Master Lego Sorting With These Brilliant Organization Strategies

With a structured sorting system, you can easily find every piece and enjoy smooth, creative building once again. By categorizing your bricks in an accessible way, you’ll regain hours for actual construction.
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Have you ever spent 15 minutes searching every container, trying to find that one green Lego brick, growing more frustrated by the second? When your Lego collection is a disorganized mess, it’s nearly impossible to find the pieces you need to create. The joy of building disappears in the chaos.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! With a structured sorting system, you can easily find every piece and enjoy smooth, creative building once again. By categorizing your bricks in an accessible way, you’ll regain hours for actual construction.

An Introduction to Organizing Your Brick Collection

Properly arranging brick pieces is important for any enthusiast who enjoys constructing cool creations. It assists builders in enhancing their creativity, working efficiently, and maintaining their collection over time. Brick sets also contain diverse elements, sizes, and colors.

The Benefits of an Organized Collection

Fueling Imagination and Productivity

When your brick pieces are neatly organized into piles or containers, you can find the ideal part you need more swiftly. This enables you to build faster and boosts creativity, as the right component is easy to grab. No more excavating through a giant, tangled pile to locate one small piece! Thoughtful organization saves time and sparks ideas.

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Preserving Your Investment

Categorizing bricks also prevents them from becoming damaged or worn. As plastic elements, they can crack or fade without careful storage. When you arrange bricks by color, size, or type into storage solutions, they endure. This maintains your collection so you can enjoy it for years.

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The Diversity of Elements

Bricks come in all varieties of shapes and sizes. Minuscule bricks, large flat panels, squares, circles, wheels, petite blocks, and substantial sections – the options are endless! Basic colored parts in red, blue, and yellow are available. But unique shades like glow-in-the-dark, metallic gold, or translucent also exist. With countless combinations, bricks are diverse little building components!

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Classic Methods for Organizing Your Brick Collection

Organizing bricks by hand is the traditional way to organize a collection. There are many techniques to try based on color, size, type, and neat arranging. Special sorting tools can help, or you can create your solutions. Other ideas are sorting by sets, instruction books, or brick boxes.

A. Different Ways to Sort

1. By Color

Organizing bricks by colors like red, blue, or yellow is very popular. This groups together all the pieces of one color. However, it can be hard to find a specific piece in a big container of the same color bricks. Overall, color sorting helps you see what’s available in your collection. Some people organize by color families, like warm and cool colors. A more advanced idea is separating light and dark shades within each color.

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2. By Size

Another choice is sorting bricks by their size or shape. Small, medium, large, or tiny pieces can be grouped. Wheels in one bin, flat pieces in another. Mini figure parts in one section, bigger bricks elsewhere. This makes finding the exact size brick you need much faster. No more digging through wrong-sized parts! You can sort by basic size or get more detailed by the exact brick dimensions.

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3. By Type

You can also organize by brick type – regular bricks together, slopes together, plates in one section. Grouping pieces by type helps locate specialized pieces quickly. Sort them into categories like bricks, hinges, tiles, and more for efficiency. You can even separate further, with one section just for 2×4 bricks, another for 1×2 tiles, etc. Get as specific as needed to stay organized.

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4. By Knolling

Carefully lining up all bricks at right angles is called knolling. It creates a pleasing, orderly look as you sort. Knolling takes more time but results in a neat grid of bricks. The tidy bricks are easy to spot when finding parts later. Knolling is almost artistic but requires patience, especially for large collections. The final effect is visually satisfying.

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B. Helpful Sorting Tools

1. Lego Trays

Plastic trays made specifically for organizing Lego bricks help a lot. They have divided sections sized for small or large pieces. Different-shaped trays are organized by color or type. Trays give each brick its own space for smooth sorting. Look for adjustable trays to customize the sections. Trays can be stacked for compact storage. Affordable, effective trays are available.

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2. Lego Boxes

For bigger collections, try boxes designed for bricks. Large containers have dividers to separate pieces. Some have built-in sifters to loosen stuck bricks. Special boxes keep things neatly categorized. Look for clear labels for quick identification. Study boxes keep sorted bricks safe. Quality sorting boxes last for years.

