Ultimate Guide to Sell Your LEGO

From exploring the best platforms to sharing expert tips and even considering donation options, we've addressed all your concerns.

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Quick SummaryBefore selling LEGO sets, consider rarity, condition, and demand. Utilize platforms like Facebook, Ecwid, and specialized sites for fair pricing and efficient transactions. Optimize profits with best practices, including thorough cleaning, clear photos, and prompt responses. Explore options for donation or gifting if you think selling proves too cumbersome.

Ever wondered about the factors to consider before parting ways with your beloved LEGO sets? Or perhaps you’re unsure where to sell them for the best price? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. From exploring the best platforms to sharing expert tips and even considering donation options, we’ve addressed all your concerns. Get ready to unlock the benefits of selling LEGO with ease. Let’s dive in!

The Factors You Should Consider Before Selling Your LEGOs

Do My Old LEGOs Have Value

When determining the worth of LEGO sets, three key factors come into play: rarity, condition, and demand.


In the LEGO world, rarity is paramount. Limited edition or discontinued sets are highly coveted by collectors, often fetching significant prices.

Not all sets appreciate in value. Before investing, research and inspect sets carefully. Consider purchasing multiples of promising sets for future profit potential.


The condition of a LEGO set significantly influences its value. Ranging from the mint in a sealed box to assembled with missing parts, the condition determines pricing. Original packaging, including the box and instructions, plays a crucial role. Sunlight exposure can cause yellowing, so proper storage is essential.

Market Demand

To gauge LEGO set value, utilize online resources like BrickLink and eBay for pricing information. Websites such as Rebrickable and LUGNET offer additional databases and guides. Social media groups and forums provide insights and discussions on set values and trends.

Keep an eye on BrickEconomy for discontinued sets, which can be appreciated significantly over time. With the right knowledge, you might unearth a fortune in plastic bricks from your collection.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the factors at play and learn how to more accurately determine the value of your LEGO sets, you can check out our article titled: “Do My Old LEGOs Have Value“. We provide numerous examples and guide you step by step with screenshots to help you assess the value of your LEGO collection.

In addition to the conditions listed above, there are special cases, such as some people might say, “I don’t approve of giving pre-built LEGO sets as gifts.”1 However, if a friend were to give me pre-built sets from the UCS (Ultimate Collector’s Series), rarely completed sets, and mini-figures, I would also be very happy to receive them. Even many people would say, “Even if you assemble the LEGO set, there will still be buyers.”2

1&2: This is Chinese material, so when you’re reviewing it, you’ll need to translate the page.

Where to Sell Your LEGOs

Sell Your LEGOs

We’ll explore the best platforms and methods to turn those colorful bricks into cold, hard cash. Let’s dive in and discover your options! You can choose the option that suits you best according to your situation. Regardless of success or failure, I believe you will learn a lot from this process.

Note: I made a summary of the main features of these platforms as a table to help you understand them quickly.

