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Friday, August, 4

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Sudden Species Disappearances Alarm Conservationists! "Biodiversity Is At Risk"!

Local conservationists in Africa have noted sudden extreme declines in certain populations. Komodo Dragons, Chameleons, and many other protected species across the continent have been affected.
“It’s almost like entire species disappeared overnight,” says one concerned scientist. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” 

While these disappearances do not seem to be a natural phenomenon, it is unclear if they are connected to the recent reports of strange men wearing hazardous material suits roaming the jungle. 

Is it real
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Friday, August, 4

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Explorer Finds Cyborg Animals In Jungle! Scientists Skeptical.

A mysterious and astounding discovery has been made in the Amazon.
Renowned Amazonian explorer Cornelius Winterbottom spotted and photographed what appears to be a cybernetically enhanced chameleon during an expedition at the Amana Sustainable Development Reserve in Brazil.

Famous explorer Cornelius Winterbottom.
Famous explorer Cornelius Winterbottom.

“I’ve been seeing animals like this pop up all over the place,” said Mr. Winterbottom “All kind of different species. Jaguars, tigers, even a grizzly bear! And now this! Something is going on out there, deep in the jungle. Somebody is changing these animals.”
The photos taken by Mr. Winterbottom are not entirely convincing, reminiscent of the grainy Sasquatch photos from the 1970s. But Winterbottom is undeterred.

“I know the photos are bad’” he says. “But that thing was so darn fast! I was taking a picture of a capuchin monkey, when suddenly it looks like the little guy is zapped by lightning, then he’s gone! By the time I realize what’s happened, I see a glowing light in the undergrowth.”

Winterbottom spots the chameleon.

The explorer goes on to describe his encounter. “It all happened really fast, but I got a pretty good look. One side of the chameleon appeared to be entirely mechanical, with circuitry and wires running from head to tail. Interestingly, the robotics seemed to enhance the chameleon’s existing predatory features.” He points to a grainy photo, which might be a reptile head.
“Chameleons are natural ambushers, using their long tongue to snag prey from cover. This robo-chameleon had some kind of electrified tongue, allowing it to stun much larger prey than usual. What I thought was lighting zapping the

capuchin was actually the chameleon’s tongue shooting out from the shadows!”

Winterbottom claims he saw an electrified tongue.

He gestures to another grainy photo. “There’s also some kind of sensor attached to the side of the chameleon’s head.  As you know, chameleons can operate their eyes independently to see in all directions without moving their head.  It’s possible that this is an optical sensor to assist with this vision targeting.”  He pauses.  “It also might be some kind of energy weapon.”

Some kind of power source?

“You can see the whole system is fed by energy tubes leading to some kind of glowing energy core in the chameleon’s heart,” he

Friday, August, 4

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continues. But there’s more… even the limbs are enhanced with mechanical gears and pneumatics. It must be able to run and jump with incredible speed!” Winterbottom excitedly waves a final photograph. “And the tail! Many chameleons have a prehensile tail which they use to grab branches while climbing. This specimen’s tail was entirely robotic and extremely strong. I believe it might be used as a weapon, as well.”

It appears the chameleon has a mechanical prehensile tail.
It appears the chameleon has a mechanical prehensile tail.

Following this brief interaction, Winterbottom claims the chameleon simply vanished.  “One second it was there, and then it was gone. I know that chameleons can change color for camouflage, but not like this.  It was instantaneous!  It must have jumped away while I blinked. There’s no way it just turned invisible… is there?”

When asked who could be doing this, and why, Winterbottom doesn’t have any clues.  “I wish I knew,” he said.  “But I will tell you this- there is something else out there.  Something even bigger than a chameleon, a jaguar, or a grizzly.  I’ve heard sounds, seen things in the jungle.  Things you wouldn’t believe.”  He won’t answer any more questions. “You would just think I’m crazy.” He says.  “But trust me, there is definitely, definitely something big going on.”

