Offline Payment Available for Russian Customers

Starting today, JMBricklayer will be fulfilling orders from customers in Russia.
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Starting today, JMBricklayer will be fulfilling orders from customers in Russia. However, please note that all orders will require payment through bank transfer. If you are a customer from Russia and would like to make a purchase, kindly contact us via email at We will assist you in completing the ordering and payment process.

Furthermore, all orders will also be eligible for free shipping and free replacements. Please be aware that the estimated delivery time from the China warehouse to Russia is approximately 10-45 days.

To provide our Russian customers with more convenient payment methods, we’ll continue to make efforts in the future.

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My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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Serving to create the coolest lego-type brick sets for builders around the world, JMBricklayer is built by a group of building set freaks and focus on innovation of the production technology and strengthening of the supply chain.

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