Best LEGO Sets For Girls(Women) in 2024

Check out our top picks for the best LEGO sets for girls, ranging from Great Deku Tree to Stitch, perfect for womens of all ages!
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Recently, I learned that our friend Rosanna Barbara would like to see some sets a little more feminine, like puppets with pink accessories and a house or a swimming pool.

To address this, I have specifically searched for and summarized some of the best-selling and newly released sets for girls on the LEGO official website, hoping everyone will enjoy them as well.

Additionally, I highly recommend checking out JMBricklayer home décor sets. This category includes a wide variety of flower sets, with the Succulent Sets 20104 being a longtime favorite among our friends. Another recent release, the Mechanical Parrot 70154, is also worth recommending.

It’s truly exciting! Let’s head to the bottom of the article to learn more about these JMBricklayer sets!

Comparison Table

To help everyone find the right LEGO space sets and toys more quickly, I created a comparison table. You can use it to choose the best sets for you based on price, age range, and the number of pieces!

ItemPriceAgesPiecesOverall RatingStatus
77092$299.99 18+2500/Coming Soon on September 1, 2024
10316$499.99 18+61674.9Will ship in 60 days
21343$129.99 18+21034.8Available now
21342$79.99 18+11114.9Available now
10328$59.99 18+8224.8Available now
10315$109.99 18+13634.8Available now
10281$49.99 18+8784.5Available now
10280$59.99 18+7564.7Available now
21339$99.99 18+7494.7Available now
31211$59.99 18+6444.7Available now
43217$59.99 9+5984.3Available now
43249$64.99 9+7304.9Available now

For Adults

Here, I’ve compiled a selection of LEGO sets suitable for adults aged 18 and above. Among them, Sets 77092, 10316, 21343, and 21339 belong to the architectural category. Sets 21342 and 31211 feature flying creatures. Sets 10328, 10315, 10281, and 10280 are in the botanical category. All these sets are vibrant and colorful, and I believe they will be particularly appealing to girls!

LEGO Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 77092

Item Dimension13 in. (33 cm) tall
Overall Rating/
StatusComing Soon on September 1, 2024
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Hey, Zelda fans! Calling all adventurers and builders! This awesome LEGO set lets you build either the Great Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild, whichever floats your boat. It’s super detailed and comes with 2,500 pieces to keep you busy (in a good way!). On top of the epic tree itself, you’ll get cool mini-figures of Link, Zelda, and even Link’s house! Plus, there are references to classic Zelda items like the Hylian Shield and Master Sword.

This set is perfect for display and even has a handy app to help you visualize the build. It’s a great gift for any Zelda lover or yourself (you deserve it!).


Item Dimension15 in. (39 cm) high, 28.5 in. (72 cm) wide and 19.5 in. (50 cm) deep
Overall Rating4.9
StatusWill ship in 60 days
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Hey LOTR fan! Calling all Frodos, Gandalfs, and lovers of Middle-earth! This awesome LEGO set lets you build your very own Rivendell, the beautiful valley where the Fellowship’s adventure began. With over 6,000 pieces, it’s a super detailed and immersive project that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

The set includes everything you need to recreate iconic scenes from the movies, like the Council of Elrond where they decide the fate of the One Ring. There are even special minifigures with detachable legs so you can pose them around the table for a truly authentic feel.

It’s not all just about the Council though. The set also features other cool details like Frodo’s bedroom and Elrond’s study. Plus, the whole thing splits into 3 sections so you can display it however you like. Whether you’re a LEGO enthusiast or just a die-hard LOTR fan, this is a fantastic way to celebrate your love for the trilogy.

LEGO Viking Village 21343

LEGO Viking Village 21343
Item Dimension9.5 in. (24 cm) high, 18 in. (46 cm) wide and 10 in. (26 cm) deep
Overall Rating4.8
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Imagine building a super cool Viking village that takes you right back to the Viking Age! This LEGO® Ideas Viking Village (21343) is perfect for history buffs and Viking enthusiasts. It’s like a mini time machine with 3 buildable sections: a blacksmith’s workshop, a chieftain’s longhouse, and a watchtower. Plus, there are 4 Viking minifigures – a blacksmith, chieftain, shield-maiden warrior, and archer – to bring your village to life.

The coolest part? There are hidden secrets like a working forge with fire, shields decorated with Viking god Odin’s ravens and wolves, and even a cave for finding treasure! Fans of classic LEGO Vikings sets will find some fun surprises too. Whether you’re building it yourself or giving it as a gift, this detailed Viking village is sure to impress. It’s a great way to relax and unwind, and the included instructions make it easy and fun to build.