Dr. Gabriel Souza, head of the Zoology department at Sao Paulo University, disagrees.

“Mr. Winterbottom is, quite frankly, delusional,” says an exasperated Dr. Souza.  “This isn’t the first time he’s put forward one of these ridiculous theories.  And this one doesn’t even make sense!”

“First off, we don’t have chameleons here in the Amazon,” Dr. Souza explains.  “Chameleons are native to Africa.  And these other alleged ‘cyborgs’? Grizzly bears are from the North American forests.  And tigers?  Don’t even get me started.

 Most of these creatures the Cornelius claims to have seen don’t even live on this continent!”

Dr. Souza shakes his head.  “What is he suggesting, really?  That some mysterious, shadowy organization is collecting apex predators from around the globe and bringing them to a secret facility in the jungle to perform cybernetic experiments?  To what end?  It’s just crazy.”

When asked about the enhancements that Winterbottom claims to have seen,  Dr. Souza doesn’t have much to say.  “That’s not my area of expertise,” he tells me.  “I really don’t know anything about cybernetics or robotics.  Though I suppose with enough resources, anything is possible.”

Even if it is possible, who could be conducting these experiments, and why?  Cornelius WInterbottom’s claims certainly do seem far-fetched, but he speaks with conviction.

“I know people around here think I’m crazy,” says Mr. Winterbottom.  “But I’m going to keep searching.  I’m going to follow the truth, no matter where it leads me.”

Friday, August, 4

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Eccentric Explorer Missing In Brazil, Investigation Underway

Local authorities say that explorer Cornelius Winterbottom has been reported missing and possibly abducted.

Mr. Winterbottom is well known locally for his colorful character and sometimes outlandish claims.

Witnesses state that Mr. Winterbottom was seen engaged in an altercation with a group of unidentified men.  Some of the witnesses claim these men were wearing strange clothing, possibly hazardous material suits.  The men reportedly forced

Winterbottom into a vehicle before speeding away from the scene.  

The police have asked that anyone with information or footage related to the incident come forward.  An investigation is ongoing.

Inventor Dismisses Ethical Concerns About New Light Refraction Technology

Nobel-winning chemist Dr. Atticus Blackwell is once again at the center of a storm of controversy surrounding a recently developed technology.

Dr. Atticus Blackwell, file photo
Dr. Atticus Blackwell, file photo

Leaked video showing shocking footage of what some have termed an ‘invisibility bubble’ prompted swift outcry from law enforcement organizations and civil rights groups.  

“This is horrible, just horrible. Imagine if this got into the wrong hands,” said a random public official. “I mean, I can only imagine what I myself would do if I could turn invisible.  On second thought, where can I get one of these?”

“Dr. Atticus Blackwell is a brilliant innovator and an unparalleled mind,” said a

representative of Dr. Blackwell.  “None of the research he is conducting has broken any laws.  Restricting scientific progress due to some kind of potential ‘what if’ scenario is dangerous precedent.  If and when this technology is developed, regulating it will be a matter for the proper elected authorities.”

There are also concerns that Blackwell is not publicly revealing his funders for the project, though his associations with reclusive billionaire Theodore Payne are well known. Payne Industries recently made headlines following the…

FBI Raids Payne Industries HQ

In a shocking development, FBI agents in Seattle raided the headquarters of Payne Industries early Tuesday morning. Sources in the FBI would not indicate what caused this drastic escalation of events in the recent saga concerning billionaire Theodore Payne.

“This can’t be discussed as a matter of public safety,” said an anonymous agent, who  would not elaborate further.

 Theodore Payne, founder and CEO of Payne Industries, along with his inner circle and many of his research staff cannot be located and are presumed in hiding.

Payne has been a polarizing figure for decades, largely stemming from his well-document obsession with cybernetic technology.  Following a tragic disfiguring childhood accident, Payne rose to global prominence after developing….


Found him.

Going to Brazil.


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