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The Chameleon 70124 is a collaboration between JMBricklayer and TopToy.

JMBricklayer JMB-Chameleon 70124-06




Moves and Poses

The chameleon’s body hugs a tree trunk, while its head lifts slightly and its tail coils like a spring, poised for action. Suddenly, a beautiful butterfly flutters by, and in a split second, the chameleon’s tongue shoots out, capturing it with precision.

JMBricklayer JMB-Chameleon 70124 in the Jungle-1














Mechanical Design

The mechanical side has various intricate pieces, forming a coordinated whole. Joints are linked using a simple but effective ball socket connection. Also, there are tiny fluid pistons and air actuator cleverly built into the structure. They can imitate the movements of muscles, so that the mechanical chameleon has good motion and control.

JMBricklayer JMB-Chameleon 70124 in the Jungle-2














Crystal Shell Design

The other side is covered by crystal shells with a layer of iridescent color. The surface is engraved with tiny textures as if a few gemstones are embedded on the chameleon’s body. The shells change their colors and textures to match the surroundings, helping the chameleon blend in perfectly.

JMBricklayer JMB-Chameleon 70124 in the Jungle-3














Neon Transport System

The system consists of a transparent light tube and multiple pipes. By activating the switch, the neon tube lights up in a dazzling green glow, and it begins to transport the color-changing particles to the crystal shells for camouflage.

JMBricklayer JMB-Chameleon 70124-the upper body














Flexible Hunting Tongue

The tongue is a long, transparent tube that curves gracefully in deep blue. This is a powerful tool for the chameleon to catch prey. It grabs flying insects with sticky liquid at the tip of the tongue, then swallows them to absorb their energy.

Intelligent Detection Sensors

Equipped with smart sensors, the chameleon’s eyeball is able to rotate freely. This helps it to detect and analyze creatures and the environment nearby. By adjusting the eyeball from different angles, the mechanical being can express various emotions like “happy”, “sad”, or “lost in thought”.

Blade-like Spikes

There are four sharp spikes on its back, they can quickly stand up as a display of intimidation when the creature encounters enemies or searches for food in the jungle. The spiky armor serve to protect and deter potential threats.

Mech-inspired Coiled Tail

With a segmented structure, the tail not only looks lifelike but also allows for flexible interactions. It aids the chameleon in rapid strikes and ensures stability in various ecological settings.

JMBricklayer JMB-Chameleon 70124-the Base














Rainforest Inspired Base

The base where the chameleon habitats represents the diverse rainforest environment. It features tangled brown branches with huge leaves stretched out and hanging vines down to the ground. The surface is covered with shining green grass and decorated with ferns and tropical flowers.

The Design Inspiration

Step into a future world where mechanical creations are everywhere. They combine engineering and advanced technology to create new beings with both biological features and mechanical abilities. The mechanical creation project keeps producing amazing results, and Chameleon 70124 is designed based on the outstanding invention–half mechanical chameleon.

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1 review for Mechanical Chameleon 70124

  1. Sven Witt (verified owner)

    The Mechanical series with the semi-mechanical animals is absolutely amazing and immediately captivated me. The chameleon was the first of the bunch and was a very challenging build, especially if you haven’t had much to do with alternative terminal blocks before. The instructions were easy to understand, the brick quality was great, the clamping force was top, the colors were absolutely convincing and, above all, there were some very chic metallic parts. There is also an LED in the form of a light brick in a 2 x 2 round brick, which is activated by turning. The nice thing is that it stays on when activated, unlike the market leader’s light bricks. The chameleon is a real eye-catcher and has already been the start of some good conversations. The only point of criticism is the design of the “light tube”. JMBricklayer has even created a separate tutorial for this – this construction is really almost impossible with the parts that are provided, the tube is simply too rigid and tight. After almost 1.5 hours of trying and a lot of gray hair, I gave up. The hose does not lie as shown in the instructions and on the product picture and is not held in place by a clip. Is that noticeable? Nope. Does it still look good? Absolutely.

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