T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 Giveaway

Enhanced Version, Aug. 7 - 16

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T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Set Revealed - landing page banner cloud
T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Set Revealed - landing page banner mountain 2-2
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Mechanical T-Rex 70001

Join the excitement! To mark the release of our brand-new Mechanical T-Rex 70001, we’re running a giveaway with free T-Rex sets up for grabs! This dino adopts a cyber-tech style by blending in a variety of mechanical elements in one side and features articulated jaw and moveable claws.

There are 3 spots available for a free T-Rex set, another 3 winners can enjoy a 50% discount. Everyone is eligible for the event, so what are you waiting for? Enter now!

Check out these 5 fun T-Rex facts – How many are new to you?
1. “Rex” means “king” in Latin.
2. The beasts had ridiculously little arms.
3. They had the strongest bite force of all dinos.
4. T-Rex had a pretty short lifespan.
5. Female T-Rex is bigger than males.

Mechanical T-Rex 70001
This T-Rex design blends mechanical elements with the dinosaur’s natural form, resulting in a visually explosive and one-of-a-kind cybernetic creation. Its striking appearance includes deep shades of gray and bold black stripes, while its smooth texture provides a delightful tactile experience. The lifelike jaws can open and close, with a set of razor-sharp teeth revealed. Each limb is equipped with moveable joints, offering exceptional flexibility for the blade-like claws to flex up and down. 

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Our Another Giveaway

Share To Win 2

Join our share & comment giveaway, you’ll have a chance to win:

1st place: Mechanical T-Rex 70001
2nd place: Mechanical Chameleon 70124
3rd place: Spaceman 70109
4th-6th place: 50% off coupon (choose one of the three)

One Response

  1. JMBricklayer Mechanical T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) Brick Set Giveaway
    1st place winners are Andre Kinnigkeit, AwsomeTaco64, & Florian Bartscheit, the prize is 1pcs Mechanical T-Rex Dinosaur 70001
    2nd place winners are JeanGabriel Hasbani, Gabriele Zito, & Tina Meissner, the prize is a 50% off discount code for one of our sets

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