New Releases on Amazon Stores: March 2024

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Our latest collections are set to make their debut on the JMB Amazon stores this March. While the exact release dates may remain uncertain due to Amazon’s internal processes, we encourage you to stay tuned and keep an eye out by visiting our store.

1. Amazon US

ModelPrice (to be confirmed)
Nutcracker 70143$49.99
Space Astronaut Panda 70005$54.99
Money Tree 20108 (with decorative pieces)$45.99
Space Mechanical Rocket 70142$99.99
Mecha Warrior Yang Jian 70148$54.99
Mecha Warrior Bai Qi 70149$54.99
Mecha Warrior Monkey King 70150$54.99
HXN 3 Diesel Locomotive 51108$89.95
EMD SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive 51109$99.95
Space Planet Station 70006$110.99
RC Half Tracked Armored Vehicle 61516$89.99
RC Armoured Karl Mortar 61517$89.99
GBC Marble Run Logarithmic Ball Calculator 70147$99.99
USA EMD F7 WP Diesel Locomotive 51107$119.99

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2. Amazon CA

Space Astronaut Panda 70005to be confirmed
Space Planet Station 70006to be confirmed
Nutcracker 70143to be confirmed
Space Mechanical Rocket 70142to be confirmed
The Silence Ship 40111to be confirmed
Mecha Warrior-Yang Jian 70148to be confirmed
Mecha Warrior-Bai Qi 70149to be confirmed
Mecha Warrior-Monkey King 70150to be confirmed

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3. Amazon DE

ModelPrice (to be confirmed)
Mini Set-Pet Party 20138€39.94
Vintage Car Countac MOC 50112€69.99
Formula Racing Car F1 MOC 61127€54.99
Tu-160 Strategic Bomber 60007€84.95
CH-53 Transport Helicopter 60008€97.95
E-2 Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning 60009€82.99
Revenge Queen Anne Drifting Bottle 40110€95.99

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4. Amazon UK

ModelPrice (to be confirmed)
GBC Marble Run Logarithmic Ball Calculator 70147£115.98
Space Planet Station 70006£129.95
Space Mechanical Rocket 70142£115.98
Space Astronaut Panda 70005£59.98
RC Armoured Karl Mortar 61517£102.95
EMD SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive 51109£115.98
RC Half Tracked Armored Vehicle 61516£102.95
HXN 3 Diesel Locomotive 51108£102.95
USA EMD F7 WP Diesel Locomotive 51107£129.95
Mecha Warrior-Monkey King 70150£65.99
Mecha Warrior-Yang Jian 70148£65.99
Mecha Warrior-Bai Qi 70149£65.99

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My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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