Win A Personalized
Spaceman 70109

Do you dream of exploring the final frontier and venturing to the furthest reaches of the universe? Are you fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos and the wonders that lie beyond our world?

Enter now for a chance to win the gold Spaceman 70109! In addition, we will provide a free personalized printing service to the brick set! Print out your photo, name, or even logo, and put it in this kit making it your exclusive work! Guess the correct weight to get incredible prizes, the first three will win for free!

So what are you waiting for? Start guessing and enter to win now!

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Welcome to our FAQs section! We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions our customers ask about our campaigns. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at


The top 3 closest weight guessers(1st Place Prize): JMB Golden Spaceman 70109 + custom printing

The top 4-8 closest weight guessers(2nd Place Prize): 50% off discount code for 70109 + custom printing

The top 9-33 closest weight guessers(3rd Place Prize): 40% off discount code for 70109 + custom printing)

Can’t wait to get your hands on the sets? Don’t worry, you can grab them now at an incredible discount! Save 35% on Spaceman 70109 for customers worldwide.

Step 1: review the picture of the object to guess its weight.

Step 2: Visit our designated page and look for similar items. Use the reference weight information to make an educated guess about the weight of Spaceman 70109

Step 3: enter your guess, using decimal points if necessary.

Open to Entrants Worldwide

Entry Period: 25th March 2023-31th March 2023

1st April 2023

Facebook Group Bonus: Top Contributors Reward.

Join our Facebook Group now and engage, based on the group insights report, top contributors will be selected and awarded as follows:

Top 1 contributor: JMB Spaceman 70109+Custom Printing

Top 2&3: JMB Spaceman 70109 with 70% discount+Custom Printing

Top 4,5&6: JMB Spaceman 70109 with 60% discount+Custom Printing

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