PlatformFeature 1Feature 2
Facebook GroupsSpecialized LEGO Facebook communities.Local buying and selling discussions.
Facebook MarketplaceLocal Sales Only: Simplifies transactions, no shipping.Convenience Over Max Profit: Prioritizes ease of use and local transactions.
EcwidMultichannel Sales: Sell Legos EverywhereMobile-Friendly: Sell On-The-Go
DecluttrSell LEGO by weightQuality assessment for authenticity
TheplasticbrickMarket Value-Based Offers: Fair pricing reflective of the current market.Rapid Communication & Processing: Swift responses and transactions.
BetterbrickstoresPrecise Weighing: Determine LEGO weight accurately.Shipping Coverage: The platform covers shipping costs.
SellyourtoysnowFree Valuation & Shipping: Quotes and shipping labels are provided free.Direct Payouts & Fast Processing: Quick payouts without marketplace holds.
BosbrickCompetitive PricingAttention to Condition
BuybackworldInstant Quote System: Receive immediate valuation.Weight-based Selling: Sell LEGO® sets by weight.
BricksandminifigsFlexible Trade-In Options: Choose cash or credit.Extensive LEGO® Selection: Largest in Salt Lake County.
BricksandminifigsanaheimVast LEGO® Selection: Unrivaled variety of bricks.Trade-In Convenience: Appointment-based evaluation process.
WebuygamesSell Lego by Weight: Quick & hassle-free process.Scan & Sell with App: Instant pricing for efficiency.
WebuybricksInstant High Payouts: Get top prices instantly.Hassle-Free Process: Sell without sorting hassle.
KcbrickstoreIn-Store Exclusive Sales: LEGO sold only in-store.Enhanced Store Credit: Earn extra with store credit.
MybricklabDiverse Selection: Large variety of LEGO® options.Flexible Pricing: Offers cash or trade, and adjusts prices based on condition.
BricktradersBuy for cash: Instant payment option.Trade against sale: Exchange for vouchers or purchases.
BricklinkStreamlined Inventory ManagementIntegrated Order Processing
MinifigworksBulk Purchasing: Buy LEGO in bulk.Specializes in Minifigures: Emphasizes Minifigures.
OzonetoysInstant Offers: Receive immediate, fair offers.Personalized Evaluation: Get accurate, itemized assessments.
SpartanpandaFair Pricing: £5/kg for mixed Lego®.Quick Quotes: Instant valuation upon submission.
Yard SalesCommunity-driven yard sales.Unearth hidden LEGO treasures.
Secondhand StoresDiverse Lego Sets AvailabilityAffordable Rare Finds
Transactions with EnthusiastsCommunity-driven private transactions.Fairness through shared Lego passion.
Online Auction PlatformsCompetitive bidding drives prices.Definitive end time boosts urgency.
AmazonWide customer baseExtensive resources and infrastructure
MercariOperates through both its website and mobile appRenowned for its intuitive interface and streamlined listing procedures
EbayA vibrant community fosters bidding wars.Highest profits for complete sets.

Let’s delve deeper into these platforms where we can sell LEGOs!

Facebook Groups

Numerous specialized Facebook communities facilitate transactions for various Lego sets. Explore groups in your vicinity; you might discover a local community where you can engage in buying and selling discussions, leading to fantastic deals.

Facebook Marketplace

You can also sell your LEGOs on Facebook Marketplace if you want, many people like Jen Panaro Made lots of money by Selling LEGO Sets on Facebook Marketplace.


With Ecwid, sellers can effortlessly create a free store and reach customers across various channels, including social media and marketplaces. No transaction fees mean more profit for you. Easy setup, secure payments, and seamless integration with major platforms make Ecwid the go-to choice for LEGO enthusiasts turning their hobby into a thriving business. Start selling LEGO and LEGO parts online today with Ecwid.


This platform offers a convenient solution for selling unused LEGO® bricks. Sellers simply pack their LEGO® into a bag, weigh it, and receive instant payment based on weight. Shipping is free, ensuring a hassle-free experience. A Quality Assessment team ensures authenticity and removes damaged bricks. With LEGO® recycling from Decluttr, sellers can effortlessly turn clutter into cash.


The Plastic Brick is a reliable platform for selling LEGO sets, offering fair prices based on current market values. Their process is efficient, with fast communication and turnaround. Sellers can easily list their sets, regardless of theme or condition. The Plastic Brick handles payment, shipping, and cleaning, ensuring a hassle-free experience. They accept submissions worldwide but primarily focus on the USA and Canada due to shipping costs. While they prioritize sealed sets, they also consider used sets and bulk LEGO collections. Payment is typically made via PayPal, ensuring security and speed.


This website offers a convenient platform to sell your LEGO pieces. Simply estimate the weight of your LEGO, fill out a form, and they handle the rest. They cover shipping and provide instructions for packaging. Once received, they verify the quality, and you get paid via PayPal. Their FAQ section addresses common queries, including pricing and tips for maximizing payment. They accept both loose pieces and complete sets, emphasizing cleanliness and authenticity.


