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  • 【Trendy Warrior Mecha】Introducing the JMBricklayer tech mecha model, featuring a new and stylish design that is at the cutting edge of creation. This mech is equipped with an array of tactical gear, including dual-bladed melee weapons, a visor mask, protective armor, and a sling bag, ensuring readiness for all-out combat. The larger communication earpiece highlights its rebellious personality, while an array of intricate details converge to craft a poised and cool warrior persona.
  • 🗡【Exquisite Craftsmanship】The widespread utilization of the electroplating process restores a high-quality luster, and you will be amazed at the tactile feel of this mech. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this model boasts an array of printed pieces and electroplated components that bestow an unparalleled sense of sophistication. Its head design is equally awe-inspiring, featuring a personalized hairstyle that catches the eye. Experience the touch of luxury in your hands!
  • 🗡【Design of Multiple Movable Joints】Forge your own legend with the JMBricklayer robot’s unmatched possibilities. With a wealth of joints distributed across its body, you’re in control of crafting epic stances. From intense combat poses to reflective moments of meditation, this action figure adapts. Store the blade on its back or wield it in hand – every pose tells a story, and every joint is a brushstroke in your masterpiece.
  • 🗡【Ideal for Display and Gifting】For those seeking a remarkably distinctive display piece or a memorable gift, the JMBricklayer mech warrior set is an impeccable choice. With its striking aesthetics and dedicated stand, it stands out as a collector’s gem. This building toy set also presents a creative gifting idea, perfect for adults or teens aged 8 9 10 11 12 13 14+ who appreciate building blocks, robotics, stylish embellishments, and mechs.
  • 🗡【Build and Play】Revel in the joy of assembly with loved ones during family gatherings, parent-child bonding moments, or friend get-togethers. Unwind and relish the splendid leisure hours as you construct a personalized mech that fills you with pride and accomplishment. Once assembled, adjust the vector warrior into various dynamic poses, igniting an exhilarating combat gaming experience! Get ready to build, play, and conquer!

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4 reviews for 50% off Mecha Warrior SAKKI 70132 for EU

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    Reviewed by KOL Mr. Harry Lee from itsnotlego

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    customer reviewed by Mr.Joshua Katz

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    customer reviewed by Mr.Frank Rivera

  4. Sven Witt

    The Mech Warrior makes quite an impression. Not only is it big, but the metallic colors make this warrior look very classy. The assembly was challenging, also because there are different colors, which are difficult to distinguish from each other in the instructions. Another point of criticism is the huge 9 x 9 sticker for the pedestal on which the SAKKI Mecha Warrior stands. Applying this without air bubbles is an art. The other stickers, on the other hand, were of good quality and easy to apply. However, there are also a few prints. All in all, the stickers and prints naturally breathe a little more life and variety into the Warrior. The stand made of transparent lift arms is absolutely necessary, by the way, as the figure unfortunately cannot stand on its own due to its heavy weight. The leg joints are cool, but can’t hold the upper body properly. This is why the Warrior is not really suitable for playing, but is “only” used as a display model. But it can do that really well 🙂

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