Chameleon 70124 set Revealed, Price $59.99

JMBricklayer announces the latest launch, Animals Chameleon 70124 set, an official collaboration with Top Toy. Animal and brick fans alike can get their hands on this highly detailed set of brick-built chameleon to proudly display on their desk or at home. Also, interactive play is available by flicking the switch and witness the dazzling neon lights come to life.

The model includes a rainforest inspired base and a chameleon that hugs on the trunk. The reptile’s pose freezes in a moment of prey capture, with its head slightly lifted and tail coiled, as its tongue snatches an unlucky butterfly, soon to become the chameleon’s satisfying meal.

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Key Features

Mechanical & Crystal Sides

1. Boasts extensive technic elements, such as the pin connectors that enable poseable limbs, and visible hose and tube pieces that simulate transfer device; 2. the custom-crafted shell elements feature a layer of iridescent color and engraved textures, recreating the real skin.

Illumination & Flexible Tail

3. Flick the switch to unleash the vibrant green glow, and more enchanting light effect can be watched in the darkness; 4. Composed of multiple small parts connected by ball joints, the articulated design allows it to curl up or extend straight.

Hunting Tongue & Rotatable Eye

5. Made of a few curved tail elements, but their blue transparent color and exaggerated length bring a visually striking impression; 6. Like the real life counterpart does, the eyeball is able to rotate 360 degree to show various expressions.

Graceful Mysterious Mechanical

The Designer Speaks
The set comes with interesting facts about the chameleon on display and the story from the set designer. He tells us “Chameleons are so graceful and mysterious creatures in the world. Their intricate details and ability to change colors and blend with the surroundings sparked an passion within my heart. Thus, the project was made, also combined with the most popular mechanical style.”

Start Sale on July 20, 2023

Now it is now ready for sale .

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For UK customers:UK Amazon, will be available in next month.

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