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Hey there, JMBricklayer family! As we kick off the new year, we’re super excited to share some amazing activities we’ve got lined up for you this January. Get ready for fun, giveaways, and awesome deals!

Love-Building Bonanza: Cherish Memories with Custom Bricks & Flowers!

First up, our Love-Building Bonanza is all about creating lasting memories. Until Jan. 31st, snag any pre-discount set over $39.99 at our website store and get an exclusive offer. Picture this: a unique 6×6 brick, your canvas for cherished memories. Customize it with a couple’s avatar, a treasured photo, or a significant image. Plus, for sets over $79.99 before the discount, we’re throwing in a delightful gift set – a flower set and your customized brick. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, right? Check more here.

Note: Standard sets will be shipped as usual, all custom bricks, due to printer maintenance and holiday closures, will be dispatched separately in March.

6×6 custom bricks with pictures.

A Valentine’s Day Roast of Our Exes!

Next, let’s have some fun with our “A Valentine’s Day Roast of Our Exes!” event, running from Jan. 20th to 30th. Join us on Instagram for this hilarious challenge. Share your wittiest, funniest roasts about your exes. You’ll have a chance to win our member points worth $180 in total. It’s all in good fun and a great way to share some laughs this Valentine’s!

JMBricklayer JMB-January News Second Half-Roast Your EX

Year of the Dragon: Win Your Fortune and Prosperity!

New Year, New Giveaway! From Jan. 20th to 29th, 2024, we’re celebrating the Year of the Dragon in style! Dive into tradition and creativity with our special giveaway – win an exclusive bundle prize — a Dragon Head set and a Money Tree set. Perfect for adding a touch of fortune and flair to your collection.

January Joy: Exclusive Deals Await!

Lastly, our January Joy event is here to warm up your winter days. From Jan. 17th to 31st, we’ve got exclusive deals where you just can save up to 25%. This is your chance to buy some of our best sets at unbeatable prices. Trust us, you won’t want to miss these deals!

Amazon US / JMB Site Store

ModelDiscountPrice Now
The Pirate Bay-40106$30$139.99
Vintage Coffee Machine&Grinder-2013725%$29.99
Vintage Coffee Machine-2013625%$29.99
Retro Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine-2013525%$29.99
Orange Succulent-2010225%$14.99
Insect Family-1010925%$17.99
Cake Sets-2012220%$23.99
Mechanical Octopus UFO-7012320%$47.99
12 Packs Bouquet Theme Easter Eggs-1010820%$15.99
12 Packs Ship Theme Easter Eggs-1010720%$15.99
12 Packs Train Theme Easter Eggs-1010620%$15.99
12 Packs Ocean Theme Easter Eggs-1010520%$15.99
12 Packs Robot Theme Easter Eggs-1010420%$15.99
12 Packs Vehicle Theme Easter Eggs-1010320%$15.99
12 Packs Insect Theme Easter Eggs-1010220%$15.99
12 Packs Dinosaur Theme Easter Eggs-1010120%$15.99
Leopard 2A4 Tank-6150420%$47.99
Sabre -1111215%$16.99
Zonda -6011115%$46.79
RC T-34 Medium-6151115%$59.49
Mini Motorcycle Set-2011615%$31.49
Medieval Town Windmills-3011215%$73.99
Mecha Titan Knight-7013015%$38.29
Medieval Town Farmhouse-30109$10$79.99
Money Tree-20008$5$39.99
Mecha Warrior ZENN, SAKKI-70133&70132$5$44.99
3 In 1 Medieval Weapon-30001$2$39.99
Ecological Park-21103$4$50.99
Butterfly Orchid Bonsai-20121$8$51.99
EVO Mobile Suit-60131$10$109.99
Kyokoku Kamusari Sword-70117$15$29.99

Check Amazon US Store to save up to 25%

Check JMB Site Store to save up to 25%.

Amazon CA

ModelDiscountPrice Now
Medieval Hotel-31103CA$25CA$144.95
The Q.A Revenge-41107CA$25CA$144.95
Beauty Shop-20112CA$8CA$34.95
Kyokoku Kamusari Sword-70117CA$20CA$59.99
Cobra 427 MOC-60127CA$10CA$109.95

Check Amazon CA Store to save up to CA$25

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  2. Be our member to enjoy point benefits, receive 100 points (worth $10) instantly.
  3. Join our English group or German group on Facebook to win rewards every month.


My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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