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Distinctive Split Design
The spaceman / Astronaut set measures 5in(L)x6.1in(W)x9.6in(H) and comes with a detachable base. Its color scheme is split into two distinct sides, one in white and the other in gray, with eye-catching gold accents scattered throughout.
The split design of the spacesuit is not merely about the striking color scheme, but also the semi-transparent layer that reveals the intricate inner workings of the suit.

The Intricate Inner Structure
Perhaps the most striking of these is the power transmission tubes on the chest, which transfers power from the backpack to the rest of the suit. The power transmission device is crucial for keeping the suit’s various components powered, as they often require different levels and types of power to function properly.
In addition, the joint damping device is located at each joint of the suit and works by absorbing the energy of movements to reduce their impact on the astronaut’s body. This helps to ensure maximum flexibility and mobility while minimizing the risk of injury.
The life support system is also faithfully represented with a large backpack that includes hoses and oxygen tanks attached to the back, waist, and thigh of the spaceman figure, providing the necessary oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and regulate the temperature and pressure for the astronaut inside the suit.

The Bulky yet Stylish Helmet
Let’s take a closer look at the helmet of the spacesuit. The helmet, just like a real one, is designed to be large and bulky in order to accommodate the astronaut’s head and other necessary equipment. The core function of the helmet is to protect the astronaut’s head from the vacuum of space, extreme temperatures, micrometeoroids, and other hazards that could be encountered during a spacewalk or extravehicular activities (EVAs).
The helmet’s visor is made of a half-sphere brick that matches the contour of the helmet. It has been electroplated to give it a reflective surface in a striking gold color. It’s an important component of the helmet that protects the astronaut’s eyes and face from harmful solar radiation and other hazards in space.
The helmet also features external lights on both sides – one in shimmering gold and the other in sleek silver. The lighting system is crucial to help astronauts see their surroundings and carry out tasks during EVAs.

Endless Poses
With the posable joints in the spaceman set, you can create a variety of dynamic poses. Imagine posing the spaceman figure in a classic “moonwalk” stance with arms and legs outstretched, or in a more action-packed pose with the figure crouched down, ready for a spacewalk.
You could even pose the figure in a dramatic mid-flight position, with arms and legs positioned as if the figure is floating weightlessly through space. The posable fingers are also a fun feature, allowing you to create gestures such as a thumbs-up or a peace sign. The possibilities are truly endless, and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different poses and arrangements.

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4 reviews for Spaceman 70109

  1. Guido R. (verified owner)

    very nice model – good assembly

  2. Jochen S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic (large minifigure) model. Only prints! No scratches on any surfaces or bricks. Every brick fits perfect. I had a lot of fun while building it.

  3. gapfe0153 (verified owner)

    Cool little model. Plus points for only prints good pieces and instructions. Negative Points for the relatively bad fixation of the Hands. They come of quite easily when trying to make the figurine pose.

  4. gapfe0153 (verified owner)

    Good Build quality but flimsy hands. Really easy to fall off especially when moving

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