SellYourToysNow.com is a top choice for selling LEGO collections and sets. They offer free valuation, prepaid shipping, and competitive payouts. With streamlined processes, sellers can quickly liquidate their collections for cash. Connect with them to receive a quote, ship your items, and get paid within 48 hours via check, Venmo, or PayPal. It’s a convenient way to sell your LEGOs with minimal effort.


The LEGO selling process at Boston Brick Co. is straightforward and convenient. They offer competitive rates for both new and used sets, considering factors like availability and condition. Customers can trade in Minifigures and lose LEGO bricks for cash or store credit. Special considerations are made for larger collections and certain vintage items. Additionally, they provide insights on popular sets and themes. Contact them via phone or email for further inquiries or to schedule an appointment.


BuyBackWorld offers a hassle-free solution. Get instant quotes, ship for free, and receive cash within 2 days. With over $40 million paid to 400,000+ satisfied customers, they ensure upfront pricing, authenticity checks, and a 30-day guarantee. They buy LEGO® sets, bricks, minifigs, and more. You can Trust BuyBackWorld for a seamless selling experience since 2009.


Bricks and Minifigs offer a unique opportunity to sell or trade your LEGO® products, whether used or new-in-box. With a straightforward process, they evaluate your items for cash or in-store credit, promoting sustainability by passing on the love of LEGO® to new generations. From built sets to loose pieces and minifigs, they accept various conditions. Plus, they offer house calls for large collections. Serving Salt Lake County, their 2,500-square-foot store boasts an extensive selection, including rare sets, bulk bricks, minifigs, and accessories.


Bricks and Minifigs is the ultimate destination for LEGO® enthusiasts in Southern California. Offering an extensive selection of new and used LEGO® sets, mini-figures, and parts, it’s a haven for LEGO® fans. Whether you’re buying, selling, or trading, their diverse inventory caters to all needs. From rare retired sets to bulk bricks, they have it all. With a straightforward trade-in process and helpful FAQs, Bricks and Minifigs ensures a seamless experience for LEGO® lovers.


With an overwhelming number of LEGO bricks sold annually worldwide, there’s ample opportunity to sell. WeBuyGames offers a hassle-free platform for LEGO enthusiasts to sell their collections quickly and easily. Avoid the complexities of auction sites and limited exchanges at gaming shops. Get a fast quote for your LEGO collection and enjoy a speedy selling experience with WeBuyGames. Plus, save time with our user-friendly app that allows for instant scanning and pricing. Sell LEGO stress-free and get back to what matters – gaming!


With a simple 4-step process, users can weigh their LEGO®, receive an instant offer, enjoy free postage or collection, and get paid promptly. This service not only helps declutter homes and earn quick cash but also ensures sustainable recycling practices. Whether it’s a curated collection or a mix of bricks, webuybricks offers high payouts and hassle-free transactions, making it the go-to destination for LEGO® sellers.


KC Brick Store offers a convenient way to sell your LEGO collection. They accept bulk LEGO for store credit only, while other categories like pre-built sets and minifigures are eligible for cash or credit. They have straightforward guidelines, such as accepting only official LEGO products and not buying off-brand items. Pricing varies by product type, with bulk LEGO priced by weight, sets priced individually, and minifigures weighed by the pound, with special rates for certain themes. All sales are final, and transactions are conducted in-store during regular business hours.


brickLAB offers a diverse selection of LEGO® products, including brand-new sealed sets, mini-figures, used sets, and individual LEGO® parts. Customers can also sell or trade their LEGO® pieces for cash or store credit. Prices vary depending on factors such as completeness, condition, and demand. Additionally, the store considers purchasing certain collectible set instructions. Please note that all values are approximate and subject to change based on market conditions.


A platform where LEGO enthusiasts can sell their sets, figures, and bricks hassle-free. They accept both new and pre-loved items, offering trade-ins and gift vouchers. Simply fill out the quote form with details about your collection and receive a fair price. Terms ensure legitimacy and security, with age requirements and anti-theft measures in place.