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C. Make Your Unique Solutions

1. DIY Brick Sorters

For a low-cost option, you can build custom sorters from household items. Wire mesh, wooden dowels, and handy supplies can make smart tools. Use an old cabinet or dresser and add dividers. Everyday containers work by adding compartments. DIY tools are inexpensive and efficient. The possibilities are endless when you create your design. Add wheels for a portable one, or customize it to fit your space and needs.

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D. Additional Sorting Ideas

1. By Lego Sets

Grouping bricks from specific Lego sets keeps those parts together. Organize sets by theme like Star Wars. Or sort by set size – small builds together, big sets separate. Number of sort sets by series like Lego City. File instructions with each set for easy building. Organizing sets helps you find pieces to construct models. Display shelves can show off organized Lego sets.

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2. By Instruction Booklets

Keep instruction books with matching bricks. Sort manuals by theme, size, or booklet type. Label and index them neatly. Store manuals with models for quick reference. Organizing instruction books makes building easier. Add digital copies for online access, too. Protect manuals in sleeves from damage.

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3. By Lego Boxes

Some people get bricks into the original packaging. This protects and contains the set. Sort boxes by size, theme, or label them. Stack or display sealed Lego boxes neatly. Reuse battered boxes or keep them pristine. Lego boxes provide safe storage. For play sets, use boxes to separate sets. Box sorting also works for gifts or future sales.

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Automated Machines for Brick Sorting

Special devices can now sort bricks automatically using technology like artificial intelligence. These clever machines save time and effort in organizing large collections. While very handy, automation also has pros and cons compared to manual handling.

The Growing Use of Automated Machines

Lego organizing machines use technology to organize bricks by size, shape, or color. Some contain cameras and sensors to identify each piece. Others use suction and gravity systems to move the parts into place. These automatic machines have become popular because they arrange large collections in groups very quickly and efficiently.

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Examples of Specific Machines

The Lego Vacuum Sorter sucks up bricks and arranges them in order using air flow, depending on their shape. The Universal Lego Sorter has slides to guide pieces into the right bins. The Robot scans and organizes using artificial intelligence. Other examples are the Head Collector for mini figure parts and automated organizing systems made from a Raspberry Pi computer.

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Sourced from: LEGO Automatic Liftarm Sorter LS-L407

The Good and Bad of Automated Ordering

Automated brick sorters can organize giant collections very fast. But manual handling also has some advantages.

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  • Organize huge brick collections super quickly
  • Identify piece types accurately every time
  • It’s fun to watch the machine at work!
  • Save a lot of time compared to manual methods.


  • Very expensive machines to buy
  • DIY automated organizers take time to build
  • Still need some human help
  • Not as flexible as manual handling
  • Limited in recognizing rare or odd-shaped pieces

In the end, automated Lego sorting machines can provide great help for really big collections. But for most casual builders, manual techniques usually work fine. The choice depends on your needs and budget. With the right approach, both methods can organize a messy pile of bricks!

Keeping Your Brick Collection Organized

Having an efficient system to organize your bricks is crucial for builders. Excellent options are structured storage, clear labeling, and easy accessibility. Specialty products can optimize organization.

Structured Ways to Organize

Why an Efficient System Matters

When your brick collection is neatly organized, the building process becomes faster and simpler. Sorted bricks are readily accessible, so creativity flows freely. The most effective systems utilize containers and dividers to categorize pieces by color, type, size, or theme. This maintains orderliness. An intelligent organization method conserves time otherwise spent hunting for the perfect piece.

Storage Products by Room Copenhagen

For premium-quality storage products, Room Copenhagen provides specialized brick-organizing solutions. Their bins and display cases neatly arrange pieces. The Sergeant Brick system boasts military-inspired containers. Their worktables with labeled drawers maximize the workspace. Room Copenhagen fuses intelligent storage with a sleek, modern Danish design.

