Giveaway & Discount – May 2024 Second Half

Explore exclusive discounts on LEGO alternative building blocks at our site and our Amazon stores in the US, Germany, UK, and Canada! From May 16th to May 31st, enjoy savings ranging from 10% to 45%
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Explore exclusive discounts on LEGO alternative building blocks at our site and our Amazon stores in the US, Germany, UK, and Canada! From May 16th to May 31st, enjoy savings ranging from 10% to 45% on select products.

Key Promotion

1, For orders totaling $99.99(actually paid), we offer a free gift valued between $29.99 and $59.99.

2, For orders totaling $49.99(actually paid), we offer a free gift valued between $11.99 and $19.99.

PS: Gifts will be sent randomly.


Discover exciting LEGO alternative building blocks with our latest giveaways! Participate in our Medieval Lighting Buildings, Eldorado Biarritz, and 3-In-1 Vintage Set contests for a chance to win amazing prizes. Join now and let your creativity shine!

Giveaway 1: JMBricklayer Medieval Lighting Buildings Giveaway

22/05/24, 00:00am PDT – 30/05/24, 11:59pm PDT

Draw Date:
31/05/24 PDT

1st Place (3 winners): Choose one from the following sets:

  • Medieval Blacksmith’s Shop 30122
  • Medieval Magician’s House 30123
  • Medieval Lighting Tavern 30124

2nd Place (3 winners):

  • A 40% off discount code

Bonus Rewards for Facebook Group Members:
Join our Facebook Group and engage with the community. Based on the insights report, top contributors will receive the following rewards (ends on 31/05/24, 11:59 pm PDT):

  • Top 1 Contributor: 1 JMB set
  • Top 2 & 3: 60% off discount code
  • Top 4, 5, & 6: 40% off discount code

Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your medieval collection with these intricate and detailed sets. Join the community, participate actively, and increase your chances of winning!

Giveaway 2: Share Your Suggestions and Win XK120 50109

JMBricklayer JMB Jaguar XK120 50109 Block set toy - lego types toy - IMG 5

22/05/24 – 30/05/24

How to Enter:
Share your suggestions related to the article topic “Medieval Sets” or propose any other topics you’d like Samon to cover in detail. Your input could earn you fantastic prizes!


  • 1st and 2nd Place: XK120 50109
  • 3rd-5th Place: 40% Coupon

Your ideas matter! Whether it’s a suggestion for a new medieval set or another exciting topic, sharing your thoughts can lead to great rewards.

Giveaway 3: Instagram Comment to Win

22/05/24 – 30/05/24

How to Enter:
Comment on our Instagram post for a chance to win. Engage with our social media and let us know your thoughts.


  • 1st to 4th Place: Your choice of 3-In-1 Vintage Set 20131 or 3-In-1 Vintage Set 20132
  • 5th to 7th Place: 40% Coupon

Stay active on Instagram and interact with our posts to secure your spot in this fantastic giveaway. Show your enthusiasm and walk away with one of our premium sets or a valuable discount coupon.

JMBricklayer is offering three exciting giveaways, each providing a unique opportunity to win fantastic building sets and discounts. Whether you’re passionate about medieval themes or vintage styles, there’s something for everyone. Participate in our giveaways through Facebook and Instagram, and share your suggestions to increase your chances of winning. Happy building!

JMB Site Store Discount

From Viking houses to futuristic mechs, unleash your creativity without breaking the bank. Dive into a world of affordable building possibilities today on our discount page!

RegionProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
USThe Vikings House 3012535%$77.99
USEldorado Biarritz 5011035%$38.99
US1:10 Red F1 6112340%$31.99
DEMecha Warrior SAKKI 7013245%$27.49
DEFairy Lily 2011945%$38.49
DEStrelitzia Reginae 2012040%$35.99
DERC F1 61122 6112235%$64.99
DE1:10 Blue F1 R.S.18 6112430%$37.09
DERC F1 6112535%$64.35
DERC F1 MOC 6112730%$34.99
UKButterfly Orchid Bonsai 2012135%$38.99
UKStrelitzia Reginae 2012030%$41.99
CAButterfly Orchid 2011830%$20.99
CAMedieval Town Farmhouse 3010940%$53.99
CALighting Camping Tent 2011125%$22.49
CABeauty Shop 2011225%$22.49
CAButterfly Orchid Bonsai 2012135%$38.99
CAButterfly Orchid Bonsai 2010625%$22.49
CARC SL7 Asia 5110430%$90.99
CAMagic Castle Book 4110835%$22.74
CAIIA  5010835%$29.24
CAEldorado Biarritz 5011035%$38.99
CARC Mallard 5110125%$93.71
CAXK120 5010925%$33.74
CAAMG ONE MOC 6011435%$71.49
CAAMGGT Green 6013030%$38.49

Amazon US Discount

Discover exciting discounts on LEGO alternative building blocks at our site and our US Amazon store. Explore a wide range of sets including Aquarius, SRT Hellcat, RC F1 61122, and more!

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
Aquarius 7014515%$31.40
Sagittarius 7014615%$46.70
Super Car Victor MOC 6010120%$55.95
Super Car RX7 MOC 6010320%$55.95
SRT Hellcat 6010515%$67.95
RC Construction Vehicle Tower Crane 61126$10 $129.94
The Silence Ship 40111$10 $79.94
Space Mechanical Rocket 70142$10 $89.94
RC F1 61122 61122$10 $89.97
RC G700 61108$20 $179.74
1:8 Warrior Off-Road 61508$10 $119.94
Mechanical Chameleon 7012410%$53.94
Spaceman 7010215%$39.05
Dawn V Rocket 7011015%$50.94
T-Rex Dinosaur 70001$10 $79.94
50T 50103$10 $129.77
Beauty Shop 2011230%$20.99
Butterfly Orchid Bonsai 2012125%$44.96
Medieval Town Windmills 3011230%$60.87
EVO Mobile Suit 6011725%$74.96
RC Forklift 6110320%$119.96
RC T-34 Medium Tank 6151120%$55.95
RC Armoured Vehicle KV-1 Tank 6151520%$55.96
RC SL7 Asia 5110420%$103.96
HXN 3 Diesel Locomotive 5110820%$71.95
Freight Train 5110620%$75.99
Nuclear Submarine 6150515%$59.46
Dragon/Loong Head 7010515%$67.96
Medieval- Blacksmith’s Shop 3012210%$67.46
Medieval-Magician’s House 3012310%$67.46
Medieval-Lighting Tavern 3012410%$67.46
12 Packs Dinosaur Theme Easter Eggs 1010115%$16.95
12 Packs Insect Theme Easter Eggs 1010215%$16.95
12 Packs Vehicle Theme Easter Eggs 1010315%$16.95
12 Packs Robot Theme Easter Eggs 1010415%$16.95
12 Packs Ocean Theme Easter Eggs 1010515%$16.95
12 Packs Seabed Animals Theme Easter Eggs 1011215%$16.10
12 Packs Dinosaurs Theme Easter Eggs 1011415%$16.10
Viper 1110215%$16.95
Cullinan 1110515%$16.95
Speed Racing Car 1110915%$16.95
GT3 1111115%$16.95
Magic Castle Book 4110815%$29.74
Ninja File 70104$20 $129.94
Medieval Forest Chalet 3110110%$53.95
Medieval Town-Bakery 3011110%$89.95
Milk Tea Shop 21109$15 $144.94
Coffee House 2110230%$35.65
Ecological Park 2110330%$35.65
Vintage Coffee Machine 2013630%$27.96
Vintage Coffee Machine&Grinder 2013730%$27.96
Space Planet Station 7000610%$99.85

Amazon DE Discount

Discover exciting LEGO alternative building block sets available on our DE Amazon store, including Spaceman, Mechanical Chameleon, Sunflower, and more!