Bricklink provides a comprehensive guide for registered sellers on how to effectively sell LEGO products. It covers setting up a store, listing items for sale, managing inventory, receiving orders, and handling payments. Sellers can easily navigate through options such as listing items individually or in bulk, managing orders, invoicing buyers, and providing feedback. Additionally, there’s detailed information about fees and billing policies to help sellers understand their financial obligations.

Note: watch out for those fees (BrickLink charges a 3% selling fee – and yup, you still need to fork out 3% for PayPal to accept payments). When it comes to individual parts, BrickLink has a better market and it’s easier to list your items (no need to snap pics of every single piece), so I’d recommend them over eBay for that.


This site is buying bulk LEGO items, including sets, polybags, and more. They offer fair prices and prioritize items with minifigures. Pickup is available in the East Bay, California, and occasionally in Southern California. Contact them via Instagram, email, Facebook, or their website form with detailed descriptions and pictures for a quick response.


Ozone Toys offers a hassle-free solution for selling your LEGO sets and toy collections. With their user-friendly app, you can scan items, receive instant offers, and enjoy free shipping with pre-paid labels. Once your items are received, you get paid within 48 hours via PayPal or check. Ozone Toys stands out with transparent pricing, personalized offers, and expert evaluation. Founded by passionate collectors, they combine technology with a love for toys, ensuring a seamless selling experience while fostering a thriving collecting community.


At Spartan Panda, selling your used LEGO® is a breeze. With a straightforward process, we offer fair prices at £5 per kilo for mixed LEGO®. No more dealing with unpredictable buyers or online auctions. Just tell us how much you have, pack it, weigh it, and get cash directly into your bank account. We assess the quality and authenticity of every piece. Receive payment via PayPal or BACs once your LEGO® is validated. It’s hassle-free selling at its finest.

Yard Sales

It might sound unconventional, but yard sales have been a goldmine for us, as they probably have been for many Lego enthusiasts. We’ve stumbled upon incredible deals and also managed to offload some sets ourselves. Whether you’re setting up your sale or scouring local ones, you’re bound to find some gems.

Secondhand Stores

Thrift stores are another treasure trove for Lego enthusiasts. These places tend to carry a diverse range of items, including Lego sets. While you might not strike it rich with rare finds, common sets can fetch a decent price or be acquired at a bargain.

Private Transactions with Fellow Enthusiasts

Engaging in private sales within the Lego community is arguably the most rewarding offline avenue for buying or selling sets. Why? Because everyone involved shares a deep understanding of Lego—its true value, sentimental significance, and rarity. There’s no room for exploitation here; it’s a community where fairness prevails because everyone speaks the same Lego language.

Online Auction Platforms

Online Auction Platforms

Utilizing auction sites is a top choice, especially when selling rare and high-value Lego® sets and pieces. The competitive bidding environment inherent in these platforms often drives up the selling price, potentially leading to increased profits. For sellers seeking quick turnover, auctions offer the advantage of setting a definitive end time, creating a sense of urgency among bidders, and facilitating swift sales.


EBay, one of the largest online marketplaces globally, offers a vibrant community for selling Lego® sets. With millions of active users worldwide, it’s a hub for both buyers and sellers, providing ample opportunities for lucrative deals and customer engagement.

If you really want to sell your LEGOs on eBay, I highly recommend you to check out this article to learn how Chris Boutté made over $2,000 in 6 months flipping Legos on eBay.

Generally, eBay fosters bidding wars for desirable sets, especially if complete. Selling individual pieces may seem lucrative, but demand may be limited without constant inventory updates or selective selling.

Speaking for myself, if you’re looking to sell a complete set of products, eBay is your go-to! It tends to bring in the highest profits. Just keep in mind, though, that eBay’s selling fees can be pretty steep (around 10% of the final price plus about 3% for PayPal fees), but they do have a massive pool of buyers, so adjust your prices accordingly. Now, if you’re into selling action figures, you could also find success on eBay.


The Amazon Marketplace serves as a prime platform for Lego® sellers aiming to tap into a wide customer base, all while leveraging Amazon’s extensive resources and infrastructure.


