How to Quickly Take Apart 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001 Set?

During disassembly, it is necessary to follow a reverse order of construction, so you may take apart a finished model into several components first, and then acquire a variety of pieces from components.
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The 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001 set has a unique design, and builders can use the same pieces to build three different models. Lots of feedback says the instruction manual provides great help when building, and the three ways to launch projectiles are too impressive. However, most of them still have no clue how to dismantle the formed set quickly and decently.

How to Quickly Disassemble the Set?

It is no easy task to quickly disassemble the 30001 set. Thus, we need to be clear-headed and use some specific tools. During disassembly, it is necessary to follow a reverse order of construction, so you may take apart a finished model into several components first, and then acquire a variety of pieces from components. Flexibly use hands and tools like brick separators to remove the building elements fast, without causing damage to parts.

Step One: Disassemble the Whole

The three models share the same structure, roughly including wheels, chassis, supports, and launchers. Therefore, with the help of the manual, we can divide the 30001 set into each of the parts in turn.

How to Quickly Take Apart 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001 Set?-JMBricklayer/JMB-Disassemble the Whole-Image-1
Divided components after a rough disassembly.

When removing a pair of wheels, firstly hold one wheel, then pull outward the other to separate them. Repeat it to get four single wheels. Taking apart the chassis and the support should be the most challenging part. The first step is to insert the tail of the lego-type brick separator between them, and then shake slightly up and down to create a larger gap. Once their connection becomes loose, you can separate both by hand.

Separate the support and the chassis.

Step Two: Disassemble Components

When it comes to the second stage you can pick up any component, such as the chassis, which is the most complicated one. First of all, remove all sharp spikes, chains, and rubber bands. Then use the separator to pry up as many tiles and jumper plates as you can see. The method is to slide the tail of the separator into the space where the tile meets another plate. Press down the separator, and the edge of it should pop the tiles free.

Pry up tiles on the chassis.

After that, we will focus on separating the large plates and the beams, which is much easier than the previous steps. Just grasp the sides of the chassis and use your thumb to press lightly the plate from the back, and it will pop out.

Pop-out large plates from beams.

Finally, let’s separate connected beams. The head of a technic pin turns out to be elastic when you press it from two sides, so it can tightly stick to the hole of beams. There is a portion of the separator that is shaped like a cross axle. Move and press it on the rim of a pin stuck to the hole. The pin should disengage from the hole, and then we can easily remove the beam.

Use the separator to take apart two beams.

Step Three: Disassemble Joined Pieces

When you see all components are taken apart into smaller ones, it is almost one step away from success. There are the following elements that you may separate individually:


The front part of a brick separator comes in handy when a small plate is attached to a larger plate. Press it down on the top of two studs of the plate, using the ridges for a secure grip. As you press down the end of the separator two plates just separate.

Separate a small plate from a larger plate.

When two small plates are joined together, it is difficult to have a good grip. Thus, two long plates are needed to take apart them. Fix the long plates on the sides of two small ones, which allows us to hold the whole with two hands. Then, divide them into two parts from the middle. Finally, use the separator to pull out two small plates.

Separate double plates with two studs.

Cross Axles:

Move the cross axle on the brick separator so that it lines up exactly with the cross hole of the beam with a technic axle inside it. Push the separator, so the axle goes into the beam’s cross hole. This will cause the cross axle inside to pop out of the other side.

Remove a cross axle from a beam.

Technic Pins:

Pulling up technic pins often draws us mad. Fingernails, blades, or even teeth are far beyond the perfect tools. Check if there is something you leave aside, and they are a pin separator and finger caps that come with the 30001 set. The front of the separator is designed like pliers, so you can expect to use it as a pin puller. Insert the separator into the hole of a technic pin at first. Then press on the ridges of both sides with your thumb and forefinger so that the pliers seem to tightly bite at the head of the pin. As you pull out the separator, the whole pin follows it and leaves the beam.

Pull up technic pins from a beam.

Sort and Store the Pieces:

After successfully disassembling the 30001 set, it’s time to simply sort and store the separated pieces. Only three bags are needed, and use them the way as followed. Put the sharp spikes, chains, tires, and hubcaps in the first bag, tiles, jumper plates, baseplates, and bricks in the second one, and all technic pieces commonly like beams, pins, cross axles, rubber bands, pins with ball, etc. into the third one. Now, you can feel free to start building another model of the 30001 set.

How to Quickly Take Apart 3in1 Medieval Weapon 30001 Set?-JMBricklayer/JMB-Disassemble Joined Elements-Image-2
Sort the parts of 30001 set by category.

If you still have any questions about taking apart the 30001 set, or find there is a better way or tool to do so, please leave a message in the comment for discussion. If you don’t want to spend time disassembling the set or want to display all three models in your collection, you can buy multiple sets from our stores!

For US customers only, click on the Amazon store. 

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