New Launch, T-Day Giveaway & Sale

Powerful in features combined with historically correct details, 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001 set will guarantee lots of fun during both construction and play.
New Launch, T-Day Giveaway & Sale - JMBricklayer

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3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001 makes its debut, serving to bring new challenges and more great joys. The new set will be offered as a giveaway during Thanksgiving Day(Nov.24 thru Nov.30). What’s more, come and get a coupon code of VIPJMB30 for 30% off the set on the US Amazon store.

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1. Thanksgiving Day Giveaway

During the Giveaway in October, a few lucky winners received JMB free sets. Thanksgiving Day is coming and we are going to launch the November Giveaway(Nov.24 thru Nov.30) to make luck continue. This campaign is held for worldwide people. If you can’t wait to get your favorite set, click to visit our Amazon store or online store.

2. New Release of 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001

Due to the use of castles throughout the medieval period, European societies developed a wide array of different medieval siege weapons. These weapons were designed and used throughout the period in battle in order to destroy the fortifications of a castle.

Inspired by that, we launch a new set of 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001 featuring historical details. The set will impress not only history fans but also those who are interested in smart building solutions.

You can build it in three different ways depending on your weapon of choice. The options are:

The Catapult

The Bombard

The Ballista or Giant Crossbow

The sand blue and light green accent pieces go nicely with the brown and nougat brick and technic pieces (quoted from itsnotlego). There are vintage designs like chains and blue sickle-shaped spikes on the front or the side of the wheels. Each vehicle is able to roll and move forward and backward to make sure the weapon is at an effective range. With the bricks set, you can expect iconic tricks like launching projectiles to knock down a target or having the arrows shot across the room, which is simple to operate and appealing for both adults and toddlers. You can adjust the amount of tension each weapon has to operate by replacing rubber bands that are provided in four different sizes. A brick separator also comes with the bricks set and plays an indispensable role when separating the parts to build the next version of the model.

Dimensions: 10.50in(L)x6.70in(W)x6.10in(H)

Brick Pieces: 568

Original Price: $39.99

Discount: 30% off

Use coupon code: VIPJMB30 (only for U.S. Amazon store)

For worldwide buyers: get 30% off here

3. Up to 30% Off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals(Nov.24th to Nov.28th) —

For the Online store: 12 selected sets will be on sale with a 30% off discount.

For US Amazon store: Prime gets up to 20% off.

Time is running out, and our promotion ends soon. This is your great chance to buy 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 3001 and other discounted sets at this great price. Besides, Christmas is coming soon, so let’s look forward to the next giveaway!



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