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The main character of this Kickstarter project is called the Steampunk Jurassic GBC-Marble Run. The majority of the design is completed, but it’s not final, we are doing this survey to collect feedback from you guys, please let us know your suggestions regarding the colors, functionalities, elements, settings, pricing, etc. When you participated in the survey, your ideas may be adopted and you will have a chance to win a free set. If we receive some good feedback for the set design, we will make appropriate modifications to the product accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced Lego fan, even if you haven’t tried any building block toys before, as long as you have some brilliant ideas or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Steampunk Jurassic GBC-Marble Run - Draft

Prize Option 1

If your idea is adopted, you will get early access and receive the first batch of this GBC set for free after the project was succeed; If your idea is extremely good, your name will be imprinted on a particular brick of the set through silk-screen printing.

Prize Option 2

If the Kickstarter project doesn’t succeed, or you don’t want to wait until the funding is completed to receive your prize, we will offer you a free set from the JMB Construction Vehicle Series, ranging from $99 to $259, the value depends on how good your suggestion is. (All rights and explanations reserved by JMBricklayer)

What Steps

1. After the first round of the survey, our team needs 10 to 20 working days to sort out all the creative ideas and present them in the rendering.

2. There is no prize level or winner limit in this prize survey campaign. We will announce the winner list and publish the product rendering of the GBC set.

3. By the way, we will hold a 2nd-time prize survey of this GBC set later to polish the design, refine the rendering and make it perfect, please feel free to participate as well. Likewise, as long as your ideas are adopted, you will be able to win the prize.

Enter Now

Note: This campaign is held by JMBricklayer. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue all or any part of the Services at any time.
By participating in this campaign, all the participants agree JMBricklayer has the right to use and re-edit the pictures/videos/reviews they submit by default. JMBricklayer will mark the source of the works when publishing the re-edited one.

Monthly Giveaways In Oct. 2022

JMB Sci-Fi Series Brick Sets
Spaceman 70102 / Dinosaur 70101
3 + 1 Rounds Lucky Draw
89.99 / Set
11/10/22 - 16/10/22 9:00pm PST
RC Forklift 61109 - show for prize survey 1
JMB Construction Vehicles Series -
RC Forklift 61109
RC Excavator 61102 - show for prize survey 1
JMB Construction Vehicles Series -
RC Excavator 61102
RC Hinged Off-Road Logging Truck 61106 - show for prize survey 1
JMB Construction Vehicles Series -
RC Hinged Off-Road Logging Truck 61106
RC Crawler Crane 61119 - show for prize survey 1
JMB Construction Vehicles Series -
RC Crawler Crane 61119

2 Responses

  1. Hello guys, today we have some updates regarding our ‘Steampunk Jurassic GBC’ project, as you can see, we did a reward survey a few days ago, and our team have reviewed all of your suggestions, the following people’s suggestion is shortlisted, and now our side need more info, we will contact each of you by email for more details, stay tuned! The names are Sam Cochrane, Joshua Tay, and Peggy Domenie, please kindly check your inbox.
    You can still contribute to our GBC project, check the details here???? , and send your suggestions to

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