Labeling Collections Clearly

Comprehensive labeling makes locating brick pieces exceedingly easy. Employ labeled bins or bags like “Blue Bricks.” Printed stickers adhere well to containers. Give descriptive names to divided drawer sections. Number or alphabetize bins sequentially. Color code with paints or stickers. Index instruction manuals concisely. Well-delineated collections are effortless to navigate.

Keeping Things Accessible

Bricks should be stored for maximal access when building. Parts in transparent containers or open shelves are easily visible and reachable. Rotating turntables spin to browse organized pieces. Portable sorting trays or desktop stations provide convenience. The neat, visible organization enables creativity to flow seamlessly.

For children, utilize wall-mounted shelves and hanging storage. Incorporate vibrant colors and fun designs they will enjoy. Make organizing an engaging aspect of playtime. For adults, elegantly display collections. Built-in cabinetry or a dedicated Lego workspace keeps things easily accessible. Customize the system to suit your needs and style.


In summary, organizing your Lego collection is crucial for builders of all ages. Proper brick sorting enhances creativity, efficiency, and set preservation. Clever solutions make organization simple – like sorting trays, DIY organizers, and even automated machines. Categorizing bricks by color, type, size, or theme allows easily finding the right piece. Labeling containers streamlines the system. Display and storage should keep organized Legos accessible.

Room Copenhagen offers specialty storage products to organize in style. For kids to adults, brick organizing helps anyone from casual builders to expert collectors. Well-grouped Legos allow efficiently finding that one perfect piece to bring models to life. With the right organizational system, your neatly categorized brick collection will spark endless creativity and build memories for years.



My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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  2. Wow yet again great timing with these articles I just picked up a bulk buy which I need to organize. Thanks!!

  3. I have 2 tower units with about a dozen drawers. One unit is bricks by colour. Some mixed.
    The other has 2 drawers of men, another of dinos, another of the mech bots, roller coaster tracks, new lego road bits, etc…
    And there still 13 lego storage boxes, 2 for trains, sets damaged etc..
    Its still messy tho but improving. Problem is i keep adding to the growing collection ????????

    Thabks for article. I will share any solution i end up using..

    1. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips! The challenge, of course, is that LEGO collections are growing over time. It’s a good problem to have, though!

  4. I always keep my favorite sets stored in their original box and the pieces inside a reclosable bag when not on display.

  5. I use zip lock bags in totes to store all my extra pieces, sorted by sets or bulk pieces are sorted by color

  6. I like sorting manually if I’m not sure what sets are in the mix. In general I’d LOVE to have a mechanical means of sorting.

  7. Am I the only person who doesn’t sort their Legos? I keep the people separate and sets usually go back in the box, but all my loose Legos go into a plastic tub.

  8. My favorite method to keep my LEGO collection organized is Man cave decoration, in my opinion this is the definitive way to do it.

  9. We have a few boxes, separated by piece type. Not really sorted out for color yet, as we don’t have enough spare parts to justify that kind of sorting method.

  10. The idea of an automatic lego sorter is insane to me. I wouldn’t have ever thought the need would be so great to build one of those!

  11. I just got a bulk box of random sets and kits! I am going to be using these tips to get this all straightened out! How does one clean dirty bricks though!

  12. I don’t always sort my pieces. I mostly just go 1 bag at a time according to the instructions as I empty them into bowls. The only real sorting I do is by size, keeping the larger pieces together and smaller with small.

  13. On my shoeboxes of lego, I always make sure I clearly label the ends so I can find what I am looking for quickly!

  14. I have turned my custom craft room table into my lego storeage. It has a horseshoe shaped top and the legs of the table are actually shelves. It works great to have all my lego in arms reach when working on a project.

  15. I have some of those LEGO storage bricks… but they’re the type where the lid lifts off. I wish I could trade them for the drawer style ones 😔

  16. I always save the manuals with the original box when breaking down my kits, storing them in plastic bags now. Kudos to my mom when so did this when I was a kid. She had to find each piece in a huge bin of random LEGOs also. lol

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