Giveaway & Discount – April 2024 Second Half

From April 16th to 30th, enjoy savings ranging from 10% to 25% on select products. Don't miss out!
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Explore exclusive discounts on LEGO alternative building blocks at our site and our Amazon stores in the US, Germany, UK, and Canada! From April 16th to 30th, enjoy savings ranging from 10% to 25% on select products.

Key Promotion

RegionOrder AmountGift
USA$49.99 Easter egg set
USA$89.99 Eldorado Biarritz 50110
EU$89.99 mecha set
EU$99.99 Strelitzia Reginae 20120 or Fairy Lily 20119
Worldwide$89.99 Car Set

Free sets with qualifying orders—US, EU, and worldwide.

1. For US customers: orders over $49.99 get a free Easter egg set, over $89.99 get a free Eldorado Biarritz 50110  (limited quantity).

2. For EU customers: orders over $89.99 get a free mecha set, over $99.99 get a free Strelitzia Reginae 20120 or Fairy Lily 20119.

3. For worldwide: Over $89.99 get a free car set (excluding USA and EU).

PS: We will send the products to you automatically if your order exceeds the specified amount.

April Giveaway (Second Half)

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just starting out, the thrill of constructing and creating with these timeless toys never fades. And what could make the experience even more exciting? Giveaways, of course!

Giveaway 1: Earth Day Extravaganza

In celebration of Earth Day, JMBricklayer is thrilled to announce an exhilarating giveaway event! From April 19th to April 28th, you have the chance to win big with our exclusive selection of building block sets. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

1. Space Planet Station 70006

Imagine the endless possibilities of space exploration with this captivating set. Two lucky winners will have the chance to bring home the Space Planet Station!

2. 40% off Coupon

  • But that’s not all! Two additional winners will receive an incredible 40% off coupon, allowing them to expand their building block collection at unbeatable prices.

It’s a Lucky Draw, so don’t miss your chance to be one of the four lucky winners. Mark your calendars and get ready to participate in this out-of-this-world giveaway event!

Giveaway 2: Share & Comment To Win

As if one giveaway wasn’t exciting enough, JMBricklayer is doubling down with another thrilling opportunity to win fantastic prizes! From April 19th to April 28th, join us for our Share & Comment To Win. Here’s what’s at stake:

1. The Vikings House 30125

  • Not far behind is our first-place prize, The Vikings House 30125. Dive into the world of Norse mythology and create your own epic saga with this captivating set.

2. Eldorado Biarritz 50110

  • Claim the second-place prize and add this magnificent set to your collection. Let your imagination run wild as you build and explore the wonders of Eldorado.

3. 40% Coupon

  • Even if you don’t clinch the top spots, fear not! The third to fifth-place winners will receive an exclusive 40% discount to fuel their building block adventures.

Sharing and commenting has never been more rewarding, so spread the word and increase your chances of winning. With prizes like these, you won’t want to miss out on the excitement!

JMB Site Store Discount

Dive into the world of building block alternatives with exclusive discounts at Jmbricklayer store! Discover exciting options on our discount page like The Vikings House, Leopard 2A4 Tank, Ninja File, and more.

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
The Vikings House 3012535%$77.99
Leopard 2A4 Tank 6150435%$38.99
Ninja File 7010435%$97.49
The Help Of Mouth Pingyi 7011535%$29.24
Kyokoku Kamusari Sword 7011730%$31.49
Eldorado Biarritz 5011035%$38.99 

Amazon US / JMB Site Store Discount

Discover exciting discounts on LEGO alternatives at Jmbricklayer store and the US Amazon store! From RC tanks to ninja figures, explore a diverse range of building blocks to fuel your creativity. Explore our exclusive offers on unique sets like the RC T-34 Medium Tank and more.

