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welcome everyone to participate in our first Kickstater project prize survey and October Giveaway campaign from October 11 to October 16.
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Oct. 9, 2022 — JMBricklayer welcomes everyone to participate in our first Kickstarter project reward survey and October giveaway campaign from October 11 to October 16. In addition, some products in JMB Amazon Store will be eligible for the Prime Day discount from 0:00 on October 11 to 24:00 on October 12. The following are detailed descriptions of these activities.

1. Kickstarter Project Reward Survey 1

Steampunk Jurassic GBC-Marble Run Reward Survey

JMB’s Kickstarter project planning for the upcoming Steampunk Jurassic GBC-Marble Run is a survey that welcomes all your ideas about the colors, functions, the number of pieces, and so on, as well as your suggestions about how we can make this project succeed.

Prize Option 1

If your idea is adopted, you will get early access and receive the first batch of this GBC set for free after the project was succeed; If your idea is extremely good, your name will be imprinted on a particular brick of the set through silk-screen printing.

Prize Option 2

If the Kickstarter project doesn’t succeed, or you don’t want to wait until the funding is completed to receive your prize, we will offer you a free set from the JMB Construction Vehicle Series, ranging from $99 to $259, the value depends on how good your suggestion is. (All rights and explanations reserved by JMBricklayer)

2. Monthly Giveaways In Oct. 2022

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JMB Science Series Giveaway

During the Giveaway campaign in September, a few lucky winners received JMB free sets. October is here and we are going to launch the October Giveaway to make luck continue. This campaign is open to people(age 13+)worldwide. Lucky users will receive a JMBricklayer Spaceman 70102 or T-Rex Dinosaur 70101 for free.

3. Amazon Prime Day

From 0:00 on October 11 to 24:00 on October 12, some products in the JMBricklayer Amazon store will be eligible in the Prime Day exclusive campaign, with a discount of 20% off. If you can’t wait to get your favorite set quickly, you can just click on the JMB Amazon store to purchase what you want.

JMB wants to share continuous joy and luck with you through monthly campaigns and discounts, and we also hope to make your creative ideas come true in a variety of ways. Come to participate in our October campaigns to share your ideas and get free sets and discounts!



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