T-Rex Dinosaur 70001

Enhanced Version Launches, Price $89.99

T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Set Revealed - landing page banner mountain - 1
T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Set Revealed - landing page banner cloud
T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Set Revealed - landing page banner mountain 2-2
T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Set Revealed - landing page banner dinosaur 3


JMBricklayer is delighted to present our new launch, the Animals T-Rex 70001 set. This enhanced version features a reinforced structure and enhanced display effect, which will fulfill the demands of both dinosaur and brick-building fans. With its intricate design and lifelike appearance, this T-Rex set is perfect for displaying proudly on your desk or at home. Alternatively, immerse yourself in an exhilarating role-playing game centered around the theme of “Jungle Adventure,” where this magnificent and thrilling creature will undoubtedly steal the spotlight!

This model features a gray-black T-Rex and a sturdy base. The T-Rex’s legs are spread apart as it takes giant strides, while its sharp claws are curved. In an instant when its mouth opens, a red tongue forcefully emerges and exudes a fierce aura.

T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Set Revealed - 3

Key Features

Appearance & Style

1. Combines mechanical elements and the natural form of a T-Rex, and showcases a visually explosive and unique cybernetic creation. 2. Features deep shades of gray and bold black stripes, complemented by a smooth texture that offers a delightful tactile experience.

Structure & Building

1. Based on elements like gears and linkages, enhances the futuristic and technological appeal and also ensures the model’s articulation. 2.The spacious base provides sturdy support for the T-Rex but also serves as the starting point for the entire smooth building process.

Details & Experience

1. The jaws can move with a lifelike motion and transition between opening and closing, revealing its array of razor-sharp teeth. 2. Each limb, precisely coupled with calibrated joints, offers exceptional flexibility, on which the blade-like claws can flex up and down.

The Designer Speaks

T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Set Revealed - right side

We studied the appearance and characteristics of the T-Rex and drew inspiration from the cybernetic style. By combining mechanical elements and biological features, we have created a design that shows both strength and elegance. The intricate mechanical details and sleek texture in the model give the T-Rex a unique sense of technology but also keeps its primal grandeur.

This is an enhanced version where we have modified the internal structure of the base, merged some parts, and redesigned the connections to ensure improved stability and sturdiness in the overall build.

Start Sale on July 26, 2023

Now it is now ready for sale .

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