3 in 1 Medieval Weapon 30001

It can be disassembled and reassembled to build 3 different model toys – the  Ballista / Catapult / Bombard kits, which are inspired by early mechanical inventions, interesting, and rich in historical stories.  Free Shipping.



Sickle-shaped Decoration The 3-in-1 model has cool blue sickle-type decoration on the wheels and front. Elasticity Device This kit uses elastic devices to increase the playability of the building block toys. Vintage Wood Color The color of this ancient mechanical set is a very textured vintage wood color.

【3 in 1 Building Set】: Our creative Ancient mechanical building block set consists of 568 quality blocks that can be used confidently. It can be disassembled and reassembled to build 3 different model toys – trebuchet, the catapult, and crossbow kits, which are inspired by early mechanical inventions, engaging, and rich in historical stories. In addition, this kit comes with colorful instructions that can help you complete the assembly more accurately.

【Exquisite Appearance】: Block model’s overall color scheme retro, will let you have a feeling of immersion in the medieval era. And the body is solid, the appearance of a high degree of restoration, and exquisite design, the outer contours of each wheel, and the front part of the vehicle have a unique light blue sickle-type decoration, that plays a defensive role, but also embellishes the appearance. You can take home research to discover more playable details.

【Elastic Device】: The 3 building block toys – the Ballista/Catapult/Bombard instructions have been designed with elastic devices using mechanical principles. After assembly, you can press the trigger button to use the elastic force of the rubber band to launch suitable objects or crossbow arrows. It increases the playability of DIY building block toys, and it is also straightforward to operate. If you’re interested in this type of block kit, it’s well worth a try.
【Enjoy the Game】: The model kit is the right size and very easy to carry. And the assembled model is suitable as a DIY kit for adults or teenagers, but also as your family’s stem educational block kit, which can improve your logical thinking skills and hands-on skills. You can not only experience the surprise brought by three kinds of reorganization and transformation but also enjoy the fun of assembling with your family and friends.

【Gift Worth Collecting】: If you are looking for a beautiful gift, then the catapult block kit is a very good choice. And you can also take it back as your collection, which will be a more meaningful thing. In addition, if there are any problems with the product, please contact us, we will promptly solve the problem, and if you find the kit is still missing after you receive the product, we will ship the missing parts for you free of charge.

The design of our 3-in-1 model kit is inspired by the elements of warfare in the medieval period. This model kit not only has a rich historical background but also has a variety of interesting ways to play, which can take you on a journey through the retro history and culture of the medieval period and appreciate the wisdom of the ancients. Build three magnificent kits – a Ballista (a huge crossbow), a Bombard (an early type of cannon), and a powerful Catapult.

3 IN 1 — Ballista

3 IN 1 — Bombard

3 IN 1 — Catapult


This building block toy can be disassembled and reassembled into three different model kits, each of which is a lot of fun. A block kit can reap three pleasures, and you can build any one of them. Building block models can be used not only as decorations but also for play and collection. You can display it at home or in the office.

JMB 3 in 1 Ancient Machine 30001 - a+ 6

The game of building blocks can very well promote the close relationship between you and your family and friends, you can take back and experience the fun with them. The building block kit as a 3D puzzle game or stem educational programs are great to allow your child to learn a lot in the process, such as the development of the child’s brain, and can develop children’s hands-on skills and hobbies.

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