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  • 【Strong Motor】Containing 2438 bricks, this marble run set can be assembled into a spectacular model of a ball run coaster. The roller coaster toy set is equipped with a black furious hyperspeed L motor, which drives the transmission structure to push the ball, enhancing the novel game experience. The tight mechanical linkage system and the ingenious transmission structure will take you to feel the charm of building block technology. The finished model measures 23.43in(L)x7.87in(W)x29.69in(H).
  • 【Ingenious Transmission Structure】The gear rotates to push the ball, and the electric lift steps transport the ball to a high place. The strong motor drives the rotating structure to push the ball upwards, and it goes through the bend smoothly. With the double wrap-around transfer line, the ball will roll happily on the slideway and finally roll into the storage box. Great Ball Contraption full of technology is rotated mechanically, and multiple modules are combined, which is very shocking.
  • 【Relax While Building】This is a building block set with a movement mechanism that inspires curiosity and exploration. You can feel the fun of hands-on building, get rid of the troubles in life, and relax. This roller coaster building set requires 6 AAA batteries (not included). When the rollercoaster model is completed, you can turn on the switch to let multiple balls compete, feel the speed and passion, and immerse yourself in the wonderful mechanical world.
  • 【Ideal Gifts Idea】Not only a building toy, but also a playable display model, the JMBricklayer roller coaster 70103 would be the perfect gift for tech lovers. Each particle of this marble set has been processed by multiple precision procedures to ensure that it can be built firmly, not easily deformed or faded, and the model has high stability and safety. Packed in a premium box with a detailed instruction manual, our set is a creative birthday, Halloween, and Christmas gift for teens and adults.
  • 【Excellent Customer Service】You can buy roller coaster building toys at the JMBricklayer store with confidence. Before the product is packaged, we go through several rounds of inspection to ensure that the accessories are complete. If you find that some parts are missing during the building process, please feel free to contact us and we will reissue them for you. If there is any problem, we will try our best to provide you with a good solution.

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JMBricklayer marble run set 70103

Our marble run device is full of technology and is composed of multiple modules, and the ball transmission structure is very ingenious. This marble run set features a black furious hyperspeed L motor for great power. Activate the switch to make the ball run in an orderly manner, and the scene is very shocking.

JMBricklayer 70103

JMBricklayer Marble Run

Marble Run

Ball Transfer Plate

The ball transfer plate pushes the ball forward.

Lifting Step

The electric lift steps transport the ball to a high place.

Ejection Device

A powerful motor drives the rotating structure to push the ball upwards.

Roller Coaster

building toys

marble run set

Fall into Orbit

After passing the curve, the ball falls into the next track.

Orbital Assembly Line

Balls roll fast on double wrap-around tracks.

Storage Box

After a long journey, the ball falls into the storage box at the end.

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Additional information

Weight2.77 kg
Dimensions59.52 × 19.99 × 75.42 cm





GBC Marble Run


The Future

Brick Pieces




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After-sales Service

Free Send Missing Pieces


2.4G lithium battery pack

Packing List

User manual, brick & Block parts, L-motor*1, M-motor*1, 2.4G Lithium battery*1

User Manual


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