12 Best Display Ideas For Your Lego Collection

Ever carefully lined up your favorite books on a shelf, not just for storage but to show them off with pride? Well, displaying LEGO is a bit like that.
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Ever carefully lined up your favorite books on a shelf, not just for storage but to show them off with pride? Well, displaying LEGO is a bit like that. It isn’t just a toy; it’s a whole universe of imagination squeezed into those tiny bricks. When you put them on exhibit, it’s like saying, “Hey, check out this cool story!” It would be an exclusive art show in your own space. Plus, it’s super inspiring! When others see your creations, they might get that itch too.

We’ve categorized LEGO display ideas into walls, tables, and additional options to meet different settings or effects. But here’s the deal: we’ll break down each option for you—LEGO types it fits, pros and cons, how to fit into your space, and DIY potential. So, we’re basically your display matchmakers!

Wall Displays

This is a LEGO enthusiast’s secret to showcasing their brick-built marvels without a real estate takeover. Efficient use of space? Check. Easy on the eyes? Absolutely. It’s like giving your creations a VIP ticket to the wall of fame, no velvet ropes required.

Wall Case

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Wall Case
Sourced from 100 LEGO Minifigures Wall Display Case
  • LEGO Types It Fits — Minifigures, small-scale sets, and Polybags sets
  • Pros and Cons — It’s a space-saving genius, letting your collections ascend to visual glory. Also, it’s like a force field protecting them from the outside world. Dust? Denied! However, it’s roomy, but not boundless. And when you need a view from the back, get ready for a bit of a treasure hunt!
  • Fit into Your Space — When it comes to slapping up that wall case, measure that wall like it’s a masterpiece, and mark the perfect spot for your collection’s spotlight. Walls have different structures and materials. So, pick the right tools!
  • DIY Potential — Slap on some graffiti, stickers, or funky wallpapers on the backdrop of your wall case. It’s your mini stage—paint it with your unique tales!

Wall Mount

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Wall Stand
Sourced from Ultimate Collector Series Lego wall mount display for 10174 At-St
  • LEGO Types It Fits — Moderate-weight sets
  • Pros and Cons — Wall mounts make your LEGO creations pop, transforming them into mini works of art on your wall. Adjusting your display is really a piece of cake! Move and rearrange your creations on the wall whenever you want. Unfortunately, wall mounts aren’t ideal for the big, weighty models.
  • Fit into Your Space — Balance is key – you don’t want your models doing a seesaw act up there. Level it up, my friend!
  • DIY Potential — Elevate your wall mount with LEDs. These lights add a subtle glow, putting your models in the spotlight.

Hanging Frame

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Hanging Frame
Sourced from LEGO Car Frames
  • LEGO Types It Fits — Flat builds, mosaic artwork, or Minifigures
  • Pros and Cons — You’re not just hanging LEGO models; you’re curating your own gallery, showcasing your style and creativity. Cons? Let’s be real—installing hanging frames is a bit tricky. You’ve got your manual, got your pieces, and sometimes, you need a little patience to snap it all together just right.
  • Fit into Your Space — Make sure there’s no surprise obstacle course behind that seemingly innocent wall—no hidden wires or pipes to turn your hanging project into a plumbing disaster.
  • DIY Potential — You know what’s awesome about hanging frames? You can turn them into a stage! Get your sets a personalized background—picture a mini city skyline for those urban sets, or maybe a galactic scene for the space-themed sets.

Floating Shelf

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Floating Shelf
Sourced from Floating Shelf
  • LEGO Types It Fits — All sets in any sizes
  • Pros and Cons — The materials won’t give your wallet a workout. It’s usually made from basic stuff like wood, metal brackets, or lightweight materials, without fancy components. However, the floating shelf might limit your viewing angles a tad.
  • Fit into Your Space — Hanging up shelves is easy, but arranging LEGO is the real deal. let’s jazz it up with contrasts. Light versus dark, vibrant versus muted. Imagine Batman standing next to the Joker—talk about contrast!
  • DIY Potential — Imagine each plank as a puzzle piece – you arrange them, tweak their positions, and suddenly, you’ve got your own visual masterpiece!

