How to Play with Medieval Weapon 30001?

Tossing a projectile, shooting an arrow, or firing a cannonball, which way do you like the best to play the 30001 set? There are six games that are simple but funny.
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During the building of the 30001 set, there are no doubts that you will be appealing to the smart solutions. But the fun is far beyond that, relying on its ability to launch a projectile with three weapons lots of games can be created. The block set will definitely bring joy and laughter to you and your families. Quickly taking apart the whole set also guarantees continuous joy.

Now I’m sharing a few simple games that you can play with the brick set, and they require a few props only.

1. Long-Range Catapult:

Target Practice:

You can invite your families to participate in this game. Place 3 or 6 paper cups facing up on the ground. You may arrange them in a triangle formation with the point of the triangle facing you. Mark a line about 1 meter away from the cups, and every player takes a turn to catapult a rubber cube toward the cups. A projectile landing in any cup brings sores and a missing shot is none. You will earn 1, 2, or 3 points from the first row to the last. The game ends after three rounds, and the player scoring the most wins.

You may use tape or put a heavy piece in cups to stop them from moving. In addition, how do you think you can only see points on the back of cups after an accurate throw? Or would you expect to see some funny dares on the back? Just set rules as you want.

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Throw a Rubber Cube in a Cup.

Dog Treat Tossing:

If you have a dog, I believe it will like the catapult. Load a dog treat in the basket of the brown weapon. Keep a distance from your pet to make sure it will get surprised when its favorite food lands around it. Alternatively, move the medieval vehicle around your dog and fire a treat out away. Do you think your dog will run towards it as soon as possible?

2. Super Accurate Ballista:

Castle Attack

In this game, the precise shooting of the ballista will be brought into play. You need to prepare blank cardboard about 30x40cm. Draw a simple castle wall and two brackets on the cardboard, and make holes through the gates and windows so the arrows can fly into them. Cut off the extra paper and glue the brackets on the back of the wall, then it can stand like a strong fortification.

How to Play with Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-2
How to Make a Paper Castle Wall.

Place the mobile crossbow in a line about 1 meter away from the paper wall. Players take turns round by round to attack the wall with the ballista. If an arrow goes through a gate or window the shooter scores points, the gate for one point only, the big windows for three, and the smaller one for five. After three rounds, the player who earns the most points wins.

Knock Down a Minifigure

This game requires only a minifigure. First, place a minifigure on a table. Then use the ballista to shoot an arrow from a distance, and let’s see how many times you need till the man gets knocked down. Honestly, the figure is slender and not easy to hit, so try to aim the crossbow instead of taking an instinctive shot.

How to Play with Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-3
Make an Accurate Shot.

3. Greatly Forceful Bombard:

Smash Cups Tower

This game gives you a thrill as bowling does. Prepare some paper cups, and 6 or 10 are recommended. Start with a line of four to make the base. On top of these, above the gap between the cups, place another three cups, each resting on two cups below. Repeat this with a line of two cups on top of that, and a final cup at the top. Keep the cannon behind a line about 1 meter away from the vertical tower. Now the mission is to fire a cannonball and destroy the tower as heavily as you can. The player who knocks down the most cups wins the game.

How to Play with Medieval Weapon 30001-JMB/JMBricklayer-Image-4
Knock Down Cups Tower.

Confetti Fireworks

This will be an amazing party trick. Prepare a pile of confetti which you can tear colored paper into. Remember to pull back the trigger first so that plenty of confetti can be placed inside the tube. Take a deep breath before you release the green trigger, because a short but beautiful firework will come in sight. Take the brick set to have a firework show at parties and ceremonies, or just play a trick on your families.

4. Adjustable Elastic Force:

The 30001 set provides multiple rubber bands, in the diameters of 1.6cm, 2.4cm, 3.2cm, and 4cm, and 3 pieces for each. Different rubber band brings different elastic force when it is stretched. You may switch various rubber bands to test how far the projectiles can reach. When you strengthen its power with strong rubber bands, keep it out of reach of children, and don’t aim at anyone if it’s loaded.

The above games are simple but full of joy, and suitable for your family and friends to experience lots of fun with the 30001 set. Get three sets to triple the fun. Still, we’re waiting for you to explore more of the wonders and surprises behind the set.

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