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
Spaceman 7010910%50.39 €
Mechanical Chameleon 7012420%47.99 €
Sunflower 7000420%63.99 €
Succulent Sets 2010420%28.76 €
Spaceman 7010920%44.79 €
Money Tree 2000820%36.76 €
Ghost Ship The Flying Dutchman 4000120%52.79 €
Dragon/Loong Head 7010520%63.96 €
Mechanical Chameleon 7012415%50.99 €
Sunflower 7000420%63.99 €
Vintage Coffee Machine&Grinder 2013720%31.99 €
Kyokoku Kamusari Sword 7011720%31.99 €
Botanical Collection-Holly Fruit 2001920%11.19 €
Kochou Shinobu Sword 7011620%31.99 €
3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 3000120%31.99 €
SRT Hellcat 6010520%63.99 €
P1 GTR 1111020%23.99 €
Botanical Collection-Sunflower 2001820%11.19 €
Revenge Queen Anne Drifting Bottle 4011020%76.79 €
Eldorado Biarritz 5011020%46.39 €
Mechanical Octopus UFO 7012320%47.99 €
Medieval Town-Bakery 3011120%86.42 €
Royal Fleet Ship 4010320%122.39 €
EMD SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive 5110920%74.36 €
Speed Racing Car-917 1111520%15.99 €
Blue Sail Pirate Ship 4010920%115.90 €
HH-60J Guard Search And Rescue Aircraft 6000120%58.39 €
Money Tree 2010820%36.76 €
Botanical Collection-Lily Of The Valley 2000520%11.19 €
Medieval Fishing Gear Shop 4110720%95.99 €
CH-47 Chinook Helicopter 6000220%64.79 €
Mecha Monkey King 7013920%31.96 €
Insect Family 1010920%17.59 €
Botanical Collection-Pink Tulips 2003220%11.19 €
GT3 1111120%15.99 €
EB110 6011820%43.19 €
RC Leopard 2 Tank 6150320%63.99 €
RC Armoured Vehicle KV-1 Tank 6151520%52.79 €
Aquarius 7014520%26.39 €
Retro Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine 2013520%35.19 €
3-In-1 Vintage Set 2013220%28.79 €
Tan Zhilang 7011220%31.82 €
GBC Logarithmic Ball Calculator 7014720%84.76 €
Medieval Town Stables Guard Tower 3010720%111.99 €
Pirate Revenge Ship 4010520%103.19 €
Mecha-Bai Qi 7014920%42.36 €
Sabre 1111220%15.99 €
Space Shuttle 7012220%50.31 €
Road Riding Motorcycle V4 6012020%34.62 €
Botanical Collection-Green Platycodon 2002120%8.79 €
Medieval Town Tavern 3010820%111.99 €
F-22 Raptor Fighter 6000320%71.99 €
AMG ONE MOC 6011420%84.79 €
The Help Of Mouth Pingyi 7011520%31.82 €
EVO Mobile Suit 6013120%103.19 €
Cullinan 1110520%14.39 €
1:8 Warrior Off-Road 6150820%96.79 €
GBC Harp Track 7010820%63.96 €
T-Rex Dinosaur 7000120%67.99 €

Amazon CA Discount

From F1 cars to space stations and beyond. Find your next building adventure with unique sets like the Nuclear Submarine or the intricate Butterfly Orchid Bonsai. Start building your dream world today on our Canada Amazon store!