Corner Shelf

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Corner Shelf
Sourced from Tribesigns Corner Shelf
  • LEGO Types It Fits — Small to medium-sized sets, Minifigures
  • Pros and Cons — Talk about a smart use of the space that’s often overlooked – corners. It’s like giving those neglected corners a new purpose in life. But, the challenge comes when your room has a specific aesthetic, and the corner shelf might not always blend seamlessly.
  • Fit into Your Space — Pick a corner, any corner, but make sure it’s a rockstar – no bumping into it.
  • DIY Potential — Attach small magnets to the corner shelf and add metal strips to the base of your LEGO creations. They’ll stick and stand like never before!

Table Displays

One of the prime advantages is clear: having your collections right in front of you. Easily observable and within reach, this setup lets you admire, touch, and tweak the layout to perfection.


JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Table Displays
Sourced from TLUG dispaly 2021 train.
  • LEGO Types It Fits — City modular buildings
  • Pros and Cons — Get creative with your display! Those LEGO collections could be arranged on your desk just the way you like. But watch out for the enemy—dust! Those dastardly particles love to settle on your carefully positioned kits.
  • Fit into Your Space — Consider the available space in your room where you intend to place the table. Measure the area accurately to ensure the table fits well without overwhelming the space.
  • DIY Potential — Level up your display with a backdrop! Get crafty with cardboard, fabric, or even some artsy strokes.

Large Acrylic Case

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Arcrylic Case
Sourced from Coffee Table Display.
  • LEGO Types It Fits –Super-sized Model
  • Pros and Cons — Imagine having a front-row seat to your collections! With its transparent material, this case offers a clear view of your sets from every angle. However, the high-quality, custom-made, or specially designed cases don’t come cheap.
  • Fit into Your Space — Know your sets’ dimensions! Get cozy, not cramped, in that exhibited case. Measure twice, display nice!
  • DIY Potential —  Give your LEGO buddies their own badges – a little tag sharing their model’s name or backstory.

Angled Stand

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Table Stand
Sourced from Lego display stand.
  • LEGO Types It Fits — Flying Vehicle Sets
  • Pros and Cons — Adding that “hovering” illusion to your model? It’s like giving it a touch of magic, making it all the more captivating. But, the stand, as cool as it is, can’t handle heavyweight items.
  • Fit into Your Space — Before you pick a stand, be a weightlifter for your Lego sets. Check those muscles—how hefty are they?
  • DIY Potential — Design a stand with multiple levels, it could allow for efficient use of space and create an eye-catching effect.

Glass Dome

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Glass Dome
Sourced from LED light up glass dome.
  • LEGO Types It Fits — Micro Landscape Models
  • Pros and Cons — The glass dome makes it look fancy, like a special display. It adds to how cool the model appears, making it more attractive. However, Glass can break easily. Accidental bumps might break the glass, and that won’t be fun.
  • Fit into Your Space — Regular cleaning is your glass dome’s best friend! Just like giving your car a good wash, always keeping that glass spick and span.
  • DIY Potential — Add LED strips or mini bulbs at the dome’s base for a unique lighting effect. Play with colors to match your LEGO model’s style.

Rotating Stand

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Rotating Stand
Sourced from Rotating display stand.
  • LEGO Types It Fits — Complex and detailed sets
  • Pros and Cons — Let the audience soak in all the awesomeness from every possible view, just like a fancy model runway. On the other hand, like a sports car needing that extra tune-up, the rotating mechanism might demand some love and maintenance.
  • Fit into Your Space — Test the stand’s rotation functionality to guarantee it turns smoothly without noise or interruptions.
  • DIY Potential — A multi-tiered rotating stand is a fantastic choice. Each tier can be dedicated to a specific theme, era, or even color scheme.

Additional Options

Here are some additional methods. They’re listed here because they’re not on walls or tabletops, and some are a bit less common.

Glass Cabinet

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Glass Cabinet
Sourced from Display Cabinet.
  • LEGO Types It Fits — All sets in any sizes
  • Pros and Cons — A glass cabinet is like a LEGO bodyguard. It shields your creations from dust and unwanted touches while showing them off crisply through transparent glass doors. But this VIP treatment comes at a cost – glass cabinets can be a bit pricey, especially the fancy ones.
  • Fit into Your Space — Opt for sturdy options like stainless steel or aluminum frames paired with toughened glass.
  • DIY Potential — Shed some light on those awesome models! Install some cool LED strips or tiny bulbs inside the glass cabinet.

