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The World Cup has whittled its field from 32 hopefuls to eight genuine contenders, so which team do you think is most likely to bring the trophy home? Guess to win a grand prize.
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Join our giveaway and guess a favorite team to win the World Cup. You will stand a chance to win exquisite brick sets. As the first round of the reward survey on the GBC project ended, we appreciate all support from all over the world and will launch the second soon. Additionally, to celebrate the Christmas holiday, we are running a big sales promotion.

1. Giveaway: Guess the World Cup Winner

As some teams end their world cup runs, the World Cup has whittled its field from 32 hopefuls to eight genuine contenders. However, which team out of eight is most likely to bring the trophy home? Is Brazil going for its sixth title, or will France become the first repeat champion in 60 years?

In order to share excitement for the finals, we are going to give away awesome brick sets. Join our giveaway from Dec. 10th to 18th. Pick a favorite team to win the championship. You’re allowed to submit the answer multiple times before the final starts, but the last one will be considered. Whoever guesses the correct will have a chance to win both 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001 and Medieval Town Market 30101. Two winners will be drawn and announced soon after the champion comes out.

Participate in our giveaway and make your World Cup prediction!

Click on the entry in English.

Click on the entry in German.

How to Use the 30001 Set to Score a Goal.

The prizes for the giveaway both belong to the Medieval Series. Featuring historical details, the 30001 set will impress not only history fans but also those who are interested in smart building solutions. The 30101 set shows the medieval retro building as well as a pretty street view of the market town. It includes a complete two-story building with detailed exteriors like a fruit tree at the entrance, a carriage, a food cart, a food stall, etc.

Click to search for more information about the 30001 set and the 30101 set.

3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001 and Medieval Town Market 30101.

2. The GBC Project Reward Survey: The Second Begins

We started a reward survey for Steampunk Jurassic GBC-Marble Run a few weeks ago, and lots of ideas and thoughts were received. We deeply appreciate all feedback and decide to adopt those brought forth by the following participants:

K**th Von*****witz

J**hua T*y

We will send you an email from, please check that if you see this.

Steampunk Jurassic GBC-Marble Run.

As the first round of the survey ended, the second will be released soon. We modified Steampunk Jurassic GBC-Marble Run according to suggestions from the first round. The mechanism of the engine has been optimized so that the balls are able to slide faster on the railway. Moreover, we decide to remove the volcano in which the ball track is hidden, and balls will run in sight all the way on the new model. The project of the GBC is still not finished, and welcome everyone around the world to join us. A contribution to the project is highly valued, please click the links given below to check the details.

Click on the English entry.

Click on the German entry.

3. Christmas Savings of Up to 25%

The holiday season offers us a special opportunity to extend personal thanks to friends and give them the very best wishes for the future.

Christmas Sales Promotions.

To show our appreciation, our Christmas promotion(Dec. 10th-20th) offers special discounts. You can enjoy up to 25% off purchases of all medieval sets, several valued vehicle sets, and other exquisite sets. To learn more, please click the links below:

For U.S. buyers, click on the Amazon store.

For worldwide buyers, click on the online store.

Be quick to join us, and our promotion will end soon!



My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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