’s Amazon store in Germany!

Check Jmbricklayer Amazon DE Store Now!

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
T-Rex Dinosaur 7000120%€71.99
Dawn V Rocket 7011020%€47.99
3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 3000120%€31.99
Interstellar Archives 7011120%€95.1
Medieval Riverside Scholars 3110420%€79.19
Medieval Tree House 3010620%€83.93
Mechanical Octopus UFO 7012320%€47.99
Magic Castle Book 4110820%€24.79
Medieval Town Stables Guard Tower 3010720%€111.99
EVO Mobile Suit 6013120%€103.19
RC Mallard 5110120%€102.39
AMG ONE MOC 6011420%€84.79
Medieval Tree House 3010620%€83.99
T-Rex Dinosaur 7000120%€71.99
Medieval Town Wizard’s Cabin 3011720%€68.79
F/A-18 Strike Fighter 6000520%€67.99
Super Car SRT Hellcat MOC 60105-120%€63.99
GBC Harp Track 7010820%€63.96
HH-60J Guard Search And Rescue Aircraft 6000120%€58.39
Super Car Victor MOC 60101-120%€55.19
Leopard 2A4 Tank 6150420%€47.99
Mechanical Octopus UFO 7012320%€47.99
Dawn V Rocket 7011020%€47.16
1:10 Red F1 6112320%€42.39
XK120 5010920%€34.39
Five Tiger Generals-HuangZhong 7012920%€33.59
Five Tiger Generals-ZhaoYun 7012620%€33.59
3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 3000120%€31.99
Kyokoku Kamusari Sword 7011720%€31.99
Kochou Shinobu Sword 7011620%€31.99
Vintage Coffee Machine&Grinder 2013720%€31.99
Mini Set-Pet Party 2013820%€31.95
The Help Of Mouth Pingyi 7011520%€31.82
Insect Family 1010920%€17.59
GT3 1111120%€15.99
R8 1111620%€15.99
917 1111520%€15.99
Cullinan 1110520%€14.39
Purosangue 1110720%€14.39

Check our Amazon DE Store for more awesome sets!

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My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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