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  • 【JMBricklayer Constellation Mech Construction Set】Explore the mysterious journey of the constellations and feel the fantasy color world. Each constellation mech figure has an impressive shape, as if it were a guardian deity in the starry sky, presenting the unique qualities of each of the twelve constellations, providing a wonderful adventure for constellation lovers and block fans.
  • 【Create Your Own Warrior】With purple color as the main theme, this mecha building toy presents the unique passion and vitality of Sagittarius. The mech design highlights the adventurous spirit and free nature of Sagittarius, and the purple color looks like the twinkling stars in the starry sky. Each building block is a unique interpretation of the Sagittarius constellation symbol.
  • 【Special Crystal Building Block Parts】The unique crystal building bricks make it unique. The transparent and crystalline bricks look like crystals in the starry sky, injecting a touch of mysterious light into the whole model kit. Each crystal brick is unique, adding a distinctive constellation charm to your mecha toy.
  • 【Flexible Articulations】The JMBricklayer mech robot is designed with a range of movable body parts,not only increasing the fun of this mecha model kit but also showing the beauty of Sagittarius’ flexibility and change. It also comes with a specially designed bow and arrow weapon, which resembles the magic props of the constellation, adding more elements of combat and adventure.
  • 【Ideal Gift】Our mecha model kit is an ideal construction toy for 8 9 10 11 12 13 14+ years old kids. Its unique design and innovative construction make it a chic gift that will make the recipient feel your heart and creativity, whether it’s a birthday gift, a holiday gift, or used to show special care for friends and family.

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Cool Mecha Robot Building Toy


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