Flower Sets 2 Pack, 27 Variety (20001-20033)

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Unleash Your Floral Artistry – In the world of JMBricklayer flowers, the power to create enchanting bouquets lies in your hands. We offer a diverse range of floral plants for you to choose from. There are a total of 27 different flower varieties, each packaged with two stems. Through exploring our extensive floral selection, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. It could be a single stem placed in a vase, or a bouquet with each variety arranged in a vase, undoubtedly making marvelous decorations for our living rooms, offices, or any space. With our artificial flower collection, you can showcase your artistic talent and craft a truly unique and personalized bouquet. If you want to know the size information of the product, please click the additional information next to view.

The Meaning of Blooming Precious Gifts – Our bricklayer flowers are more than just exquisite creations; unlike traditional flowers that wither, these everlasting blossoms symbolize eternal love and cherished memories. On occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any heartfelt celebration, surprise your family, friends, or loved ones with these architectural wonders.

Joyful Assembly, Shared Delight – Embark on a delightful journey of assembly with our user-friendly building blocks. From adults to older children, everyone can revel in the joy of creating their own floral masterpiece. Clear and concise instructions accompany each kit, ensuring a seamless building experience. As you immerse yourself in the process, feel the stress melt away, replaced by a sense of accomplishment and relaxation.

Additional information

Flower Name

Carnation 20007, Daisy White 20017, Eustoma Green 20021, Eustoma Pink 20022, Forget-me-not 20006, Gerbera Orange 20026, Gypsophila Blue 20002, Gypsophila White 20013, Holly Fruit 20019, Jasmine 20004, Lavender 20010, Lily of the Valley Purple 20033, Lily of the Valley White 20005, Lily Pink 20024, Lily White 20023, Orange Tulip 20012, Red Rose 20011, Rose Blue 20015, Rose Magic Color 20029, Rose Pearlescent Purple 20028, Rose Pearlescent Red 20027, Rose Rouge Pink 20014, Rose Yellow 20016, Sunflower 20018, Tulip Magic Color 20032, Tulip Pearlescent 20031, Tulip White Blue 20030


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Gypsophila Blue 20002 Size

4.29*3.74*12.6 inches (L*W*H)

Jasmine 20004 Size

3.78*2.68*10.87 inches (L*W*H)

Lily of the Valley White 20005 Size

3.43*181*13.31 inches (L*W*H)

Forget-me-not 20006 Size

4.57*3.27*12.64 inches (L*W*H)

Carnation 20007 Size

3.31*3.31*15.63 inches (L*W*H)

Lavender 20010 Size

2.32*2.32*12.64 inches (L*W*H)

Red Rose 20011 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Orange Tulip 20012 Size

2.17*3.03*11.81 inches (L*W*H)

Gypsophila White 20013 Size

4.29*3.74*12.6 inches (L*W*H)

Rose Rouge Pink 20014 Size

3.74*3.31*11.85 inches (L*W*H)

Rose Blue 20015 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Rose Yellow 20016 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Daisy White 20017 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Sunflower 20018 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Holly Fruit 20019 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Eustoma Green 20021 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Eustoma Pink 20022 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Lily White 20023 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Lily Pink 20024 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Gerbera Orange 20026 Size

3.23*2.99*12.01 inches (L*W*H)

Rose Pearlescent Red 20027 Size

2.99*2.44*11.3 inches (L*W*H)

Rose Pearlescent Purple 20028 Size

2.99*2.44*11.3 inches (L*W*H)

Rose Magic Color 20029 Size

2.99*2.44*11.3 inches (L*W*H)

Tulip White Blue 20030 Size

1.34*4.57*9.06 inches (L*W*H)

Tulip Pearlescent 20031 Size

1.34*4.57*9.06 inches (L*W*H)

Tulip Magic Color 20032 Size

1.34*4.57*9.06 inches (L*W*H)

Lily of the Valley Purple 20033 Size

1.61*3.5*13.54 inches (L*W*H)

1 review for Flower Sets 2 Pack, 27 Variety (20001-20033)

  1. Amanite Rogers (verified owner)

    So beautiful.
    Easy to build and stunning to have on display. Will buy some more.
    Would recommend to anyone who wants to have beautiful flowers all year round.

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