Originally established in Japan, Mercari has now gained popularity in the USA and UK as well. It operates as an online marketplace accessible through both its website and mobile app. Renowned for its intuitive interface and streamlined listing procedures, Mercari caters to sellers with ease and efficiency.

What You Should Do if You Selling Lego Sets

Learn from Kcbrickstore how to maximize your profits by focusing on minifigures, reassembling sets, and smart bundling techniques. Plus, discover invaluable advice on storage, cleaning, photography, descriptions, and more for successful sales.

According to Kcbrickstore, you can follow the tips to get the best deals:

  1. Focus on Minifigures: Separate mini models from bulk Lego, weigh and photograph them to identify special characters for full value.
  2. Remove Non-Lego Pieces: Quickly sort out non-Lego toys or trash from batches to increase the value per pound.
  3. Reassemble Sets: Combining sets increases their value per pound compared to loose pieces.
  4. Avoid Gluing Sets: While tempting to prevent piece loss, gluing sets diminishes their resale value significantly.
  5. Bundle Minifigures with Sets: Combining sets with minifigures maximizes their value, noting significant price differences between sets with and without minifigures.

You can refer to a case where an American uncle sold nearly 2,000 sets of LEGO collections in bulk for $450,0003and some other recommendations from Quora to learn more. If you can meet all these conditions below, I believe you can sell for a very good price!

3: This is Chinese material, so when you’re reviewing it, you’ll need to translate the page.

Store your Lego Well to Preserve Their Value

Store your Lego

Do you often damage the Lego packaging box in your eagerness to take out the items? Stop doing that. They can fetch you a decent income on the second-hand market. To help you preserve their value, our article will provide you with 13 effective ways to store LEGO packaging boxes. They will keep boxes away from direct sunlight and moisture, and you won’t have to worry about limited space. You can also check this article to see how Mini Millionaires store their LEGOs in a Large Lego Store way.

If I Selling complete sets, Assembled or Disassembled, which one is better?

Most of the time, selling assembled sets will maximize profits since most buyers prefer to purchase a complete LEGO set. However, in certain instances, selling disassembled sets can yield greater profits, as illustrated by a case in this article. For example, if you buy a $20 LEGO set and can resell the minifigs alone for $20-$30, then you essentially own the rest of the set for free. This approach presents one of the simplest methods to expand your LEGO collection substantially and have an abundance of parts for building without a significant financial outlay.

The essence of the LEGO experience lies in assembling the set, diminishing the appeal of pre-built sets. However, there are crucial considerations to bear in mind. Buyers anticipate sorted parts upon purchase, so organizing pieces into baggies isn’t an added service warranting extra payment. Shipping fully assembled sets carries greater liability than loose parts. Damages in transit can lead to buyer dissatisfaction and demands for resolution, increasing costs and risks.

Do some research before breaking the seal

Before you decide whether or not to break the seal, you can conduct some research on eBay and BrickLink to gauge the current market value of sealed sets, mini-figures, and individual parts from a specific set. It’s important to note that prices for mini-figures, parts, and sets can vary considerably, so make use of BrickLink’s helpful feature that displays all sales within the past six months, as well as current listings.

Parting out LEGO for sale is not suitable for everyone

Hey, just a heads up – Breaking down LEGO sets might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a pretty involved process, from the sorting and storing to the packaging and shipping. Plus, you’ve got to keep things organized, which can be a whole other challenge. And remember, while some parts might fly off the shelves, others could be hanging around your eBay or BrickLink store for quite some time, maybe even years.

Selling the whole set will be quicker but lower the profit

If you’re aiming for a quicker but smaller profit with less hassle, your best bet is selling the whole set intact. You just list it once, package it up, and send it off once. But if you’re up for putting in more effort for potentially more profit, selling the minifigures could be the way to go. They often bring in the most profit, and you can either keep or sell off the rest of the set. Sure, you might have to package and ship to multiple customers a few times, but it’s still way easier than individually listing and selling each part.

