The Money Tree: A Tale of Sharing and Greed

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Ⅰ Once there were two poor brothers. They worked, and toiled, but they could never seem to bring themselves out of poverty. One brother, the more industrious of the two, had an idea.  “Let us go into the forest, brother,” he said. “I have heard tell of rare and valuable herbs found at the shore […]

The Money Tree Tales

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Growing up, you might have heard the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, which is what parents say to discourage their kids from wasteful spending.  But in some parts of the world, a money tree holds a much deeper historical meaning, often related to good fortune and wealth. Generally, when people refer to a “Money […]

Sudden Species Disappearances Alarm Conservationists!”Biodiversity Is At Risk”- Mechanical Chameleon 70124 Product Story

Sudden Species Disappearances Alarm Conservationists!"Biodiversity Is At Risk"- Mechanical Chameleon 70124 Product Story

JMB. Me Mechanical Chameleon 70124 Story Product Story Friday, August, 4 Page 1 Sudden Species Disappearances Alarm Conservationists! “Biodiversity Is At Risk”! Local conservationists in Africa have noted sudden extreme declines in certain populations. Komodo Dragons, Chameleons, and many other protected species across the continent have been affected. “It’s almost like entire species disappeared overnight,” […]

JMB Medieval 3-in-1 Siege Weapon- Unboxing and Building Review!

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I Love Medieval Bricks! Castle Lego has always been my favourite.  The Black Knight Castle was the prize of my childhood toy collection, and recently, now with children of my own, I built it yet again.  It resparked an interest in building bricks long since faded. So, I was very excited to receive my new […]


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