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  • 【Exquisite Block Set】: This supercar set consists of 2178 quality blocks that you can use with confidence. The finished size of the whole sports car is 19.09in(L) x 9.21in(W) x 5.67in(H), and the main color scheme is classic white, blue and red. In addition, our products come with colorful assembly instructions, which can help you identify and complete the assembly more easily. You can enjoy the fun of building blocks by yourself or with your family and friends.
  • 【Creative Design】: The sports car building block model with exquisite appearance and beautiful lines. Its overall design is very creative. The double-wing door can be opened, the rear cover can open and can be expanded in all directions, the steering wheel steering has a linkage function, and the rear wind blade can also adjust the angle, very cool. In addition, this car model has self-developed metal wheels to increase the texture and restoration of the car, which is worth owning.
  • 【Switchable Dynamic Mode】: The bottom of this car is a quick-release design, which is convenient for power modification, and you can freely switch between static and dynamic modes. If you want an RC sports car, you can bring your own or purchase the required power parts to convert it into a dynamic car, and you can better achieve the operation and play. For this sports car whether you are playing as an RC car, or as a decorative display, it is a good choice!
  • 【Gifts & Collections】: Our sports car has a cool look and classic color, and building blocks help improve logical thinking skills. If you are looking for a holiday gift for family and friends, the sports car is a good choice, both the overall shape and the details of the car are very eye-catching. Of course, it is also very suitable as a collection, if you have this hobby, you can take it back as your beloved collection, you will feel the surprise and for you is also a meaningful thing.
  • 【After-sale Guarantee】: After you receive our product, if you find any problem with the product, you can contact us and we will provide you with a solution or process a refund. In addition, our products are shipped after strict inspection, so you can use them with confidence. However, if you find that there is a missing part after receiving the product, please also contact us and we will send you the missing part free of charge.

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model cars

car model kit

JMBricklayer 60117 Sports Car Building Block Kit – Build Creative and Cool Super Car Model

This model kit has a high degree of realism and exquisite detailed sculpting that perfectly captures the elegance of this sports car. The blue and white color scheme of the body adds a touch of surprise, like a classic character from an anime movie, very beautiful. And this sports car has a very cool look, making it an ideal gift for boys and adults.

This Sports Car Model Looks Exquisite and Cool, It Has Very Realistic Details to Play and Enjoy.

lego cars kits

lego sets for adults

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Simulated Metal Wheels

The sports car uses metal wheels with a very good gloss, increasing the restoration of the sports car. The body is blue and white, with a small amount of red other bright colors accents, looks very sophisticated.

Cool Biplane Doors

This sports car has a very large number of movable details, its doors can be opened manually, the rear wing can be adjusted and other details to increase the playability of the sports car.

Realistic Rear Details

The design of the sports car model is very creative, it can be converted into dynamic remote control mode, but you need to prepare the required power components separately.

legos car

lego sets car

lego car kit

Ideal Gift for Boys

The sports car model is very suitable for teens and adults, and it is also an ideal gift for boys, you can give them to your family and friends on their birthdays, etc.

Classic Collection

For car enthusiasts, the Classic Apollo EVO sports car model kit is a perfect addition to their collection. And it’s a great option for anyone looking for car model kits for adults.

Exquisite Display

This classic collector’s model car is sure to impress anyone interested in sports cars. Display it proudly in your home as a testament to your love for sports cars

sports car kit

Build Your Own JMBricklayer Sports Car Building Block Model and Enjoy Building Games

Use 2178 building blocks to build a beautiful sports car model of your own. Starting from this exquisite sports car model, open your new world in the field of building blocks, you can not only have fun, but also have a group of like-minded friends.

If you are thinking about what to spend your spare time with, then choose the building block sports car kit. This can be a great activity to not only enrich your spare time, but also to benefit your physical and mental health, and get rid of the obsession that cannot do without your mobile phone.

You should take care of your eyes and focus on something more meaningful, like building blocks.

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Dimensions48.49 × 23.40 × 14.41 cm





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19.09in(L) x 9.21in(W) x 5.67in(H)





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