JMB Member Benefits and Points pilot version (May 9, 2023)

JMBricklayer would like to express gratitude for your interest in our membership benefit program. To provide you with more discounts and a better user experience, we are introducing our new points program. Welcome all of you to join our big family and claim your exclusive benefits!

Part I. Membership Benefits

To become one of our members, simply register on our website with your email address only. We assure you that the email address won’t be leaked out and you can unsubscribe at any time. In addition, there are no fees, no mandatory shopping, and no meaningless junk messages.

PS. the coupon code QVEPYMTP for new users to receive a $10 discount is no longer valid. However, all new and existing members have received 100 points(worth $10) as a registration bonus.

  1. Automatically receive 100 points upon registration, which can be used to redeem custom printing service and deduct any product amount (including discounted sets).
  2. Purchase new releases at an early bird price, and have a chance to participate in our Mail-In Rebate and receive free building sets.
  3. Earn points through purchases, daily login, and referrals, etc. Member points can be used to reduce order amounts.
  4. Participate in exclusive deals and contests, and have access to purchase member-only sets.
  5. Receive a special gift of 30% off on your birthday order(for the on sale items, the higher discount will be applied).
  6. Submit and potentially have their new design ideas adopted, and be the first to receive updates on the new releases.

Part II. Point System Terms And Conditions

JMBricklayer point system allows members to earn points through purchases and other activities, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Please review the following terms and conditions for complete details on how our point system works.

Points Earning from Purchases

  1. For each eligible purchase, the member will automatically receive points calculated based on the actual paid amount(no less than $1). Conversion rate: 1 $(USD) = 1 Point.
  2. On sale products are also included in point collection.
  3. When the order has the status of Order Processing, the member will receive points .
  4. The corresponding points will be removed when applying a total or partial refund of the order.
  5. If a coupon is used, the member will only earn points on the amount minus the coupon discount.
  6. Points will always be rounded down, for example, if points are 1.5, they will be 1.
  7. For orders in which points are used to redeem, the member will only earn points on the amount minus the point discount.

Extra Points Earning

  1. A newly registered member will receive 100 points.
  2. For each first daily login, the member will be awarded 2 points.
  3. When completing all fields in the profile, the member will be awarded 5 points.
  4. The member will receive 20 points when a new user signs up using his referral link.
  5. Referral points will be automatically deleted if the referred user account is deleted or banned.
  6. The member will receive 70 points when a user places an order using his referral link.
  7. For one product review, the member will receive 20 points.

Points Redemption

  1. All members are allowed to redeem points automatically. Conversion rate: 10 Points = 1 $(USD) Discount.
  2. On sale products are also included in point redemption.
  3. Coupons could also be used in orders in which the member is redeeming points, but only one coupon can be used per order.
  4. Points can be redeemed at any time or accumulated for greater discounts. However, points will expire 12 months after acquisition, and a notification will be sent 7 days before expiration.


  1. All orders placed in our store and settled through offline payment methods such as bank transfers, the points system cannot be utilized. To redeem or collect points for offline payments, please contact us at for manual deduction or addition.
  2. JMBricklayer reserves the right to interpret, change, terminate or suspend the Membership Point System and its Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

Welcome to leave your feedback or suggestions in the space below!

3 Responses

  1. Before JMBricklayer membership benefits program was created, we received tons of feedback from our fans. Some of suggestions became a part of member benefits, others unfortunately didn’t make the cut. After all, we would like to thank everyone who made suggestions and supported us. JMB is committed to providing better benefits to our members, so you may comment here whenever you have good ideas! We will consider and reply to them at any time.

  2. I think a great idea would be a whole line of Aquatic Marine Life! Think about the kool colors and shapes of coral reef creatures and how about an Octopus!!! Now that would be kool. Also a Blue Crab that can open and be used as an jewelry box?

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