LEGO The Insect Collection 21342

LEGO The Insect Collection 21342
Item Dimension7 in. (18 cm) high, 6.5 in. (17 cm) wide and 6 in. (16 cm) deep
Overall Rating4.9
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Ever wanted to have incredibly detailed insects on display in your house? This LEGO set is exactly what you need! Build stunning, life-sized models of a blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle, and a praying mantis, all with posable features.

The coolest part? Each insect comes with its own little world! The butterfly gets a flower and a bee buddy, while the beetle has impressive horns and the mantis gets a ladybug friend. These three builds are so much fun, you can even do them with a friend since they each have separate instructions.

This set is perfect for adults who want to relax and indulge their love of creepy crawlies. At 1,111 pieces, it’s a satisfying build that will leave you with gorgeous display models. Each insect comes with fun facts about them too!

LEGO Bouquet of Roses 10328

LEGO Bouquet of Roses 10328
Item Dimension12 in. (31 cm) long
Overall Rating4.8
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Ever feel like stepping away from the hustle and bustle? Look at this cool LEGO set – it’s a bouquet of roses you can build yourself! It’s perfect for a solo project or you can grab some friends and family to help out.

This set comes with everything you need to create a dozen red roses in various stages of bloom, from bud to full flower, plus some baby’s breath. The best part? No watering is required! With 6 separate bags of bricks and instructions for each stage, this build is easy and fun, and the finished product looks fantastic at home or the office.

Whether you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift or just want to treat yourself, this LEGO rose bouquet is a great choice. It’s also part of a larger collection of botanical LEGO sets for adults, so you can keep the blooms coming!

LEGO Tranquil Garden 10315

LEGO Tranquil Garden 10315
Item Dimension8 in. (21 cm) high, 12.5 in. (32 cm) wide and 8 in. (20 cm) deep
Overall Rating4.8
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Imagine unwinding after a long day by building a beautiful Japanese garden. That’s what the LEGO Tranquil Garden set is all about! This set is designed for adults, and it’s a great way to relax and de-stress. The set includes everything you need to build a stunning Zen garden, complete with an arched bridge, stream, koi carp, lotus flowers, trees, rocks, stone lanterns, and even a tiny tea ceremony room inside a pavilion.

The coolest part? You can rearrange the plants and rocks to create your own unique garden design. It’s like having your own miniature world to zen out in! This set would also make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves gardening or mindfulness.

LEGO Bonsai Tree 10281

LEGO Bonsai Tree 10281
Item Dimension7 in. (18 cm) high, 8.5 in. (21 cm) long and 7.5 in. (20 cm) wide.
Overall Rating4.5
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Ever dreamed of having your own bonsai tree? Well, now you can with the cool LEGO Bonsai Tree building kit! This LEGO set is perfect for anyone who loves bonsai trees, and plants, or just getting creative with Legos. You can build your bonsai tree with either green leaves or pink cherry blossoms, and there’s even a fun little surprise hidden in the pink flowers – tiny frogs!

The finished bonsai tree looks super neat, and it comes with a fancy pot and stand so you can display it proudly in your home or office. It’s also a great gift for any LEGO fan or plant lover in your life!

LEGO Flower Bouquet 10280

LEGO Flower Bouquet 10280
Item Dimension14 in. (36 cm) high.
Overall Rating4.7
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Hey! Tired of the same old flowers? Check out the LEGO Flower Bouquet (10280)! This unique building kit lets you unleash your creativity and build a beautiful bouquet of flowers out of LEGO bricks. It’s a perfect gift for someone special or a fun project for yourself.

The bouquet features all sorts of flowers, like roses, snapdragons, and daisies, and you can adjust the petals and stems to create your own unique arrangement. Plus, the stems are adjustable so you can fit them in any vase you like. The coolest part? This LEGO set is part of their new Botanical Collection, which uses plant-based plastic made from sugarcane!

LEGO BTS Dynamite 21339

LEGO BTS Dynamite 21339
Item Dimension5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 15 in. (38 cm) wide and 6 in. (16 cm) deep
Overall Rating4.7
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Hey there BTS fans and LEGO lovers! This LEGO Ideas Dynamite set is the perfect way to celebrate your love for both. Build all the cool scenes from the music video Dynamite, like the disco, record store, donut shop, ice cream truck, and even a basketball hoop! The set also comes with awesome LEGO minifigures of RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook, complete with microphones.

