Safely Moving Assembled LEGO Sets and Loose Bricks: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Packing and moving LEGO sets isn’t just about shifting bricks. It’s preserving creativity, memories, and cherished collections. The significance of careful approaches cannot be overstated. Our aim? A seamless move, ensuring every piece finds its place at the new destination, intact and ready for a future of imaginative exploration.

This guide offers a simple and clear step-by-step process for safely moving assembled LEGO sets and loose bricks. It provides valuable tips to ensure your precious creations remain intact during the move. From disassembling and organizing to securely packing and transporting, each step is outlined for a smooth and worry-free relocation of your LEGO masterpieces.

Ⅰ. Evaluate Your LEGO Collection

To begin the evaluation process, consider each set’s value and importance in your LEGO collection. This involves analyzing sentimental value, cost, rarity, and personal attachment. The sets with significant sentimental or financial value deserve special attention during the move.

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Once you’ve assessed the value of each set, it’s time to make decisions. Determine which sets align with the purpose of your move. Consider aspects such as whether a set still holds appeal for you or your children. The sets that might not align with the move can be sold, gifted, or donated. Ensure only the most valuable and cherished sets accompany you to your new abode.

Ⅱ. Prepare LEGO Sets for Packing

From disassembling with care to effective cleaning and selecting suitable packing materials, let’s prepare your LEGO sets for a safe journey!

Best Practices for Disassembly

Disassembling LEGO sets is a crucial step to ensure a safe move. Begin by finding a clean, well-lit workspace. Lay out the set’s pieces systematically, following the set’s instructions in reverse. Take it slow, being careful not to force any pieces, as this can cause damage. Separate small parts and delicate elements with extra care.

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Tools and Techniques for Effective Cleaning

Cleaning your LEGO sets before packing is vital, especially if they’ve been on display. Use a gentle brush, a can of compressed air, or other dusting tools to remove dust and debris. For more thorough cleaning, a mild soapy solution and a soft cloth can work wonders. Ensure the pieces are completely dry before packing to prevent any damage.

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Useful Packing Materials

  1. Solid Boxes: Choose strong, spacious boxes. Don’t squish those LEGO champs; they need their space.
  2. Bubble Wrap or Packing Paper: Wrap each item carefully for protection. Bubble wrap or packing paper does the job.
  3. Sturdy Tape: Seal those boxes tight with sturdy packing tape. No box escapes allowed!
  4. Clear Labels: Label each box clearly. Make it simple, so you know exactly what’s where.
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Ⅲ. Packing Disassembled LEGO Sets

We’ll unravel how to securely pack your LEGO pieces, emphasizing organization using sealable plastic bags, the right containers, and strategic labeling for a smooth transition.

Sealable Plastic Bags

Use sealable plastic bags to pack disassembled LEGO sets. Choose sizes according to the amount of pieces in each category. These bags keep pieces sorted, preventing loss and allowing for easy identification during the unpacking process.

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Group by Color, Type, or Purpose

Prioritize organizing pieces by color, type, or purpose within each bag. This ensures efficient reassembly by having similar pieces together. If possible, group pieces according to the set they belong to, aiding in straightforward identification.

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Cardboard Boxes or Storage Containers

Opt for sturdy cardboard boxes or clear plastic storage containers to hold the sealed plastic bags. Cardboard boxes provide additional protection, while clear plastic containers offer visibility, making it easier to locate specific sets during the move.

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Label for Easy Reassembly

Clearly label each bag or container, specifying the set name or number, colors, or types of pieces inside. Additionally, mark which step of reassembly the pieces correspond to if the set instructions are available. Proper labeling simplifies the reassembly process at your new location.

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Ⅳ. Packing Assembled LEGO Sets

We’ll explore essential tips and techniques to pack your assembled LEGO sets securely and efficiently. From safeguarding delicate parts to optimizing container space, we’ve got you covered.

Protect Protruding or Fragile Parts

Before packing, carefully examine each assembled set. Identify and remove any protruding or fragile parts like antennas, sails, or masts that could easily break during the move. Place these delicate components in well-sealed plastic bags for added protection. It’s also advisable to use glue to secure any easily detachable pieces during the packing process. By using the right glue, you can ensure that your LEGO masterpiece remains intact after transportation.

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Wrap and Pad Assembled Builds

Wrap the assembled builds with stretchable plastic film (Saran wrap) to keep the pieces in place and prevent any accidental falls or separations. Then, provide a layer of cushioning using bubble wrap, ensuring your creations are well-protected against shocks and movements during transit.

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Ensure a Snug Fit for Minimum Movement

When selecting containers, opt for those that offer a snug fit to minimize movement of the LEGO sets inside. Utilize standard moving boxes or clear plastic bins and arrange the assembled sets tightly, akin to playing Tetris. A secure fit reduces the risk of damage during transport.

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Properly Close and Secure the Containers

Close the lids of the containers securely. If a LEGO set is too tall and the lid cannot be shut safely, consider fitting an empty box of the same size on top as a protective “hat.” Finally, seal the two boxes together with tape, so the containers are well-secured for the move.

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Ⅴ. Tips for Safe Transportation

Whether you’re considering DIY transport or hiring professionals, safety and cautious handling are key. Let’s navigate the best ways to transport your LEGO creations for a smooth and secure journey.

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Personal Vehicle vs. Professional Movers

When deciding on the transportation method, weigh the pros and cons of using your personal vehicle versus hiring professional movers. Personal vehicles offer control and immediate access, while professional movers provide expertise and ensure a hassle-free move.

