Let’s  Brick It Happen

Brick It Happen fosters engagement, bridging followers' ideas with tangible results through interactive sessions. Join us to see your visions take shape!

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We are really eager to engage with everyone who loves JMBricklayer! We’ve designed an event called Brick It Happen (#BrickItHappen). We hope this event will bring us closer to our followers, allowing us to interact with your interests and, to the best of our abilities, materialize your great ideas in the form of bricks. We plan to hold such events at regular intervals.

How does that sound? Let me provide more details below!

The Process of Our Event

Follow Our Social Media

Jmbricklayer team will be active on all our social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, etc. (mainly our Facebook page), and we’ll also share posts with our Facebook groups. Before participating in the event, feel free to follow us on our social media platforms, like our Facebook page, and join our Facebook groups!

Discuss and Showcase

You’re welcome to discuss any topics you like. Let your imagination run wild and actively engage in discussions. If possible, feel free to contribute with images and videos (showcasing your favorite things from various angles), allowing our design team to better understand your interests.

We Will Choose The Most “Likes” Inspiration

From the images and videos you submit, we’ll select the ones with the most likes or interactions to serve as inspiration. Our design team will then attempt to create a beautiful building block set based on this inspiration.

We Will Brick it Happen!

If we successfully design and assemble the building block set, we’ll create stunning images and videos for it.

Announce the Masterpiece

We’ll announce the next event’s details, along with the designed masterpiece, on our Facebook page and in our Facebook groups. Also, keep an eye on our official social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok for updates. We will also “@” the winner in our post, stay tuned for our lastest information!

Example: Our First Event

For our first event, we will kick off with a theme to spark conversation. In honor of National Pet Day on April 11th, our theme will revolve around “Pets or Animals.” In the future, our themes will be open-ended, allowing everyone to unleash the creativity.

The detail process:

  1. Drop your favorite pet or animal pictures or videos in the post comments. The more likes on comments increase your chances of being selected as a lucky winner. Our design team will craft the final lucky winners’ materials.
  2. Our design team will bring your beloved pet or animal to life using real bricks in vivid detail!
  3. Finally, we’ll showcase the finished products on our Facebook page, tagging the lucky winners. Additionally, they’ll be featured in the second round of #BrickItHappen posts!

Excited to see your furry friends come to life in brick form? Share your pictures and videos in the Facebook post comments now!

Submission Deadline: May 5, 2024

We Want to Hear Your Voice!

Regarding our #BrickItHappen event, we sincerely hope that our dear friends will enjoy and participate. We also hope that more and more new friends will join in, to experience the joy of interacting with building blocks together.

So, how can we make this event even better? If you have any suggestions regarding our event process, feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!

If we adopt your suggestion, we’ll express our gratitude by sending you some small gifts! There’s no limit to the number of suggestions we’ll accept or the number of gifts we’ll give away, so you have a good chance to be one of the lucky ones if you have good suggestions!



My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

51 Responses

  1. How To Participate

    Share your suggestion for our #BrickItHappen event in the comments.

    Giveaway Details
    1. The giveaway is open to participants worldwide.
    2. The Event ends on May 12th.
    3. Each comment earns you an extra entry. More entries, better chances to win!
    4. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on May 12th.
    5. To claim the prize, winners must provide proof of their social media share(a screenshot or link).
    6. Comments will be checked for ads, displayed after backend review, usually within 12 hours.

  2. A direct link to the Facebook giveaway page would be helpful. Sometimes the Facebook pages get buried under new threads.

    1. That’s actually a great idea. I follow a board game group and they have a link tree linking to the different ongoing giveaways with end dates also! People get a notification in their email when.

      1. Link trees are so handy for organizing giveaways. It’s cool how they include end dates—keeps everyone in the loop. Do you have a favorite board game from those giveaways?

    2. Absolutely! I agree, direct links are super handy for these kinds of things. It might save everyone a bit of time!

  3. Another point. After looking at the “giveaway” tab, there are many giveaways under a different giveaway link. Could all the giveaways have their own separate page, instead of hiding them behind other giveaway pages. It will look more organized this way, and much easier to find what you are looking for.

  4. Another point. After looking at the “giveaway” tab, there are many giveaways under a different giveaway link. Could all the giveaways have their own separate page, instead of hiding them behind other giveaway pages. It will look more organized this way, and much easier to find what you are looking for.

    1. Absolutely! We can’t wait to witness the creativity unfold. Do you have any specific themes or ideas in mind for these designs? Let’s keep the conversation going!

    1. Hey there! We’re thrilled you’re enjoying it! What specifically do you find awesome about it? Let’s dive deeper into this discussion!

  5. I think it will be amazing to see your designers work with the winning images to bring them to life.

    1. Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more! It’s going to be fascinating to witness the collaboration between the designers and the winning images. Can’t wait to see the creative magic unfold!

  6. That’s actually a great idea. I follow a board game group and they have a link tree linking to the different ongoing giveaways with end dates also! People get a notification in their email when.