You can display the set after you build it, or play out all your favorite parts of the Dynamite video. There’s even a special stage where you can put all the BTS minifigures together and turn a wheel to make them dance! This 749-piece set is a great gift idea for any BTS fan or LEGO builder.

LEGO The Fauna Collection – Macaw Parrots 31211

LEGO The Fauna Collection – Macaw Parrots 31211
Item Dimension16 in. (40 cm) high and a pink parrot measuring over 13.5 in. (35 cm) high
Overall Rating4.7
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Hey! Looking to add a pop of color to your home decor? This LEGO® Macaw Parrots building kit is the perfect choice. It lets you build two stunning macaws, one perched on a flowery branch and the other soaring through the air.

This is a great gift for any adult LEGO fan. You can even build it with a friend or family member for a fun and relaxing social experience. The finished piece is a beautiful work of art that you can proudly display on your wall. And the best part? It’s made entirely out of LEGO bricks!

For Teen Girls (Age 8-12)

Here, I found a colorful little house and a Stitch figure eating ice cream. They are truly adorable! I believe that friends who still have a sense of childlike wonder will love them too!

LEGO ‘Up’ House​ 43217

LEGO ‘Up’ House​ 43217
Item Dimension10.5 in. (27 cm) high, 6 in. (15 cm) wide and 4 in. (11 cm) deep
Overall Rating4.3
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

This cool LEGO set lets you build Carl Fredricksen’s house from the movie, complete with balloons! It’s got Carl, Russell, and even Dug the dog as LEGO minifigures. The house looks just like in the movie, with different rooms and fun details.

This set is more than 500 pieces, so it’s a fun challenge to build on your own or with a friend. It’s also sturdy enough to display in your room once you’re done. There’s a free LEGO Builder app you can use to see the house in 3D while you build it. Pretty cool, right?

LEGO Stitch 43249

LEGO Stitch 43249
Item Dimension8 in. (20 cm) tall
Overall Rating4.9
StatusAvailable now
SourceOfficial LEGO Store

Hey there, Lilo and Stitch fans! Calling all kids 9 and older (and maybe some grown-up fans too!). This awesome LEGO set lets you build your very own Stitch! He’s got a cool Hawaiian shirt, movable ears, and a head, and comes with a yummy ice cream cone and a flower (you can even switch them around!).

Once you’ve built him, you can play with Stitch by posing him in all sorts of funny ways. Feeling mischievous? Put his ears up! Feeling chill? Give him that ice cream cone. Plus, the finished product looks fantastic on display in your room.

This LEGO set is a perfect gift for any Disney or Stitch lover. It’s even got a handy app to help you build him step-by-step. Building Stitch is a blast, and it helps you learn cool things along the way. So what are you waiting for? Let’s build!

JMBricklayer Home Decor Sets for Girls

JMBricklayer Home Décor Series offers a wide range of floral options, with the Succulent Sets 20104 and Sunflower 70004 being our best-sellers. Whether used as home décor or as a gift, I think they are both excellent choices!

You can also check out some nostalgic sets suitable for home decor through this link. For instance, I really like the 3-In-1 Vintage Set 20132 and the 3-In-1 Vintage Set 20131. These two are among the favorite nostalgic sets of our friends. The radios, retro games, cassette tapes, and old-fashioned TVs in these sets allow us to relive the feelings of our childhood in the modern city!

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So, have you found your favorite sets yet? If you have other themed sets you’d like to recommend, or if you have stories about sets for girls to share, feel free to leave a comment anytime. Let’s discuss it together.

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        1. It’s fascinating how the Viking Village and tranquil garden contrast. Could you elaborate more on what stood out to you in each?

          1. I think they are both different in uses. There is more playability with the Viking set and there is a decorative value with the garden. Also, I love both themes!

          1. I guess it goes with personal tastes. I could picture minifigs in the picture. It’s like a snapshot of a moment

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for your thoughtful comment! What do you enjoy most about the garden’s blend of nature and architecture?

      1. I’m not able to respond to my comments in the Facebook part so I’ll answer here: I loved the world built around the sets. I was waiting so eagerly for the next comic to arrive. It was action figures with different powers that you could build, modify, mix and play with. I would play with my brothers and we each had colors we could buy based on the color of the sets we bought first. I had Tahu and Pohatu, so I could buy the fire sets and the rock sets. My room would be the part of Matanui with the rock and fire Bionicles.