Ensure Safety During the Move

Regardless of the chosen transportation, prioritize safety. Securely load the containers, making sure they won’t shift during the journey. Drive cautiously to prevent sudden stops or sharp turns that could damage your LEGO sets.

Handle with Care and Caution

Fragile LEGO sets require special attention. Handle them with utmost care, avoiding unnecessary jostling or rough handling. Communicate to anyone assisting with the move about the fragility of the sets to ensure they exercise caution during transportation.

Ⅵ. Reassembling LEGO Sets at Your New Home

Get your workspace ready and neatly sort your pieces. Use photos or digital catalogs for guidance. Take your time, follow instructions, and rebuild your LEGO set with precision and patience.

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Organize and Prepare the Workspace

Begin by setting up a clean and organized workspace. Lay out all the packed pieces systematically, sorting them based on your chosen method – be it by color, type, or purpose. This organization will streamline the reassembly process.

Use Photographs or Digital Catalogs

If available, refer to photographs or digital catalogs of the original sets. These references will guide you in reconstructing the sets with accuracy, providing a visual roadmap to follow.

Rebuild with Precision and Patience

Exercise precision and patience during the reassembly. Carefully follow the instructions, placing each piece precisely where it belongs. Take your time, ensuring each component fits seamlessly, resulting in a faithful recreation of the original LEGO set.



My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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    1. Wow ok this was timely!! And super helpful I had to move some sets to a room in my warehouse and I didn’t want to disassemble them. Thanks!!

    2. The packing method I use for a long distance movement is the same one as for a big-screen TV: I put it in a box to contain it, and previously according to the shape of the container, I create a ball or a cube of news-paper around it, then the gap between the walls of the container and the news-paper mas get filled with pieces of polyurethane hardened foam.

  2. Crumbled up newspaper works very well to fill up the empty space. Key for safe shipping is to fill up the empty space in the outer packaging.

  3. I don’t have a unique packing method. I generally just put them in a box inside a box. Ashamed to say that I don’t bubble wrap. I will after reading this. Thanks

  4. I would recommend taking a lot of photos, especially if you didn’t keep the instructions on some of the earlier models that were put together.

  5. This is as a great article only problem is where was it 4 months ago when I moved for the 1st time with Lego sets lol this would have been an insane amount of help 🙂

    1. Timing can be funny that way! Nonetheless, keep these tips in your back pocket for any future moves with your LEGO sets.

  6. Sort by Color or Type: Some people find it helpful to sort LEGO bricks by color or type. This can make it easier to find the pieces you need when you’re ready to rebuild the set.

    Use Ziploc Bags: You can use Ziploc bags to store individual LEGO sets. This can help keep all the pieces for a particular set together.

    Label Everything: It’s a good idea to label each bag with the set number and name. This can make it easier to identify which pieces belong to which set.

    Original Boxes: If you have the original boxes and instructions, consider storing them together with the corresponding set.

    Use Storage Bins: For larger collections, consider using storage bins with dividers. This can help keep your collection organized and easy to navigate.

    Avoid Sunlight and Moisture: Try to store your LEGO sets in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade the colors of the bricks, and moisture can damage them.

  7. The last time I moved, I bubble wrapped everything and it still came apart but it wasn’t that bad.

  8. The information is very useful. I honestly love that it covers so much that many forget when packaging sets after disassembly, and keeping them all secure, avoiding the chances of losing any piece or part. The method I could think that would really make for a brilliant organized method to keep the bricks from getting jumbled or misplaced, lost, or any other reason it might go missing. The idea is to not go too expensive, but the quality of its storage is as important as the brick sets that you’ve purchased to keep protected and brilliant for your collection!

    I would purchase really sturdy plastic containers that are sized about equally for each set, more space is always a pleasant thing. The lid is honestly a bit thing as well. One that would really make the container a superstar is having one with a locking and tight hold. Make sure it’s not too loose or will be an issue where you accidentally knock the box over and the bricks end up spilling all over the floor because the lid doesn’t latch tight enough. Also to avoid anything like dust, bugs, or else to get trapped inside the box because of the excess gaps.

    The next thing is that the container is nice to have a stackable design, and the container must be a clear color which will make it so much easier to see what is inside. Not just the bricks that are placed if you are deciding to do it by color, but the paper to set each brick up. Also, if you have sets that you setting up in each container to keep safe. I would add the addition of either a label maker stick to mention what set of items or the colors that may be inside. It works also if the container isn’t see-through, to have it labeled.

    This way, for future use, travel, or to just keep safe it’s a great way to prevent any problems and keep the sets in perfect condition for such a long time.

    1. You’re right, shredded paper might be too loose. It’s better to crumple the paper into balls and fill the gaps between the box and LEGO sets.

  9. I taped my bubble wrap too tight one time and made a huge mess with broken piecea when I tried to unwrap them.

    1. Anyway it’s a good lesson on finding that balance between securing the sets and not putting too much pressure on them.

  10. Also, my kids want to touch everything while I am packing and I have to do it when they are asleep.

  11. I make a video recording when disassembling and packing in case I need to go back to review any of my steps. Also take a photo before covering up or sealing the package as proof.

  12. I liked the idea of people recording themselves packing them up so they know how to unpack! That is a great idea!

  13. My lego is mainly for kids and we like to disassemble then freestyle. So under bed boxes are fine sealed up. I can hear a collective gasp!!

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