Monthly Giveaways In Sep. 2022

Monthly Giveaways In Sep. 2022

  • JMB Vehicle Series
  • Senna 60102 / K500 50101 Brick Sets
  • 3 + 1 Rounds Lucky Draw
  • over $50.00 / set
  • 15/09/22 - 22/09/22

JMB holds a monthly lucky draw to give away our Lego-type toy sets. (Only for users in the United States this time.)

Prizes Set 1

  1. Win K500 50101 or Senna 60102 1 toy set
  2. At least 3 winners
  3. In 3 rounds, you have 3 chances


Round 1: 15/09/22, 9:00pm PST – 17/09/22, 9:00pm PST (Draw date 17/09/22 09:30pm PST);

Round 2: 17/09/22, 10:00pm PST – 19/09/22, 10:00pm PST (Draw date 19/09/22 10:30pm PST);

Round 3: 19/09/22, 11:00pm PST – 21/09/22, 11:00pm PST (Draw date 21/09/22 11:30pm PST)

Prizes Set 2

An additional draw for JMB FaceBook group members at 22/09/22 10:00pm PST. This means you get 4 chances if you join our group.

  1. 1 set of K500 50101 or Senna 60102  (1 winner)
  2. 80% Off Amazon code for either set ( 2 winners)
  3. 40% Off Amazon code for either set (5 winners)

What Steps

  1. Complete the tasks.
  2. Winners’ List will be published on FaceBook Official JMBricklayer Builders Group & Top comment on the page (post by JMB-Vicky).
  3. We’d love to see the winners post your awards. Spread luck and joy by posting the set on your Facebook account and our group.
  4. Welcome to participate in the next giveaway campaign in October. Let the luck continue!

Enter Now

Note: This campaign is held by JMBricklayer. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue all or any part of the Services at any time.
By participating in this campaign, all the participants agree JMBricklayer has the right to use and re-edit the pictures/videos/reviews they submit by default. JMBricklayer will mark the source of the works when publishing the re-edited one.
JMB K500 50101 giveaway 2022 09
K500 50101
The superior vintage look is a combination of aesthetics and history.
JMB Giveaway in Sep. Seine Buliding block set prize
Private: Super Car Seine MOC 60102
Its mystery & power provide you a stunning display piece to own and enjoy.

16 Responses

  1. Hi builders~I’m Vicky from JMB. Welcome to participate our lucky draw to win exquisite sets. I’ll announce the winners here later, so don’t forget to check out our blog for updates!

    1st round lucky draw winner: Julie Nelson Click here to view the online drawing video
    Don’t miss the next round:17/09/22, 10:00 pm PST – 19/09/22, 10:00 pm PST

    2nd round lucky draw winner: William Palmer Click here to view the online drawing video
    Don’t miss the next round:19/09/22, 10:00 pm PST – 21/09/22, 11:30 pm PST

    3rd round lucky draw winner: Tami Vollenweider Click here to view the online drawing video
    Don’t forget to join JMBricklayer Facebook Group to win giveaways! Besides, we will offer a benefit to the most active users in the group!

    Lucky draw for JMBricklayer Facebook group member:
    1st prize: 1 set of K500 calssic car building set, winner is Louis Wehmeyer
    2nd prizes: 80% off code for designated set, two winners are Jim Knoell, Luiz Fernando Pem
    3rd prizes: 40% off code for designated set, five winners are Ron Frampton, Tammy Michelli, Arthur Otsuka, William Creely, Tony Platz

    Hold on, it is not over yet, we will reward the group’s most active member with a building block set, the winner can choose a favorite set from our designated sets range.
    Starting from this second, ends at 0:00 AM Pacific Time on Sept. 26th

      1. Thanks!! The more entries you complete, the better your chances of winning a prize will be. And we have one or two giveaway campaigns every month. Look forward to your participation next time~

  2. I wish the ways to enter were done differently. I’ve been on the fb page, like and followed but it doesn’t register I have and it won’t give the entries to me.

  3. Hi my name is Brad. I just recently got out of rehab. A part of my recovery I started getting back into lego.

    1. Welcome back, we offer giveaway campaigns every month. You can subscribe to our website or join our Facebook group for more information. Our September giveaway is still in progress, so come and join us. You can also email us and we will offer a big discount.

  4. I think, that you are mistaken. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

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