New Arrival: Space Planet Station 70006

Explorers, get ready to journey to the outer reaches of the galaxy with JMBricklayer's latest creation – the Outer Space Globe 70006!
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Explorers, get ready to journey to the outer reaches of the galaxy with JMBricklayer’s latest creation – the Outer Space Globe 70006! Forget mapping out Earth, because this incredible cutaway model lets you build an entire alien planet! Perfect for space-obsessed enthusiasts, collectors, and kids education, this set will bring you a building experience like never before.

Exploring New Planet

In the future, humans were totally over Earth and took a real long space road trip to find a mystery planet! To get the lowdown on their potential new crib, the space explorers built a wicked cool research station right on the planet’s surface. This place had all the most vital parts like life support to keep them breathing, power cores for energy, and high-tech labs for running experiments.

And now, with the Outer Space Globe 70006 set, you can recreate this incredible vision of cosmic exploration and outpost construction right by your hands!

Key Features

This innovative globe offers a 360-degree rotating feature, a futuristic design, cozy illumination, and a clear protective dome to enhance your exploration experience.

  • 360° Rotating Globe – Spin this entire miniature globe a full 360 degrees, exploring every nook and cranny of the alien landscape.
  • Futuristic Showpiece – More than just a model, this streamlined globe evokes the wonder of deep space exploration with its otherworldly design.
  • Cozy Illumination – Bask in the warm, radiant glow of the globe’s artificial sun, casting an inviting celestial light that illuminates the interior detailing.
  • Clear Protective Dome – An ultra-clear dome enclosure lets you fully appreciate the painstaking detail of the globe’s inside while keeping it safe from dust.

Grab Yours Now

If you’re really into outer space, you’ll love building your very own alien planet with cool landscapes and bases. For collectors, it’s a super unique piece that looks amazing on display. Parents can use it to get kids excited about learning the wonders of the galaxy through fun model-making. No matter who you are, get yours by clicking the buttons below!

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My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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