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03/07/2023 – 12/07/2023


Space Series Giveaway - prize Dawn V Rocket 70110 -3
Space Series Giveaway - prize Dawn V Rocket 70110 -1
Space Series Giveaway - prize Dawn V Rocket 70110 -2

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Mark your calendars for July 20th, the Space Exploration Day! This extraordinary celebration traces its roots to that historic moment in 1969 when America’s Apollo 11 safely landed astronauts on the moon. It was a giant leap for mankind and the start of endless possibilities.

Thus, we’re giving away some awesome space-themed sets! One is the intricately designed rocket model, faithfully replicating the look and structure of the iconic Spacecraft Dawn Rocket. The other is the stunning spaceman set that features a striking color scheme and allows for various poses. Enter for a chance to win these prizes and display them in your home!

New launch set Chameleon 70124 Giveaway, from July 21st to 31st 

New launch set T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version) giveaway on early August 

Space Series Giveaway - prize spaceman 70109
Spaceman 70109

The set is the replica of NASA Space Rocket with Spacecraft Dawn. The rocket model showcases a streamlined centerbody with four solid boosters, a launch pad, and a separate detector. Through its semi-mechanical design, this set provides a glimpse into the internal structures, including the propulsion system, guidance system and payload bay. The assembled satellite is housed in the payload bay and can be manually deployed with solar panels extended if you simulate the rocket launch process at home.

This model is inspired by the NASA astronaut and also features a semi-mechanical design. The spaceman has a distinctive black and white color scheme, adorned with gold accents. The visor element of the helmet is particularly eye-catching with its reflective surface. Through the semi-mechanical design, you can see power transmission tubes on the chest, the joint damping devices, and a large backpack with oxygen tanks. With its posable joints, you can easily recreate the iconic weightless poses, or other more creative poses.

Space Series Giveaway - prize Dawn V Rocket 70110 -3
Dawn V Rocket 70110

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JMBricklayer JMB-Chameleon 70124 in the Jungle-3

Chameleon 70124 Set Revealed

Chameleons are so graceful and mysterious creatures in the world. Their intricate details and ability to change colors and blend with the surroundings sparked an passion within my heart.

JMBricklayer JMB T-Rex 70001-Blue future background

T-Rex Dinosaur 70001 (Enhanced Version)

The design combines the best of both worlds, blending mechanical elements with the natural form of a T-Rex in an innovative way.

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  1. @everyone Winner Announcement – JMBricklayer Space-Themed Sets Giveaway
    1st place winners are Jon Rider, Gloria Chou, & Kim Mignella, the prize is to choose one between Dawn V Rocket 70110 & Golden Spaceman 70109
    2nd place winners are john goodwin, Barry Kazimer, & Gabriele Gadler, the prize is a 50% off discount code for one of our space-themed sets
    To the lucky ones, we have sent you guys an email, please check your email and claim the prizes timely, thank you all for participating!
    The next giveaway will be coming soon, exclusively held for our new release – the Chameleon 70124 set. Stay tuned for more details!
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