So market dynamics determine selling prices. While starting at a premium is feasible, eventual adjustments might be necessary based on buyer response.

Cleaning the LEGOs thoroughly

Dirty Lego® sets can create a negative impression on potential buyers, as most Lego collectors prefer clean and undamaged sets. Clean sets are more appealing to buyers and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Before selling Lego sets, it’s essential to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. However, exercise caution during the cleaning process to avoid damaging the sets. Use a soft cloth and mild soap for cleaning purposes. Additionally, consult our guide for cleaning Lego sets to ensure you employ the most effective cleaning techniques. For more details, you can check Brickfact’s article for a step-by-step guide.

Capture and Include Clear, Well-Lit Photos

Capture and Include Clear, Well-Lit LEGO Photos

Provide multiple clear, well-lit photos to help potential buyers accurately assess the condition and quality of the LEGO sets before they arrive. You can check this article from sellyourtoysnow to learn more about how to Capture LEGO Sets for more information.

Enhance Description with Specifics

Provide detailed specifics in your post. Utilize the exact name and product number from the LEGO website for each listing. This facilitates easy searchability for individuals interested in a particular LEGO set.

Keep the Original Box and Instructions Well

Keep the Original LEGO Box and Instructions Well

The original box and instructions significantly increase the LEGO set value. Although manuals are available online for building guidance, physical copies are preferred. Buyers seeking to complete sets for resale require both manuals and original boxes, preferably in good condition, to maximize profits.

Prompt Responses to Inquiries

Nothing dampens the excitement of finding a perfect item on Facebook Marketplace like encountering unresponsive sellers. Aim to promptly respond to inquiries regarding the LEGO sets you have for sale. Not only does this expedite the selling process, but it also enhances the overall experience for potential buyers. Additionally, it fosters trust among prospective buyers, reassuring them of your reliability in fulfilling the transaction should they choose to proceed.

Exercise Patience for Profit

It’s important to acknowledge that high-value items such as large LEGO sets may not sell immediately. Finding the ideal buyer for your listing often requires patience. While Facebook’s algorithm works to connect sellers with potential buyers, there remains an element of chance involved in securing a sale. Whether relying on local buyers or casting a wider net, understanding that patience pays off can ultimately result in a more lucrative transaction.

Packing And Shipping

Packing And Shipping LEGO

Ensuring that the items you sell reach your buyers safely and securely is paramount. Equally important is optimizing your packaging and shipping costs to preserve your profits. Before listing your items for sale, calculate shipping expenses to set appropriate charges and avoid surprises. For small items like minifigs and parts, bubble mailers suffice, while larger items such as unopened LEGO sets can be packed in Priority Mail boxes available for free at the post office.

Remember to invest in shipping tape and appropriate packaging materials to maintain the items’ pristine condition during transit. Avoid using inadequate packaging like newspaper, which could result in damaged goods and full refunds. Take time to understand shipping prices via the post office’s website. For more serious reselling endeavors, consider acquiring a scale and accessing shipping tables to accurately estimate costs.

Documenting each sales transaction

Make sure you keep good records for every purchase and sale. A simple spreadsheet will do, where you can list the price you bought an item for, the price you sold it for, how much packaging and shipping cost, and any selling fees. This not only accurately shows your profits but also helps you keep track of them. If you’re running a regular shop, it’ll come in handy come tax time when you need to hand over your share to the taxman.

Other Option – Donate or Gifted Your LEGOs

Tired of the hassle of selling your LEGOs? Consider spreading the joy by donating or gifting them instead! After all, sharing is caring. Whether it’s passing them down to family or contributing to a good cause, there are plenty of ways to give your bricks a new home. Let’s dive in!

Clean and give away to friends or family as gifts

gifts lego

Following the cleaning process, LEGO suggests continuing the creative journey by passing the bricks along. This entails carefully packaging them and giving them to a friend’s child, a family member’s youngster, or donating them to your local library or place of worship.

