Building Tutorial – Steampunk Marble Run 70003

We're gonna share all the huudles and its solution in both video and article form, hoping it smooths out everyone's building journey!
Building Tutorial - Steampunk Marble Run 70003

Table of Contents

When we were putting together our first Steampunk Marble Run, we ran into a bunch of hurdles. We figure these are the same roadblocks some of you might face too.

That’s why we’re gonna share all these in both video and article form, hoping it smooths out everyone’s building journey!

Before watching the video below, you can download our Instruction Manual. This way, you can start learning from our video tutorial while the download is in progress!

Tutorial Video

We have divided this video into several segments, each with its corresponding timestamp. When you click on the corresponding timestamp, you will automatically jump to the corresponding tutorial section.

00:00 Intro

00:07 Attention Before Installation

Here, it mainly covers some precautions for installing and cutting hoses and tubes, ensuring you won’t make mistakes during assembly.

00:53 Technic Universal Joint

Here is a technique for using some tools to install the Technic Universal Joint.

01:06 Similar Parts

Here are detailed explanations of the subtle differences among most of the similar parts in our Marble Run 70003 set. Please ensure that you won’t make any mistakes when using these similar parts.

01:57 Install Hose Track & Mounting Brackets

Here is a detailed explanation of how to install hose track & mounting brackets. It covers wrapping, adjusting the ribbed tube, as well as selecting, cutting, and installing the brown hoses in detail. Finally, it explains what you should do with each of the mounting brackets and how to connect the track correctly.

03:51 Ball Dropping Issue

If the track isn’t properly installed, the ball will fall off. We provided a detailed explanation of how to adjust the track to ensure smooth ball movement along it.

04:19 Double Clip Snap-Fit Piece

The double clip snap-fit piece helps us adjust the track, ensuring that the ball runs more smoothly.

04:45 Ball Accumulation

Sometimes, ball accumulation occurs. We just need to use a small stick to clear it and restore smooth movement.

Hey, if you still can’t resolve your issue after watching the tutorial, feel free to contact us at We will help you overcome any obstacles!

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