Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial

The whole build process is easy, while the tutorial focuses on some challenging steps: install the light tube and trim the tail hose.
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The Chameleon 70124 probably takes 3-4 hours total to assemble for beginners. As hard as it is at times, some helpful tips are shared with you in the article. We believe you will enjoy every minute of building it.

Video-Chameleon 70124 building tutorial

Steps 1-76 The Head and Body

Opening the first bag revealed the required pieces for the head and body. The whole process could go smooth and give you a sense of the chameleon’s shape.

Steps 77-96 Install the Light Tube(the hardest part)

Now, it comes to the trickiest part of the set. The rubber light tube is firm and will bounce off other connected parts when bent.

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Get ready to install the light tube

1. Get the four parts above ready in steps 77-96.

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Connect the tube to the panel and lever

2. To start with, connect the tube with the lever and the panel, it’s a simple task.

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Insert the pin to the panel

3. Insert the pin into the panel. It will be able to rotate, so make sure the holes align on the same plane.

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Remove the round plates

4. Then, join the straight and U-shaped pipes. They can easily come apart, so consider removing the two round plates for a stronger connection.

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Attach the tube to the clamp

5. Pull the tube to the left, be gentle, and attach it to the clamp.

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Put the entire piece to the finished section

6. Lastly, put the entire piece onto the finished section. Be slowly, rushing can undo all your previous efforts.

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Light switch test

7. Don’t forget to test the light to see if it works properly.

Steps 97-133 Mechanical Pieces

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Add mechanical pieces

These steps allow us to decorate the chameleon’s body, a lot of mechanical pieces from bag two will be used.

Steps 134-165 Tail Pieces(trim the hose)

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Join the tail pieces

The instructions move on to the tail pieces. They are quick to put together, utilizing more ball and joint pieces.

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Trim the tail hose

The blue hose is a bit too long, simply cut off 1cm/0.39in.

Steps 166-221 Crystal Shells and Limbs

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Assemble the crystal shells and limbs

The instructions then had us open the fourth bag. Be careful enough when you hold the mechanical side. Thus the chameleon is complete.

Steps 222-269 The Base

JMBricklayer JMB- Chameleon 70124 Building Tutorial-Attach the chameleon to the base

All that left to do is build the base, located in bag five. At last, attach the chameleon to the base.

The Mechanical Side.
The Crystal Shell Side.

At this point, the chameleon build is finished. Though it presented some challenges, overall, it was a smooth process. If you have any questions or would like to share new building ideas and techniques, feel free to comment or email us at



My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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  1. The goal of this tutorial is to make building the chameleon easier for everyone, so we welcome your valuable feedback on it.
    Let us know if the instructions are clear, if the images are helpful, if there’s a need for additional support, or if you have any more efficient ideas. We appreciate and will actively respond to everyone’s input.

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