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We've designed a set that's extremely rare on the market, and we've decided to debut it in our first Kickstarter campaign!

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We’ve designed a set that’s extremely rare on the market, and we’ve decided to debut it in our first Kickstarter campaign. It’s truly thrilling The duration is from June 21, 2024, to July 21, 2024.! Let’s join our dedicated Steampunk Marble Run 70003 Facebook Group to learn more!

A Few Highlights Summary

Before the Kickstarter campaign kicks off, let me unveil some aspects of this set that are worth exploring and discovering. Once the campaign is live, you’ll find that the intricacies within this set are even more stunning than what I’m previewing here!

Here are a few unique designs highlight:

1, Building bricks GBC(Great Ball Contraption) set that combines elements of the industrial steam age and dinosaurs. 

2, Powered by a dual-motor system, once batteries are inserted, sets the balls rolling continuously along predetermined tracks (including rotating/vertical ascending routes and horizontal dual tracks), with other movable parts also in action, recreating the bustling scenes of vintage steam-era factory. 

3, Boldly incorporating designs from ancient times adds an innovative and dreamy atmosphere to the entire setting. 

Let’s dip more deep into our Steampunk Marble Run below.

Fully Cyclic Closed-loop

There is a diverse range of tracks and is ingeniously designed as a cyclic closed-loop, powered by motor operation, which drives the rotation of gears within the mechanism, thus propelling the entire apparatus. Internal tracks interconnect all components, allowing the balls to roll in a closed loop, resulting in a visually stunning effect. Let’s imagine that, as the ball automatically moves alongside the dinosaur, the whole scene comes vividly to life, making us feel as if we’ve traveled back to ancient times!

Design Highlights

In this collection, we’ve seamlessly integrated numerous intricately designed elements that harmonize perfectly with the theme. For instance, the Lava Tunnel ensures the secure operation of the encased spheres, Cranes that can be raised and lowered at will, Dinosaur Bones swinging above the Chemical Tank, revealing the inner workings of the machinery through its transparent structure, and our meticulously crafted Flamethrower, Storage Tank, Reactor, and much more! All of these components combine to immerse us completely in the experience.

The Dinos

For T-Rex and Pterosaur, besides their exquisite designs, we’ve seamlessly integrated them with our Marble Run track, influencing the operation of both the marbles and the track as a whole! People have turned tamed T-Rexes into production labor, and the pellets will pass through the T-Rex’s body and shoot out flames, making the whole factory so fiery!

The Lifts

To enable the ball to automatically initiate a new round of movement, we’ve designed two lifts: a Rotating Lift and a Vertical Lift. All operations are fully automated! When the elevator’s tubes and pulleys rotate, we can clearly see these mechanisms in action from the outside. It’s a scene you’d only find in a truly vintage elevator.

The Stairways

We’ve designed two stairways that swing up and down automatically, and the ball moves forward step by step according to the swinging of the stairways! Meanwhile, we can also see the bustling operation of the support machinery beneath the stairway through the transparent green snow-melting canister!

Random Routes

This set features three randomly designed routes in total. As the ball passes through, it gets randomly allocated to different tracks, infusing our set with a sense of exploration!

Basic Information

Kickstarter Duration: from June 21, 2024, to July 21, 2024.

Pieces Count: 5,391+pcs

Product Size: 22.05*21.26*24.80 in / 56*54*63 cm

Detailed Instruction & Numbered Bags

We’ve provided a comprehensive building manual and created a detailed building tutorial video and article to assist you in overcoming any difficulties. Additionally, our after-sales service at is always by your side.

Motors & Battery Module

We’ve adjusted the motor’s rotation frequency to ensure the ball’s movement speed perfectly matches the contraption!


Save 35%: $129.99 on Super Early Brid Price! (40 Backers Limit)

Save 25%: $142.99 on Early Brid Price(100 Backers Limit)

Save 18%: $155.99 on Kickstarter Special(500 Backers Limit)

Save 30% for 2pcs: $265.99

Original Price: $189.99

Build & Share Challenge

If you complete our Steampunk Marble Run set and share it on your social media accounts, add the hashtag #JMBchallenge, and tag @jmbricklayer, we will reward you with one of our latest original 12-Pack succulents sets! (You can find us on all platforms at @jmbricklayer)

PS: We will provide after-sales service for all free prizes/rewards.


Shipping Time: August 2024

Free Shipping Regions

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, & Poland

Project Timeline

We’ve had the idea to create this Steampunk Marble Run since 2022. By June 2022, we had designed our first version. We felt a great sense of accomplishment with this initial version, but we believed we could make it even better. Over time, we went through four iterations, making significant improvements along the way. During this period, we incorporated suggestions from many of our friends. Finally, in April 2024, our fifth and final version was completed. We are extremely pleased and confident with this version. Consequently, we’ve decided to launch our Kickstarter campaign in June 2024, hoping everyone will appreciate our masterpiece, which has been over two years in the making.

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My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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