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JMBricklayer Blade Series brick set toys Giveaway

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  • 16/09/23 - 25/09/23

Welcome, brave souls, to the Blade&Sword Series Giveaway, where we’re ready to turn your dreams into reality, one sword at a time.

At first glance, the hilt of these block-built swords stands as a testament to details. Every curve, contour, and ornate design is faithfully recreated, capturing the essence of the original source of inspiration. As your fingers trace the intricately crafted handle, you’ll feel connected to the world of swordsmen.

Moving further along the blade, you’ll notice the carefully applied stickers that cover its surface. These stickers bear intricate patterns and symbols, paying homage to the legendary blades from which they draw inspiration.

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Our Another Giveaway

JMBricklayer JMB-The 3rd Share and Comment Giveaway-Prize Photo

Join our share & comment giveaway, you’ll have a chance to win:

1st place: T-Rex Dinosaur 70001+a Custom Piece
2nd place: Money Tree 20008 (the upcoming set)+a Custom Piece
3rd-5th place: 50% Coupon(choose one of the two)+a Custom Piece

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