  3. the flowers are beautiful but I would prefer characters like hello kitty, stitch, wonder woman, pink panther🤩🤩🤩

    1. Thanks for your input! Characters like Hello Kitty, Stitch, Wonder Woman, and Pink Panther would be fun additions. What other characters would everyone like to see?

  4. there are some Italian characters that I love very much but I don’t know if you know them: Uan
    A TV show from when I was little

      1. first of all it’s linked to my childhood, I like Uan because he’s pink but above all he’s cute… I got a limited edition toy that came out on newsstands a few months ago

        1. That’s really cool! It’s amazing how toys can bring back such fond memories. What makes Uan special to you besides being pink and cute?

  5. Traduci il testo con la fotocamera
    I particularly liked the character of a well-known Italian yeast Mariarosa, she was adorable as a child and it would be a dive into my childhood to find her now in a modern way

    1. That’s such a lovely memory! 🥰 Does anyone know if Mariarosa has been updated or featured recently? It would be amazing to see a modern take on such a cherished character!

          1. I haven’t seen this advert or the character MariaRosa again and it’s a real shame

  6. I got the LEGO Flower Bouquet 10280 for my husband since he is a botanist! They have so many wonderful flower kits out there.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful gift! LEGO has really branched out with these creative sets. Does your husband have a favorite flower in the bouquet?

    1. The UP house is truly iconic! What about it appeals to you most? Do you have any favorite scenes from the movie?

    1. I love the UP house too! Have you ever thought about visiting the real-life replica in Utah? It could be a great future Mother’s Day trip!

  7. now I remembered a little girl who advertised Susanna cheeses, there were some of her gadgets but it would be wonderful to reproduce her with legos.

    1. That’s such a nostalgic memory! The little girl from the Susanna cheeses ads definitely left an impression. Recreating her with Legos sounds like a fun project. Does anyone have more details or images of those old gadgets? It would be amazing to bring this idea to life!

  8. Inclusiveness has come a long way in the past few years. It also doesnt hurt that they lost half the marketmshare for the females they were not targeting.

    1. Absolutely, the shift towards inclusiveness has been significant and it’s interesting to see how market dynamics influence these changes. What specific examples or changes have you found most impactful?

  9. unfortunately I don’t have anything of Susanna’s gadgets but if I search online you can find several images, I personally still have a doll from when I was little, her name is Camilla with wool hair that I love… does anyone know her

    1. Camilla sounds adorable! Does anyone else have childhood toys like this? Let’s share our memories!

  10. I think some of my favorite sets as a female are any that are nature inspired. Bugs, trees, flowers and animals!

    1. That’s a great point! Nature-themed sets are so inspiring. Do you have a favorite one? I love sets with flowers and animals too. It’s amazing how these designs can bring a touch of the outdoors into our homes. What draws you most to nature-inspired sets?

    1. LEGO Tranquil Garden 10315 is indeed a lovely set! What specific aspects of the set do you think make it particularly appealing for girls?

  11. Can you do an article on the evolution of lego? Like when did they start to do more sets instead of the create sets.

  12. To answer to my Facebook comment about Fantasy theme, back in the day MegaBlock had the Dragons series. I love the fantasy aspect, the magic, the dragons, the castles, the different factions. It was that, star-wars and mostly Bionicles for me back in the day.

    1. Great memories! The Dragons series by MegaBlocks was fantastic, with its captivating factions, magic, and castles. It’s amazing how these sets, alongside Star Wars and Bionicles, shaped our imaginations. Which Dragon set was your favorite, and did you have any memorable battles or stories with them? I’d love to hear more about your experiences and see what others enjoyed about these classic themes!

      1. I don’t remember the name of the set, but my favorite was the ice ship. There was a skeleton dragon pulling it. It made me think that I was also collecting the pirates kits from MegaBlock. They even made pirates of the Caribbean sets. They were dope!

        1. Those sound amazing! The ice ship with a skeleton dragon sounds epic. I loved the pirates sets too, especially the Pirates of the Caribbean ones. Did you have a favorite kit or memory from those days?

  13. As a mom any set that I use helps me destress after a long day! I love the compete focus k get on building!

    1. Exploring diverse themes is such a creative journey! It’s amazing how each idea can lead to something unique. What’s your favorite theme to work with lately?

  14. What do you think about the price point for the new legend of Zelda set? I feel like they are bumping the prices.

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