Ceiling Mount

JMBricklayer JMB- Best Lego Display Ideas- Ceiling Mount
Sourced from Ceiling? – LEGO Star Wars.
  • LEGO Types It Fits — Light or medium-weight models
  • Pros and Cons — Maximizes vertical real estate, keeping your floor for more important things. Also, draws attention and leaves everyone gawking at your hanging display. However, hanging your kits is not an easy task! Requires a safe and sturdy setup.
  • Fit into Your Space — Select the right brackets and hooks. They should provide secure support and stability to ensure the model stays safely suspended.
  • DIY Potential — Use multiple rods for tiered presentations, adding depth and visual appeal. In addition, it makes a good idea to add colorful ribbons, mini flags, or pendants for a playful touch and personalized display.


When you’re looking for any display ideas for your lovely sets, the right showcase is like a frame to a masterpiece. So, explore, experiment, and find what resonates with you. Let your LEGO stories find their stage, be it on a shelf, wall, or suspended in the air.



My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

69 Responses

  1. We’ve been moving and staying in a smaller rental. Most of our collection is still packed away. Favorite sets and anything we’ve acquired along the way has occupied all available spaces! Bookshelves, mantles, ledges, plant spaces, everywhere!

    Your post inspired some ideas for our new space, thank you!

  2. I moved into a new home a few months ago and I’m still in the process of setting my office up to my liking so this is perfect thanks for all the great info!!!

  3. Casi Todas las formas aquí presentadas las uso para exponer mis sets, para mi los cuadros para minifiguras y las vitrinas son de las más usadas por mi.
    La que dudo de usar es las naves colgadas del techo….. peligro.

  4. I organize’em on shelves Tetris mod: the highest behind, the low ones in front and I turn it till it fits in the void space allocated in a way that it doesn’t cover the neighbor ones. Sometimes I place’em like there is an interaction between group members, like a scene.

  5. I just put my sets on my shelves so I can look at them. I’m picky about what sets I get, so I don’t need a huge amount of space.

  6. I usually leave them on a table for a week or two and then take them apart and put them away so I can build them again at a later time. I enjoy building them more than displaying them.

  7. We just made a shelf for all my kids mini figures. We cut strips of the basic “lego green base” and put it down for them to stand on. Sometimes they put other stand alone figures on it.

  8. Having a dedicated lego room is the dream! Then you can mix and match display ideas to best fit your ideal overall theme! (Table+floating shelves+glass displays)

  9. Optimizing display space for LEGO creations can be both a fun and practical process. Here are some ideas:

    Dedicated Play and Display Space: Create a dedicated LEGO “Play and Display Space” in a corner of a room. This could include a desk for building and drawers for storage. The key is to have the storage system right next to the play area for easy access.

    Bookcase Display: Use a sturdy, inexpensive bookshelf to display completed LEGO sets. This keeps the creations off the floor and in view for appreciation.

    Floating Shelves: DIY floating shelves provide loads of storage and display for LEGO in a playroom. They are great for creating little scenes and then safely sliding them away.

    Glass Door Bookcase: Transform an IKEA bookcase with glass doors into a LEGO display case. It’s the perfect storage solution for large LEGO collections.

    Underbed LEGO Table: A simple piece of plywood with LEGO base plates is a great idea for playtime and storing completed sets.

    Over-the-Door Organizer: An over-the-door shoe hanger with clear pockets is a perfect way to keep LEGO blocks organized in a neat and space-saving way.

    Wall Shelves: Standard shelves from the hardware store provide more display space.

  10. Another idea is to have full scale MOCs displays, best replicating movie scenes, environments, or custom creations. This would be achieved by combining multiple sets usually. Some of the Brick conventions display such work, spanning a few meters long. Great example would be a cyberpunk city display!

    1. Such displays can be visually stunning and capture the essence of your favorite movies or your personal artistic vision.

  11. My boys have made some really neat pencil holders and desk organizers for the study station. They look great in their rooms.

  12. Thanks again! This was perfect in helping me setup my new office!! Now my new problem is I’m running out of room lol

    1. You’re very welcome! Consider optimizing your space by using wall shelves, under-desk storage, or even decluttering to make the most of the available space.

  13. The most creative way I’ve seen models displayed, is someone built hidden rooms through his house, each one with a different theme. Probably the most DIY and most costly way to show off or hide your hobby haha

  14. I’m going to have to put more shelves up throughout the boys’ rooms and playroom to display more sets. We have so many but I love when they are out on display!

  15. We currently have a shelving unit that has 5 tiers to it. I really love the wall mount though. Very cool! Need to look into those.

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