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
1:10 Red F1 6112325%C$59.96
Space Astronaut Panda 7000510%C$67.45
Sunflower 7000415%C$93.45
Space Planet Station 7000610%C$138.5
T-Rex Dinosaur 7000110%C$116.95
Money Tree 2010810%C$58.45
Money Tree 2000810%C$58.49
Ghost Ship The Flying Dutchman 4000110%C$80.94
Dragon/Loong Head 7010510%C$95.36
Mechanical Chameleon 7012410%C$71.95
Spaceman 7010915%C$63.7
The White Swan Ship 4010410%C$89.94
Nuclear Submarine 6150515%C$84.95
Viper 1110220%C$23.96
FXX-K 1110320%C$23.96
SVJ 1110420%C$23.96
Cullinan 1110520%C$23.96
Purosangue 1110720%C$23.96
X6 1110820%C$23.96
Speed Racing Car 1110920%C$23.96
GT3 1111120%C$23.96
Botanical Collection-Red Bean Flower 2002020%C$19.95
Botanical Collection-Purple Rose 2002820%C$19.95
Botanical Collection-Blue and White Tulips 2003020%C$19.95
Botanical Collection-White and Purple Tulips 2003120%C$19.95
Butterfly Orchid Bonsai 2010620%C$32.76
Butterfly Orchid 2011820%C$32.76
Butterfly Orchid Bonsai 2012120%C$69.56
Puppet Show 7000210%C$125.99
Dawn V Rocket 7011010%C$80.95
Interstellar Archives 7011110%C$188.96
Kochou Shinobu Sword 7011610%C$71.99
Mechanical Octopus UFO 7012310%C$80.99
Mecha Warrior SAKKI 7013210%C$58.45
Mecha Building Blocks Vector Warrior 7013310%C$58.45
Tsugikuni Yoriichi Nichirin Sword 7013810%C$58.46

Amazon UK Discount

Explore a diverse range, from botanical collections to intricate vehicles and themed sets. Discover budget-friendly options for creative building at our Amazon store in the UK.

ProductsDiscountsCurrent Price
Botanical Collection-Orange Chrysanthemum 2002620%£10.39
Botanical Collection-Pink Chrysanthemum 2002520%£10.39
Botanical Collection-Pink Lily 2002420%£10.39
Botanical Collection-White Lily 2002320%£10.39
Botanical Collection-Champagne Platycodon 2002220%£10.39
Botanical Collection-Sunflower 2001820%£10.39
Botanical Collection-Orange Tulip 2001220%£10.39
Botanical Collection-Lavender 2001020%£10.39
Botanical Collection-Carnation 2000720%£10.39
Botanical Collection-Forget Me Not 2000620%£10.39
Flower Sets 2 Pack, 27 Variety 2000120%£10.39
La Voiture Noire 1111420%£15.99
Speed Racing Car-917 1111520%£15.99
R8 1111620%£15.99
Flower Shop 2110120%£36.79
Royal Fleet Ship 4010334%£99.36
KB-V12 5010534%£33.11
XK120 5010920%£34.38
Super Car RX7 MOC 6010320%£55.99
911 Targa 6011231%£36.42
EB110 6011820%£39.99
Medieval Hotel 3110320%£87.99
Medieval Lighthouse Book 4110420%£33.59
Super Car Victor MOC 6010120%£55.99
Dawn V Rocket 7011020%£39.99
Mecha Warrior SAKKI 7013220%£35.99
Mecha Building Blocks Vector Warrior 7013320%£35.99
Mechanical Chameleon 7012420%£43.99
Puppet Show 7000220%£79.99
3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 3000120%£28.78
Shitou Wuyilang 7011320%£31.99
Tan Zhilang 7011220%£31.99
The Help Of Mouth Pingyi 7011520%£31.99
The Pirate Bay 4010620%£127.99
Pirate Revenge Ship 4010520%£100.79
Pneumatic Concrete Pump 6112120%£76.79
Milk Tea Shop 2110920%£120.79
Upside Down Cafe 2111020%£84.00
Magic Castle Book 4110820%£26.39
Mecha Monkey King 7013920%£33.99

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  2. Be our member to enjoy point benefits, and receive 100 points (worth $10) instantly.
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