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2023 June
Father's Day Giveaway

To celebrate this Father’s Day, we present an exhilarating giveaway featuring military-themed brick sets. We honor the first line of defense in every family – fathers. They are the unwavering shield that protects their loved ones.

Enter the top three to win free thrilling models. From rugged off-road trucks to life-saving ambulances, from powerful tanks to stealthy submarines. Even if you don’t make it, there is still a chance to receive a 50% off coupon.

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Space series Giveaway, from July 3rd to 12th, Ghost-Extinguishing Blade series will come in September

New launch set Chameleon 70124 Giveaway, from July 21st to 31st 

JMBricklayer JMB Unimog Military Ambulance 61506 - LEGO TYPE brick block set toys - img 6

Military Ambulance 61506

This model is inspired by the modern Unimog military ambulance that combines functionality and tactical power. Unlike dinky toys, the vehicle set has sleek design and rugged construction. Also, the well crafted interior features adjustable seats and a fully equipped medical bay, medical instruments, etc. no detail has been overlooked.

JMBricklayer JMB Leopard 2A4 Tank 61504 - Products image 5

Leopard 2A4 Tank 61504

The kit represents a heavyweight in the world of armored vehicles. The construction of the tank's turret, chassis, and other essential elements, all rendered in a captivating small-scale format. Each panel and detail on the exterior is meticulously adorned with lifelike prints, replicating the intricate patterns and markings found on the original tank.

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  1. @everyone Winner Announcement – JMBricklayer Father’s Day Giveaway (Military Series Brick Sets)
    1st place winner is Michael McLane, the prize is to choose one between 1:8 Warrior Off-Road 61508 & Military Ambulance 61506
    2nd place winner is Thanay Binford, the prize is to choose one between Leopard 2A4 Tank 61504 & Nuclear Submarine 61505
    3rd place winners are Paul Fahy & Artem Oludin, the prize is 1pcs 3-In-1 Medieval Weapon 30001
    5 more names are picked as 4th winners, the prize is a 50% off discount code for our military series sets
    We have contacted all winners via email, please kindly check your inbox and claim your prizes timely, thank you all for entering!
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