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In the descriptions of many film and television works and novels, apart from the vigorous war horses, brave knights and tall castles, the impression of the Middle Ages is dark, heavy but full of mystery. Our Medieval building series is based on this tonal design.

But at the same time, we want to add some warm elements to light up the lamp in people’s hearts. For example, there is a sturdy log cabin in a silent forest, with flowers, plants, poultry and tools under the eaves, and the warm light shines through the windows of the small attic (Forest Chalet 31101); In a bright hotel, travelers who come and go gather here to have a meal and rest, and go their separate ways after dawn (Hotel 31103); a small villa with large windows, with bows and arrows commonly used by the owner hanging on the interior walls, and in the kennel at the door There are also hunting dogs, and the surrounding lights clearly illuminate the dangers hidden in the dark (Villa Chalet 31102).

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Car series, including brick sets of touring cars, classic cars, sports cars. From June 5th to 13th

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Medieval Hotel 31103

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