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
RC T-34 Medium Tank 6151115%$59.45
RC Armoured Vehicle Missile Tank 6151315%$101.96
RC Cheetah Anti-Aircraft Tank 6151415%$63.71
RC Armoured Vehicle KV-1 Tank 6151515%$59.46
RC Tiger Tank 6150110%$53.96
WW2 T28 Tank 6150210%$80.96
Leopard 2A4 Tank 6150425%$44.96
Five Tiger Generals-GuanYu 70125$5 $34.94
Five Tiger Generals-ZhaoYun 70126$5 $34.94
Five Tiger Generals-ZhangFei 70127$5 $34.94
Five Tiger Generals-MaChao 70128$5 $34.94
Five Tiger Generals-HuangZhong 70129$5 $34.94
Spaceman 70102$5 $40.94
The White Swan Ship 40104$5 $59.94
RC Mallard 51101$15 $124.94
RC F1 61122 61122$10 $89.97
Ninja File 7010420%$119.95
EVO Mobile Suit 6013120%$95.96
Zonda 6011115%$46.70
Medieval Forest Chalet 3110115%$50.95
The Help Of Mouth Pingyi 7011515%$38.24
Kyokoku Kamusari Sword 7011715%$38.20
Varying Tyrannosaurus Rex 7013515%$42.45
Mecha Monkey King 7013910%$40.49
The Silence Ship 4011110%$89.95
Space Mechanical Rocket 7014210%$80.99
Aquarius 7014515%$31.44
Sagittarius 7014615%$46.74

Amazon DE Discount

Discover exciting discounts on LEGO alternative building blocks! From futuristic mobile suits to medieval treehouses, explore a diverse range of options at our Amazon store in Germany. Dive into creativity with EVO Mobile Suit, Medieval Town Wizard’s Cabin, and more.

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
EVO Mobile Suit 6013120%103.19 €
RC Mallard 5110120%102.39 €
AMG ONE MOC 6011420%84.79 €
Medieval Tree House 3010620%83.99 €
T-Rex Dinosaur 7000120%71.99 €
Medieval Town Wizard’s Cabin 3011720%68.79 €
F/A-18 Strike Fighter 6000520%67.99 €
SRT Hellcat 60105-120%63.99 €
GBC Harp Track 7010820%63.96 €
HH-60J Guard Search And Rescue Aircraft 6000120%58.39 €
Super Car Victor MOC 60101-120%55.19 €
Leopard 2A4 Tank 6150420%47.99 €
Mechanical Octopus UFO 7012320%47.99 €
Dawn V Rocket 7011020%47.16 €
1:10 Red F1 6112320%42.39 €
XK120 5010920%34.39 €
Five Tiger Generals-HuangZhong 7012920%33.59 €
Five Tiger Generals-ZhaoYun 7012620%33.59 €
3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 3000120%31.99 €
Kyokoku Kamusari Sword 7011720%31.99 €
Kochou Shinobu Sword 7011620%31.99 €
Vintage Coffee Machine&Grinder 2013720%31.99 €
Mini Set-Pet Party 2013820%31.95 €
The Help Of Mouth Pingyi 7011520%31.82 €
Tu-160 6000720%67.96 €
Freight Train 5110620%76.79 €
Mecha Monkey King 7013920%31.96 €
Aquarius 7014520%26.39 €
Sagittarius 7014620%42.36 €

Amazon UK Discount

Discover affordable alternatives to LEGO with a plethora of captivating building block sets available at Jmbricklayers Amazon store in the UK. From majestic ships to intricate dinosaurs, ignite your creativity with these enticing options.

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
Flower Shop 2110120%£36.79
Flying Dutchman Ship 4010120%£135.19
T-Rex Dinosaur 7000120%£68.79
1:10 Blue F1 R.S.18 6112420%£43.19
Mechanical Chameleon 7012420%£43.99
Royal Fleet Ship 4010320%£119.99
Puppet Show 7000220%£79.99
911 Targa 6011220%£39.99
RC F1 6112520%£71.99
Medieval Hotel 3110320%£87.99

Amazon CA Discount

Explore the thrilling world of LEGO alternatives with enticing offerings like Viper, FXX-K, SVJ, and more at Jmbricklayer Canada Amazon Store. Unleash your creativity with these dynamic building blocks.

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
Viper 11102CA$5CA$24.95
FXX-K 11103CA$5CA$24.95
SVJ 11104CA$5CA$24.95
Cullinan 11105CA$5CA$24.95
Purosangue 11107CA$5CA$24.95
X6 11108CA$5CA$24.95
Speed Racing Car 11109CA$5CA$24.95
GT3 11111CA$5CA$24.99
Botanical Collection-Red Bean Flower 2002020%CA$19.95
Botanical Collection-Purple Rose 2002820%CA$19.95
Botanical Collection-Blue and White Tulips 2003020%CA$19.95
Botanical Collection-White and Purple Tulips 2003120%CA$19.95

More Benefits:

  1. Use coupon code A4XVY6VK to save 15% on all non-sale Items.
  2. Be our member to enjoy point benefits, and receive 100 points (worth $10) instantly.
  3. Join our English group or German group on Facebook to win rewards every month.



My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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