New Releases on Amazon Stores: August 2023

JMBricklayer JMB-New release on Amazon stores-August 2023

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The following sets are going to launch JMB Amazon stores in August, but their specific release dates are uncertain due to Amazon’s internal processing. Please refer to the actual details for the most up-to-date.

1. Amazon US

Model (to be confirmed)Price
Mecha Warrior Black 70132$49.94
Mecha Warrior White 70133$49.94
Aston Martin Victor 60101$69.94
Super Car SRT Hellcat 60105$79.94
F-22 Raptor Fighter 60003$89.94
Golden Lion Castle 41106$119.95
Speed Racing Car- Cullinan 11105$17.99-18.99
Speed Racing Car- Purosangue 11107$17.99-18.99
Speed Racing Car-X6 11108$17.99-18.99
Speed Racing Car-Urus 11106$17.99-18.99
Maple Forest Villa 21108$71.99

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2. Amazon CA

Model (to be confirmed)Price
Mecha Warrior Black 70132CA$64.94
Mecha Warrior White 70133CA$64.94
Golden Lion Castle 41106CA$169.95
Maple Forest Villa 21108CA$99.99
Speed Racing Car- Cullinan 11105CA$26.95
Speed Racing Car- Purosangue 11107CA$26.95
Speed Racing Car-X6 11108CA$26.95
Speed Racing Car-Urus 11106CA$26.95

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3. Amazon UK

Model (to be confirmed)Price
Mechanical Chameleon 70124£59.99
Mechanical T-Rex 70001£89.99
Speed Racing Car-Urus 11105£18.99
Speed Racing Car- Purosangue 11107£18.99
Speed Racing Car-X6 11108£18.99
Speed Racing Car-Urus 11106£18.99
Atlantis World Aquaria-Sea Turtle 21106£35.99
3-in-1 Vintage Set 20132£32.99

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4. Amazon DE

Model (to be confirmed)Price
Mechanical Chameleon 70124€60.99
Mechanical T-Rex 70001€80.99

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