    1. Including end dates in your link tree is smart—it adds urgency and keeps everyone in the loop. Thanks for sharing this tip!

  7. It is an amazing way of getting the community involved and getting them to feel as a deciding group as to what products are important to them!

    1. Absolutely! It’s wonderful to see how involving the community can really make a difference in prioritizing what matters most. What do you think could make this approach even more effective? Let’s keep this conversation going!

    1. That’s a cool idea! Adding promotional goodies like caps or shirts to the prize package could definitely make it more exciting. It’s a great way to spread the word about JMBricklayer too. What does everyone else think? Let’s keep the ideas flowing!

      1. I thinked over about the promotional goodies/merch (T’s, hats, shades, sweathers, covers ). You ask for the size of the winner, you give him one of his size, and one or more in other sizes bigger or smaller, even for kids so he’ll have to give them to some friend or relative.

        1. That’s an interesting idea about promotional goodies. It’s smart to consider different sizes to cater to winners and maybe share the joy with others. Do you think offering a variety of items like that could enhance the promotion’s impact?

    1. Hey there! That’s a neat idea about using promotional stickers and scan codes for discounts or prizes on JMBricklayer’s socials. It could really boost engagement and make interactions more fun. Have you thought about what kind of surprises or discounts would resonate best with your audience? Would love to hear more about your plans!

      1. I was thinking about laptop and phone stickers, glass/shades covers, phone covers, pins, patches drown with lego reproductions of famous cartoon and moovie characters , vehicles or ships, or drown bricks that meke’em look like brck-made, with a bar code or WWW. adress over in a corner or centre.

        1. It sounds like you’ve got some really creative ideas for custom merchandise! Adding Lego reproductions of famous characters or vehicles onto stickers and covers could definitely make them stand out. Have you thought about showcasing your designs online? It could be a hit with fellow fans!

      2. About the social interaction : surprizes for a very nice or interesting ideas and true appreciations (not “slimers”)/critics (with reasonable arguments), beautiful posts.You decide randomly to appreciate ’em. Don’t make a public announcement, ask the one that get’s the item to post it .You can give some kids brick drawn shades or smal and simple lego characters to compose for his kids or nephieus, (even a bag of bricks from an incomplete or damaged lego construction).

        1. It’s great to hear your enthusiasm for recognizing creativity and positive contributions. Random acts of appreciation can indeed brighten someone’s day. Encouraging creativity in kids with LEGO sounds like a wonderful idea too! Have you tried this with your family?

          1. As matter of facts I speak of it because I saw I influenced a couple of neighbour kids sugesting it to their genitors.

    1. Absolutely! Great suggestion. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of designing a build. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on this topic!

  8. Maybe you could do an endangered species line and donate some of the proceeds to their conservation

    1. Hey there! That’s a fantastic idea. Supporting conservation efforts through an endangered species line is both meaningful and impactful. It raises awareness while contributing to vital conservation work. Let’s spread the word and make a difference together!

  9. Maybe you can host live interactive animal trivia sessions or quizzes using online platforms such as Kahoot or Zoom polls. Include fun facts about various animal species and bricks sets to keep participants engaged and entertained.

    1. Absolutely! Hosting live animal trivia sessions sounds like a blast. 🐾 Incorporating interactive elements could make it even more engaging. Have you tried this before?

  10. I think maybe a shark or something aquatic would be cool. I keep think aquarium but Im not sure itnwould woek great

    1. Adding a shark or another aquatic theme sounds intriguing for your idea! An aquarium-themed design could definitely be eye-catching. Maybe you could explore how to integrate that concept seamlessly into the overall look. What aspects are you envisioning? Let’s brainstorm together!

    1. That’s an intriguing idea! Imagine the impact a tiger or panther could bring to the discussion. What aspects or symbolism do you think they could add? Let’s dive deeper into this!

    1. A peacock-themed set does sound awesome! It could bring such vibrant colors and elegance. What kind of items would you envision in this set? I’d love to hear your ideas!

      1. Lots of emerald green and deep blue with the lovely tail feathers. Peacocks seem delecate but fierce

        1. Absolutely! Peacocks are indeed fascinating creatures with their striking colors and majestic presence. They give off such a delicate yet strong vibe, don’t they? Nature’s artistry at its finest! 🦚

  11. I wonder if you could do a human skeleton. That would be interesting around Halloween

    1. Absolutely! Creating a human skeleton sounds like a fun and intriguing project, especially with Halloween coming up. You could make it spooky or even anatomically accurate for a cool educational twist. It’s amazing what you can craft around this theme. Have you started planning your design yet?

    1. Thanks for sharing your excitement! Parrots are indeed charming creatures. What do you like most about them? Let’s keep the conversation going!

        1. Absolutely! Parrots are indeed fascinating creatures with their vibrant colors and sociable nature. Did you know that their ability to mimic speech is one of the many intriguing aspects of their behavior? What’s your favorite thing about parrots?

    1. Turtles are fascinating creatures. Have you ever thought about their unique adaptations for survival?

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