Donate to a local charity or LEGO official site

Donate lego

Consider contributing your LEGO sets to organizations such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or LEGO official site, but verify beforehand whether they accept such donations. Policies regarding LEGO donations vary, some locations accept them, while others do not. Additionally, those that do accept LEGO sets often permit mixed sets.

However, smaller consignment shops may be less inclined to accept mixed LEGO bricks due to limited resources for sorting and cleaning.

Utilize Collection Initiatives

Recently established platforms like Brick Recycler, The Giving Brick, and Brick Dreams have emerged to tackle the distinctive challenge of LEGO supply and demand. Each platform specifies its donation criteria, but generally, they welcome LEGO brick donations of all conditions: mixed, dirty, or clean. Notably, Brick Recycler claims to have repurposed over 3 million LEGO pieces.

These initiatives undertake the task of cleaning and categorizing the bricks before distributing them to various beneficiaries such as children’s support organizations, hospitals, daycare centers, and more. Some initiatives even retail cleaned sets from donations to fund their operations.

Depending on your location, you can either drop off your old LEGOs or arrange for them to be shipped to these initiatives. Brick Recycler covers the shipping expenses.

Before you make any decisions about selling your LEGOs, consider rarity, condition, and demand. Research sets carefully and explores selling platforms like Facebook Groups and Ecwid. Share your thoughts in the comments, spread the word on social media, and let us know what else you’d like to learn about LEGO selling. Happy building and selling!



My fascination with building blocks isn't just about creating structures, but about the stories each piece can tell. For me, building blocks are a way of expressing my inner world.

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    1. Hey there! Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like a fun situation with your Robo-Dino! Maybe you could discuss with your colleague the reasons behind your hesitation. It could lead to an interesting conversation about the value of your Robo-Dino to both of you. Best of luck with your decision!

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    1. Totally get the attachment! Lego sets are timeless treasures. It’s like each piece holds memories. But hey, if someday you decide to part with it, maybe passing it on to someone who’ll cherish it could be a sweet option too.

  6. I have such an attachment to my Lego set, of course I’ve kept the box thinking that one day I might get fed up off of it and consider selling it but my heart will never let me do it. I mean come on bricks which you can build and display,it’s a bliss. Building sets is like a sanotorium, I just hope I never sell my sets.

    1. Wow, what a great find! Yard sales can be treasure troves. It’s amazing you got four sets for such a steal. Any tips for spotting deals like these?

    1. Absolutely! Early bird catches the deals, for sure! It’s like a treasure hunt out there. Happy hunting!

    1. Hey there! Selling random LEGO parts sounds like a unique niche! Do you have any rare pieces available? I’d love to see what you’ve got on Wallapop.

    1. Absolutely! Supporting schools can make a huge difference. Have you seen any specific initiatives lately that caught your eye?

    1. Sharing is caring! Have you considered the joy of swapping sets with fellow LEGO enthusiasts? It’s a great way to explore new builds and connect with others who share your passion. Plus, it keeps the LEGO community thriving! 😊🧱

    1. Hey there! So glad you found the suggestions helpful! Feel free to share your thoughts or any additional ideas you might have. Let’s keep the conversation going!

    1. Managing inventory can be a puzzle! We use meticulous organization methods and software to keep everything in check. It’s a challenge, but it keeps things exciting! 😊

    1. Hey there! It’s great that you’re reflecting on different financial strategies. Exploring options trading can be a new avenue. Donating is generous, but finding ways to grow wealth is important too. Have you started looking into how options work?

    1. Have you tried looking online? Sometimes websites like eBay or local online marketplaces can have a good selection of second-hand items. You might have more luck there! What are you searching for specifically?

    1. Cleaning dirty bulk LEGO can be a bit of a task, but it’s worth it for those awesome builds. One common method is soaking them in warm, soapy water and gently scrubbing them with a soft brush to remove grime. Just be sure to air-dry them thoroughly afterward. Does anyone else have tips to share?

    1. Interesting perspective! What’s driving your interest in acquisition over selling? I’d love to hear more about your experiences.

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